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Part 30

Music: Exceeding Their Eternity

The stage isn't very different on Lunatic, since this is where Eirin is supposed to get her HP regen field. EX Keine was much better on this save though.

Eirin had some crazy luck (seriously she dodged four 75+% attacks), but still went down like a chump.

Kaguya is pretty jacked on Lunatic.

Not that it matters, since she doesn't move. I had plenty of time to set up an absurd Support Attack chain: Yuyuko > Temple Team > Youmu > Sanae/Chen > Border Team > Rumia > Servant Team > Mokou/EX Keine > Palanquin Ship > Mima > Magic Team will basically murder every single one of her life bars.

And this is actually kind of necessary, since Lunatic Kaguya both has the Guard spirit and more HP. A sustained offense is the only way to go in this battle.

Unfortunately, this makes her first spell kind of an issue since it's pretty likely most of your units won't be available to stop her before she can drop a MAP. I had to have Border and Magic Teams blow their SP loads early so Mokou could finish her off again.

Buddha's Stone Bowl blocks ten attacks on Lunatic. It's even more of an auto-bomb spell.

I just time out Robe of the Fire Rat on Lunatic, it's not worth the trouble.

Swallow's Cowrie Shell gets Daunt spammed so the barrier doesn't give me too much hassle.

A Miracle later and the five impossible requests are completed.

End of Imperishable Night is a dick move on Lunatic. Like in Normal, you effectively only have two turns to win.

And unfortunately, on Lunatic the only way to beat this spell is two turns of all-out offense. So you've got zero margin for error!

This is about how far I could get in one turn. A properly specced team would proceed to make one last push on the final turn,

but I purposefully picked a kind of shitty team so I can't actually do enough damage to win. I just wimped out on the final turn.


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...Now that both the incident and the spell of eternity have ended, Kaguya's group is hosting an exhibition of all sorts of Lunar creations. Meanwhile, Remilia and Flandre visit in order to fulfill their promise. But an unexpected event throws them into discord, and Flandre rushes out alone.

What will you do, Remilia? And just what will happen to Flandre...?

Chapter 44 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I.

What will be the fate of the Scarlets?