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Fantasy Maiden Wars I

by BlitzBlast

Part 4


Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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By the way, where's Mokou?

Oh, um, she's... busy.


Animal Trail
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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Hi! Can you help me find one Eirin Yagoko-



Music: What's the Strategy?

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I've tuned up the Hakkero with some Scarlet Metal. But now you'll have to sync yourself to it.

Wait so does that mean-

Yes, you haven't gotten your upgrade just yet.


Animal Trail
Music: Dark Clouds

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Well that's bad. Any ideas, Eirin?

Of course, let's start Imperishable Night.

wait so has the night been pasteurized or something

what does that even mean

There are some things even I don't know.

Okay, we're at the first (and only) route split. Time for the game to start ramping up.


Changes: Cost bumped up to 2.0. Darkness now makes Night Bird inflict a -15% hit rate debuff.
New Spirits: Cloak [can not be targeted by enemies for a turn] (41)

For once, Rumia is a legitimately useful unit in her own right. Obviously her S rank in Night comes in handy during the first half, but much more important is how there are more units with S ranks in Night coming in. Equipping Night on Rumia no longer just boosts Kurumi and Luna, now it helps some real hard hitters.

Sunny Milk
Changes: Reflection can be used more times. Lost Spirit for Cloak. When combined, has the new skill Open Fairy, which is just another Double Image.

Luna Child
Changes: Lost Trust for Spirit, Strike now costs 20 SP.

Star Sapphire
New Spirit: Fury (38)

The Three Fairies are back, and harder to kill than ever thanks to Open Get Fairy. But now they've got an actual use besides timing out cards, because Reflection is actually sort of useful now. And if you don't want to stomach the 4.5 Cost, well screw the other two, just deploy Sunny.

Hatate Himekaidou
Personality: Strong-willed (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +1, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Personal Skills: Hermit Purple (an enemy of your choice takes 10% more damage for a turn, limited uses), Thought Explosion (an enemy of your choice takes 3000 damage, limited uses)
Spirits: Scan, Assail, Alert, Snipe, Focus, Valor (47)

What if Aya traded Accel for Focus? That's Hatate in a nutshell. And the answer turns out to be "not that good, since she's still kind of weak and now you can't even stick her in the back". Hermit Purple is neat, though, and hilariously you can make a ghetto Reimu C with her and Sanae since they inexplicably have a level 2 friendship.
Hatate wasn't in the original demo of FMW3 (which covered chapters 35 and 36), and appears to have been a last minute inclusion in general.

All Attacks
Battle theme: Girl on the Tailwind of a Story (The Mystery in Your Town)


So you've stopped playing? Good work.

...How could this have happened? Someone has somehow switched out the full moon with a fake. It may be nothing special to Marisa, but to us youkai this is a matter of grave concern.

But with the addition of Kanako and Suwako, this incident is sure to be resolved.

Chapter 37 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "Fluttering Fireflies in the Night Sky".

I hope you'll stay with Marisa and her friends to the very end of their battle.


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...The full moon has been stolen. And Reimu's group aren't the only ones to realize this. The group expands with the addition of two great youkai, Yukari and Suika. After freezing the night, they set off on an investigation.

And since the Palanquin Ship is there, I go with them... we're guaranteed to resolve this incident!

Chapter 37 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "Tempting Singing Voice in the Black of Night".

Please play it to the end!


There's more than enough cost next chapter to deploy everyone, so the real choice is what teams to make. I'm kind of spoiling things by listing Kanako and Suwako, but they join at literally the beginning of the chapter so who cares.

Total Cost: 36.0
Kanako (33)
Suwako (33)

Marisa (33)
Alice (31)
Sakuya (32)
Meiling (28)
FA Nitori (25)
Komachi (24)
Patchouli (29)

Nitori (25)
Hina (23)
Koakuma (22)

Sunny (29)
Luna (26)
Star (28)

I'm forcing Magic Team. You have 31.0.