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by BlitzBlast

Part 35


Animal Trail
Music: What's the Strategy?

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I'll help you get to the moon, but in exchange you have to deliver a letter for me.

Oh and drop Rabbit off too, it's pretty obvious she wants to go back.


Palace of Earth Spirits
Music: Bizzare Smile

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(...After seeing that huge sky up there, I'm a bit jealous. If they were in a place like that, I wonder if both Miss Satori and Miss Koishi could have fun together...)

(...The surface...)


Reisen Udongein Inaba
Personality: Cautious (Kill: +4, Evade: +3, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +2)
Personal Skills: Hit and Away (exactly that), Lunatic Red Eyes (increases base damage, Range and Ammo of Lunatic Red Eyes by 150, 1, and 6), Suicidal Rabbit M Team (changes the Snipe spirit to Assail), All Spectral (lowers the minimum Range of all attacks to 1).
Spirits: Snipe, Focus, Sense, Triumph, Fury (42)

If I were to describe Reisen, it'd be as a weaker Alice. She's got a really nice selection of attacks, but her damage is lacking. She has Triumph so she can at least guarantee criticals, but she doesn't have Alice's critical boosting skills so even then she doesn't measure up. And just like Alice, she really wants Accel to make the most out of her long-ranged post-movement attacks. She has cool Personal Skills though and is a big old Gundam reference. She's a Good Character.
Obviously a partner would address most of her issues, but it's not like there's somebody with Accel, a strong damage output, and a desperate need of Triump- waiiiiiit a minute.

All Attacks
Battle theme: feel eyes on you (Lunatic Eyes)
Lunatic Red Eyes theme: UDON-ZAM (Lunatic Eyes, FIGHT)


Waaaaaay back when Youmu rejoined for FMW2's finale, I wrote this:


Thankfully, FMW3 fixed that with the perfect partner... 80% of the way through the game.

Well here she is, Youmu's perfect partner. Youmu casts Accel, Reisen zooms in, and once they're close enough she casts Triumph then switches to Youmu for a finisher. It's a simple but effective strategy that really helps clear the stage of bulky grunts. They're not as effective for bosses by sheer virtue of the fact there are so many other strong characters, but if there's no more space for Youmu (or a Shotgunning + All Spectral Reisen) around the boss you can just have Reisen drop Invisible Full Moon instead. Pretty much their only problem is that they rely on dodging for defense despite not being Reimu. Reisen can die from a stiff breeze, but as long as she managed to get Youmu closer it evens out.
Also you can totally pretend they're Sanger and Rätsel.

Utsuho Reiuji
All Attacks


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...The preparations have been safely completed. The day has finally come for the Palanquin Ship's launch. While a certain person experiences a regretful parting, another ponders the sea of stars. Either way, they pass the time away.

However, intent on interfering with the launch, Nue has reappeared!

Chapter 46 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "Setting Sail to a Sea of Stars".

Please play until the end.


Total Cost: 32.0

Remilia (42)
Palanquin Ship [Always forced]

(Marisa is forced and Reimu is unavailable.)

Meiling (39)
Patchouli (37)
Sakuya (42)
Alice (42)
Youmu (39)
Keine (37)
FA Nitori (36)
Sanae (42)
(Reisen is forced.)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (35)
Rumia (27)
Cirno (34)
Koakuma (37)
Chen (39)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (36)
Nitori (36)
Nazrin (35)
Shou (30)

Daiyousei (35)
Sunny (37)
Luna (32)
Star (33)

Since Magic Team isn't available, for once you have all 32.0 Cost.