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Part 39: Chapter 75 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 75!

This time around, Yukari is forced. Her team slot is free, and Reimu got voted in, so it only felt natural to pair them up.

Since it's going to be relevant later, it might be useful to re-read Chapter 34.

BGM: Fantasy Maiden Squadron

Looks like we're almost out of these souvenirs Komachi brought.

These Rod of Remorse crackers may look odd, but they're really tasty.

Yes, you can really taste the sin.

But is it really alright to relax like this just because we beat that sheep?

I mean, look, that bakeneko is buried in her master's tails.

Hey, I'm the only one allowed into Miss Ran's fluff!

No, that's not what I meant.

Ran and Chen get along like mother and child, don't they?

It may appear that way, but ultimately Chen is just my shiki, as I am Lady Yukari's.

Always know your place, and never cross the line between master and tool.

Yes, Miss Ran!

Somehow that's less persuasive when you're feeding her crackers.

Her relationship with Yukari is a little stricter though.

Where is Yukari anyway? Wasn't she on break too?

Yukari's in the main hall. She said something about facilitating communications between there and the bridge.

Then I suppose we can take a slightly longer break.

If anything happens, she'll let us know right away.

Perhaps it's late to be noticing this now, but everyone here really trusts Yukari, don't they?

I mean, Miss Yukari is the youkai sage.

She serves as the manager of Gensokyo, so a lot of people owe a lot to her.

Even when incidents happens, she acts as a kind of troubleshooter.

Really? I always got the feeling that she had it out for me.

I think you know the answer to why that is, deep in your heart.

But even with this incident, you can tell that she's always thinking about it seriously.

Like, just last night she came to my room to talk to me about something.

Oh? Really now?

Well, more like she talked AT me. She just said what she wanted and left.

Anyway, she always does that. She'll tell you stuff you never even asked, and never listens back.

That certainly sounds like the Yukari I know.

She even forces you to hang out with her. I mean, just what does she think other people are?

Wait, why am I complaining about all this to you girls?

She sure loves the sound of her own voice anyway. Let your guard down for a second and she'll talk your ear off.

She told me that she likes to say things out loud in order to confirm her own memories.

Hmm? Is that so?


Is something wrong, Miss Yuyuko?

Oh no, I'm just jealous of you all having these wonderful conversations with Yukari.

Maybe you even know her better than I do, by now.

What? No, of course not...

How could we? I hear you've been close friends for a long time now.

Yes, yes, BUT... Whenever she's with me, she's always the listener. She hardly talks about herself at all.

Come to think of it, whenever you're with her you two only seem to talk in riddles.

Isn't that just how your relationship is?

Of course, and there's nothing wrong with that.

But ever since leaving the Netherworld, I've been wondering if there's a side of her I never see.

Hmm, a side of her that not even Lady Yuyuko knows about?

Yukari has a lot of faces she wears, so isn't that only natural?

I suppose... But I think it's more than that.

I've started to think there's a side of her that Yukari doesn't want me to see.

You mean she's hiding something?

And do you have any clue as to what that might be, Lady Yuyuko?

Of course not, don't be silly. This is all in my head, after all.

Well, if you say so...

I can confirm that Lady Yukari thinks of you as a special friend, at least. I don't think you need to worry.

Thank you. Anyway, we should be worrying about the investigation, not this.

Why don't we return to the bridge and help keep watch?

Yes, good idea.

And that's about all there is to report.

Thank you. Please continue to keep us informed.

If something happens, we'll head up to the bridge too.

Yes, of course. Thank you.

Toyohime and Byakuren were on a monitor, which just switched off.

So according to the report, there's been a change in our surroundings.

Yes, it sounds like the dream energy is declining.

Could defeating the sheep be having an effect on the rest of Mugen Sekai?

So we're reaching the final stage of the investigation, huh?

We just need to beat up that Makura and bring peace back the village.

And then everyone can sleep well again?

I'm surprised. I never thought I'd hear those words from you.

I'm glad to hear you're learning to empathize with others so readily.

I-I was just copying what other people are saying!

Aw, don't be shy! I'm sure Yuuka's eyes would pop out if she saw you now!

Yes, exactly. You just need to keep learning, little by little..

Wait, hold on. Did I hear that right? Are you friends with Yuuka, Medicine?

Uh huh. I haven't been with her as long as Alice though...

Sh-She's been with Alice too?! And for a long time?! Oh dear, my heart...

No! I won't allow it! Absolutely not!

Choose better friends, Alice.

I thought I told you, I'm not a child anymore! I can make my own decisions!

Do you hate Yuuka, Shinki?

Well, I wouldn't say we hate her, but she's certainly nothing but trouble.

Eh, but without a little trouble, where's the fun?

That's why you and Yuuka are such a good match, mistress.

Oh right, you and Yuuka became friends during the mist incident.

We were suddenly thrown into battle with her back then.

Since it looks like she came to Mugen Sekai too, what do you wanna bet it'll happen again here?

We've still never had an all-out battle.

I'd like to see who's stronger, once and for all.

Considering her personality, you might get that chance.

Wait, back up, what are we hoping for exactly?!

It's certainly not impossible that we'll end up fighting Yuuka Kazami.

No matter how urgent the situation, she's not one to budge on her way of life.

So you know her too, Eiki?

She's another of the ancient youkai. I've known of her inhibitation for a quite a while now.

Inhibitation, huh? To put it nicely, you could say she's independent. To put it badly, capricious.

I've spent my fair share of time with her, and I still don't know what she's thinking.

Oh? Comraderie among outlaws, is it?

Hey, don't lump us together. I'm nowhere near as crazy as she is.

So she's such an outlaw that she shocks even Mima then.

If you think of it like that, perhaps she's the exact opposite of Yukari.

Oh? How so?

Emphasis on 'perhaps.' But while you both give off the impression of being aloof and independent, as the sage you took on the role of running Gensokyo.

You could say this is in contrast to Yuuka, who lives leisurely, free from responsibility.

When you put it like that, it sounds like you're saying I've shackled myself.

But isn't that true, in the end?


There are hardly any living youkai who've taken on us much as you have.

While of course there's nothing wrong with zealously carrying out your duties, haven't you been doing so by ignoring your own feelings?

Aw geez, here she goes...

Actually, I'd been meaning to make this clear. There's something I need to say to you.

Yukari Yakumo, you-

Goodness gracious, giving a lecture at a time like this? I'm no match for you, Lady Shiki.

But resolving this incident is our top priority, so could you please save this for another time?

Hey, get back here!

Yukari gaps out.

Wow, and there she goes.

Sheesh, she never changes. And I was just getting started.

I'm kinda impressed, but does this mean she was scared of your lecture?

I mean, Miss Eiki's lectures cut deep.

I'm sure there was something she didn't want touched upon.

I felt a tremble in her heart, but she left before I could see anything.

Something she doesn't want touched, huh?

No doubt it's a sensitive topic.


(...With your incredible mental strength, you can subordinate your emotions to your powerful will.)

(However, that very strength is also a weakness for a youkai.)

(Yes, Yukari Yakumo, you're a little too...)

Chapter 75: The Flowers Remain in Fantasy

That's the name of PoFV's ending theme, by the way.

BGM: The Gathering Place of the Four Seasons

This stage theme gets 3 sirens because it's amazing.

...I see, so it's like this here too.

With the dreams sucked up, the world is withering. Is this because Makura is gathering her power?

If someone as calm as her is getting impatient, those children must be doing a remarkable job.

And if they're making good progress, they should be here right about...

Oh? Who'd have thought?

We've entered a large, open area... it's almost like a wasteland.

Probably because the dream energy is gone.

Is it going to be like this everywhere? Up ahead too.

Tee hee, welcome. You've finally arrived.

! It's you!

You've kept me waiting, you know.


We missed you, Yuuka!

And who were you two again?

Ouch, that joke cuts deep... but that's the Yuuka I know and love!

Making a joke in poor taste like that first thing... You're the same as ever.

Hey, I'm here too Yuuka!

If it isn't little Medi! I haven't seen you since the suzuran field.

So you've managed to leave the field and set forth outside.

Uh huh, 'cause I made you a promise.

We sensed your aura when we came here. Guess we were right that you came here first.

I see you're alone, but were you looking for flowers in this wasteland?

Something like that. But I've just been delivered a full bouquet of them.

Can we please keep this brief? We didn't come here to chat.

How cold of you, Yukari Yakumo.

We're in the middle of an investigation. We're searching for the mastermind, Makura Muwatari.

If you've been in Mugen Sekai, I'm sure you've felt some of the effects.

Indeed. You've overcome numerous obstacles on the way here.

Why, just a little while ago you even defeated Makura's trump card, that huge sheep.

You sure know an awful lot about this... I guess it's because this place was your old haunt?

More or less. I've been waiting for you.

Huh? Wait, does that mean...?

You can come with us, Yuuka!

Finally, my years of devotion are being rewarded! Do you know how long I've waited for this?!

You don't seem to understand. I haven't been lying in wait just to join hands with you.


You hardly ever see this many humans and youkai together in the same place.

Wouldn't it be fun to... bully them?

Hey, wait, bully...?

Oh no, is she a sadist?!


Um, that smile looks serious!

You're the one who doesn't understand! You can't stop us!

I thought I told you that I'm not taking sides.

Surely we've known each other long enough for you understand what that means?

Geez, you're impossible!

It's not like we're gonna talk her into moving. It's time for good old brute force!

That's our specialty! We accept your challenge!

Everyone, deploy!

Tee hee, what a lovely line-up you've got now.

From the haughty residents of heaven to the detestable underworld youkai. And... I don't recognize this nun.

My name is Byakuren. But I don't suppose this is the time for introductions.

Isn't she just trying to provoke us? I mean, listen to her.

And not only that...

An ancient youkai... and she's powerful.

Oh my, what dreadful impurity.

Yuuka Kazami, how dare you do what you did to Makai.

Shoo, shoo! And stay away from my daughter!


The Lunarian envoys, the rulers of Makai, and... is that a dream manifestation?

Ah ha ha ha! Wonderful! How delightfully bizarre! That's so you!

She's still laughing after seeing this line-up? She's got guts, I'll give her that.

We've all managed to cooperate with one another, but she's the same as ever.

Oh. So the Yama is here too. I certainly didn't want to meet YOU here, but alas, nothing's perfect.

But with you here, I wonder if this how things look in Gensokyo these days.


Hee hee hee. The stage is set, so why don't we get started?

But underestimate me at your peril, or your journey will be cut short.

Victory: Defeat Yuuka.
Defeat: Yukari or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus WP: Trigger Yuuka's spellcards within 4 turns.

That Bonus condition is pretty devious, and a big part of this stage's overall difficulty. It'll take at least 2 turns of full movement to even reach her, and Yuuka is... hard to kill, to put it lightly.

There's nothing for it but to dive right in.

The background here is a kinda ominous wasteland, btw.

Here's how we're doing by the end of turn 1. The mass of fairies here mostly just exist to give you power, though their arrangement is fairly pretty. Almost like a bouquet of flowers of different colours.

At the start of turn 2, there's some dialogue:

Good grief, we're playing right into her hands.

But some of us just love fighting, so this is exactly what they wanted?

Yeah, pretty much.

If this is a stage, then we're got no choice but to perform, right?

But Elly and Kurumi, are you two okay with this? That's not how I'd want my reunion to go...

At this point, I'm like, whatever! Why not!

I'm just happy to be breathing the same air as her!

Those are some powerful defense mechanisms... you've been through a lot, huh?

Their faces are frozen.... why don't we leave them alone?

But Yuuka said she was gonna bully us...

Why doesn't she want us to beat up the bad guys?


Oh right, she's always been this way with us, but you've only seen her being nice, Medicine?

Well, she's been a little mean before, but she taught me so much stuff.

Back in the suzuran field, Sue and Yuuka were my only friends.

Don't worry, I don't feel any misfortune from her, like the catfish or the sheep.

Her attitude is one thing, but she doesn't mean any harm to Gensokyo.

But that's why you need to stay away from her, okay? She's a bad influence so-

Shut up, Mom! Stop making this more complicated!

Tee hee, looks like things have been going well for you since you left the flower field.

I suppose leaving her to you was the right choice, Alice.

You didn't make that choice, Yuuka. And what do you think you're doing?

Medicine was really looking forward to seeing you again, you know. She worked so hard. And now this.

And what, exactly, is 'this'? I've always been this sort of youkai.

If she's been projecting her own ideal onto me, then all the more reason to open her eyes now.

Enough already! Don't talk about her like that!


No, I get it now.


It's frustrating that I'm the only one feeling bad, even after I kept my promise...

So I have to let her know that, through danmaku.

That'll make her say 'good job, Medicine'!


I see. If that's how you want it, then I'll help.

Let our danmaku show her what you've learned since leaving the suzuran field!

Uh huh!

Heh. Fine by me. By all means, show me how much you've grown.

And not just Medicine, each and every one of you! I want to see what kinds of flowers you've bloomed into.

That's why I'm here, after all.

Yuuka's generic danmaku field, in addition to being huge, has an interesting effect. As long as you're in it, all attacks will graze you, no matter what. A fair number of our units are either sporting 0% or 100% to be hit, and the rest are mostly happy to be taking a small amount of guarenteed damage instead of gambling with a crapload, so I don't mind this effect too much.

Yuuka's Master Spark has very long range, so she'll start sniping you as you approach.

Tee hee, so it finally begins.

You seem awfully happy about picking this fight.

But her smile is kinda scary.

This force of will, it's just like I read in Akyu's book.

What's this about a book?

Danger level: Maximum, Friendship level: Minimum! Anyone who disturbs her will be destroyed with extreme force.'

According the Gensokyo Chronicle's rating system, she's the prototypical 'youkai you must never approach'.

Plus, of all the youkai-san who live near the shrine, she's said to be top class!

Why did you say 'youkai-san'?

clarste posted:

this is a reference to Yuuka's title in LLS

Anyway, I understand that she's special, even for Gensokyo.

Oh dear, people are saying whatever they want about me. I'll have to see about getting that article revised.

Well, not that I mind. Are we all ready to start then?

That's my line! I finally get to fight you, Yuuka!

She might even be a good test of strength for me.

It's such a bother to have all these expectations to live up to. But I will.

Why don't we start with a preliminary test? Let those flowers of despair bloom.

Contrary to her last line there, her old theme, Let's Make a Flower of Despair Bloom, doesn't start playing here. Instead, Gathering Place of Four Seasons keeps playing, over-riding all other tracks.

Works just fine for me, cuz that song is really damn good.

This screenshot is just here for comparison's sake. You'll see why later.

Since the first blow has been struck, let's take this opportunity to talk about Yuuka herself.

This boss fight is essentially the apex of Fantasy Maiden Wars, both in terms of design and challenge. Earlier in the LP I think I said Yumeko was either the hardest or second-hardest fight in the game, but having replayed the game now, I feel comfortable saying Yuuka takes the crown.

She has a 50% Double Image, which gets boosted by her L2 Diligence up to a raw 65% to dodge any attack regardless of accuracy. She can also Parry physical attacks. Even if you get by that, she can randomly Shield Block, reducing incoming damage by half. And that's on top of her having lots of Armor/Defense, 6(...ish) healthbars, S ranks in all terrain thanks to her equipped item, and plenty of other gimmicks left to go.

This is on top of the way she messes with, for lack of a better term, "the meta". All throughout the game, I've joked about how easy it is to deal with bosses that don't move, or don't otherwise force your hand. Absent time pressure, you can take infinite time to heal up and put your units in the perfect boss killing formation - Yuuka, on the other hand, just says "you've got 4 turns to get up here", and she has even more ways to mess up your positioning left to come.

Despite all this, the fight is still "fair" in the sense that you can deal with it. Her Double Image is a pain, but Strike completely ignores it, and you've got enough SP to cast it several turns in a row. Her bulk is a pain, but you're strong enough by now to punch through. Her tricks (which we'll see shortly) are a pain, but you should have enough tactical options to deal with it.

In short, this fight lives up to the hype. I really dig it.

Having said all that, boy does it suck when Shield Block neuters your damage.

Yuuka's basic Flower Shot leaves flowers behind in it's path. Very cute detail.

If you play this game, get used to seeing this flash above Yuuka's head.

The nice thing is, Yuuka's actually not very accurate, so taking potshots at her is pretty low-risk, and the little bits of chip damage do start to add up.

We just keep chipping away...

Slightly cursing when she Double Images...

And chipping away...

I didn't want to commit too hard, so it took me until the last possible attack on turn 4 to actually take down her first healthbar.

But it gets done, all the same.

I strongly recommend you watch the subtitled video for this segment, if possible.

So this is Yuuka's strength?!

Doesn't it feel like we woke up some sleeping terror?

I-I'm not gonna cry! Even if I'm scared!

Wah! I'm scared!

She's completely different from when she was with us before.

Reminds me of when we met her at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

How nostalgic. But back then she was just watching us from the back.

Now that we've finally gathered all the actors, we can fight to our heart's content.

I wonder, can you satisfy me now?

That's the plan, but one thing first.

Lady Yuuka. You're not working with Makura, correct?

Oh? Of course not.

Then I wish you wouldn't do things that help her.

While we're fighting with you, she's free to do whatever she wants in the meantime.

But if you gave us useful info, that'd be a different story.

I see. Then if you beat me, I'll tell you what you want to know.

You wish to fight so much that you'd create a reason to?

And if I happen to win, I'll resolve the incident for you. How about that?

That said, she may be a little troublesome, as she is now.

What does that mean?

She seems to have started gathering all the energy of Mugen Sekai to prepare for the final showdown.

This place used to be a meadow, but just look at it now.

I see. So all this wasteland really is because of Makura.

To think she's taking in enough energy to alter the landscape of a world...

If she finishes, we may lose all hope of stopping her.

Yes, yes, all the more reason to get this battle started, don't you think?

The real battle starts here, but... Oh, I know.

What, is there something else?

I just had a great idea. I'd thought the stage was set, but isn't it lacking a certain something?

So let's make it into one more suitable.

True, I guess a wasteland doesn't really suit you, but how-

Wait, don't tell me you're going to-

Tee hee, a garden of flowers for a garden of flowers.

Now, awaken.

Flower Sign 「Blossoming of Gensokyo」

(Click here to watch!)

BGM: as a flower

! What the-?!

A whole field of flowers! Is this all Yuuka?!

You overwrote a portion of Mugen Sekai with your own power?

Even for a place with no fixed substance, that's ridiculous!

Tee hee hee. These are flowers from all four seasons. Isn't this stage just perfect?

The ideal would be to leave it to nature, but you gathered here on a critical juncture year.

Juncture? Didn't Eiki say something about that before?

This year is the time in the cycle for Gensoyko's rebirth. Every sixty years, Gensokyo becomes one, and-

! Yuuka Kazami! Don't tell me this was your plan?!

Oh? Did the Yama manage to figure out what I've been thinking?

At this moment in the cycle, all of fantasy is tied up as one.

The flowers those buds bloom into are sure to be strong and beautiful, no?

I see. So in order to see that for yourself, you challenged us all to this battle.

Exactly. I've been waiting for so, so long. And finally, the flowers are gathered.

Next, they'll bloom in glorious danmaku.

Who cares? We're still gonna fight either way.

That's just like you. Or rather, I finally understand you.

In that case, there's no need to hold back!

Heh, this is fine. I need to check every last petal, after all.

It's time for your fantasy to bloom!

Enemy Spellcard
Flower Sign 「Blossoming of Gensokyo」
Ally: Ignore Spirit Commands
-Ignores the effect of Spirit Commands when determining damage taken and chance to hit or evade.
Yuuka: Pass Unit
-Can move through squares occupied by enemy units.

Oof. That's quite a pair of effects. Ignoring the more obvious problems with the first effect, it puts you in a tricky position WRT Double Image. Luckily, Strike can still negate Yuuka's chance to activate it, even if it doesn't max out your accuracy, but blowing all your SP this early in the fight is perhaps not the best idea.

Meanwhile, the second effect is yet another way Yuuka screws with player habits. Even if you did rush over to her and make a solid formation around her, she can just... walk right by you. Very rude. Very Yuuka.

As a double wammy, not being able to boost your evasion with Focus/Alert hurts more than usual here. Her new attack is ironically even weaker than her basic Flowering Shot, but in return, it's quite accurate. That stuff I said about Yuuka's accuracy being her weak spot? Doesn't apply here.

It certainly doesn't help that I had to activate this spell right at the end of my turn, so she's free to run rampant.

As a side note, the field change has actually added a 5% HP and MP regeneration effect to all these flower tiles. I think this might be the first time in the series they shift the terrain around like this. Makes the fight feel extra special... as if it needed any more help with that.

Now that Yuuka's set the stage, she'll start talking to your units.

Accept your fate, Yuuka!

Tee hee, you're about the only who could say those lines so confidently to me, Reimu.

You're an interesting human. You never tire of battle, and you treat all others as equals.

But despite that, it's not as if you lack interest in others.

For a youkai about to be exterminated, you sure love to list things for no reason.

Oh? But is there a reason to exchange danmaku other than to chat?

Show me the Hakurei Shrine Maiden's boundary of danmaku.

And Yukari:

I already knew your personality, but don't you think this wonderful blockade is a bit much for a welcoming gift?

Oh, stop staring daggers at me. Let's both enjoy this.

You think this is fun?

We've known each other for so long now, but how much have we really spoken?

I want to know more about you.

We can do that later, please. We're in the middle of an investigation.

We're also at the sixty year juncture. What better time to inquire into the state of the boundary that creates the barrier?

To the SRW fans in the audience, I'll get into this a bit in a later post.

Yuuka takes a casual stroll.

Oh, look out Yuuka! You're about to bump-



ok then

And she just keeps on walking.

Despite literally exploding you into flower petals, this attack really doesn't hurt too badly.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention it, but Yuuka has Double Act.

Becase... of course she does.

Man, what a beautiful field of flowers.

All short-lived. In your case, shouldn't this sight fill you with despair?

You mean 'cause of all the extra work? Well, it'll all work out.

I work at my own pace. You only get scenery like this once every sixty years, you know. I'd like to spend the time chatting with spirits.

True, you don't seem very well suited for the duty of a shinigami who brings death.

The right person for the right job. If there's a labor shortage, I'm sure I'll figure something out.

You know yourself well. Is that also a part of your duty to weigh the lives of others?


Yuuka Kazami. It seems we both had the same idea.

So the Yama is also here to see the state of fantasy?

This is the sixty year juncture. It's worth using up vacation time for.

But unlike you, I don't intend to interrupt the investigation.

Oh really now?

Whether they be human or youkai, you've attacked people for no good reason.

I have no issue with your lack of inhibition, but everything has a limit.

I was only bullying them. It's part of my daily routine.

A youkai like you should already know that even living can be a sin.

Yes, you've lived a little too long.


At this rate, no matter how long you live, no good will come of it.

I thought I'd be polite and listen, but you really are condescending, aren't you? Do you think you're the only one who can judge others?

Why don't I make this black and white for you? See who's the strongest in Gensokyo?

Those provocations are another bad habit of yours. A judgment must always be unilateral, from high to low, and from one side to another.

No matter how this plays out, I'm the only one who can make things black and white. I'll teach you that with my danmaku judgment!

Finally, I get to settle things with you.

Indeed. We first fought when I intruded on the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

As I recall, the words we exchanged that night were...

'My name is Remilia Scarlet. I am the current head of the proud Scarlets. I would indeed be the master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.'

'And you, who dared set foot into my territory and interrupt my reading time... Dare you state your name?'

'I am Yuuka Kazami, a youkai who rules the flowers of the four seasons.'

'Flowers? What is such an uncouth youkai doing here?'

'I thought I'd chase you out of here and make this mansion mine.'

Tee hee, I see you remember it well!

You too, Yuuka. Isn't it time to settle this once and for all then?!

Until now, the time we'd both go all out has seemed so far away...

But, today of all days, I want to see just how strong this noble seed has grown!

The callbacks .

It seems you've been getting along well with Medicine too.

Yuuka Kazami.

As one who knows both dolls and humans, I'm sure you've had a lot to teach her.

Even a child like her, who's known nothing but hate, can finally bloom pure white with enough teaching.

And you had no plans to take on that role yourself?

This is who I am. You're the ones who should take her hand.

Flowers of the four seasons, huh? I feel like I've seen this before...

You of all people should have. Have you forgotten?

Until a little while ago I gave up on counting the years, and wasn't really paying attention to what was going on around me.

But this time you'll remember. And that will give rise to a new history inside you. You who rejects the cycle of reincarnation.

Doesn't that truth contradict the fact that you're changing?

What are you saying?

I mean your memories of enjoying each and every day. What a fortunate mechanism.

I'm sure you can understand, as you are now.

Again, if you're not familiar with Touhou, I'll explain this later.

Come to think of it, I don't think we've ever really spoken.

Even though we sat together at the banquet, Yukari Yakumo was sticking close.

Whenever I'd approach, she'd rather brazenly tuck you under her wing.

Oh, pay it no mind, Yukari's like that with everyone.

She must be quite attached to you.

You think so?

Come to think of it, she's always been like that. Yukari Yakumo is almost desperate to avoid hurting you.

Is she just being a lovely friend, or is there something more?



To check out the power of fantasy, huh? You have a pretty interesting way of thinking.

In that case, would you care to join me, Mima?

No thanks. It's just as fun to see your comrades' power from their side too.

More importantly, I don't get many chances to test my power against yours.

Tee hee, how very like you.

Don't talk like you know me. You haven't seen my magic yet, have you?

Fair enough. Then why don't you show me what you've obtained on that path?


Fight me, Yuuka!

You think you can match me in a contest of strength?

No, in a contest of danmaku! Whoever's flashiest wins!

Tee hee, of course. I think I'd also enjoy it more that way.

You're an interesting human too, albeit in a different sense from Reimu. You're incomplete, you're a hard worker...

But even so, I find myself wanting to see your danmaku.

Don't rate me before we've even fought. I haven't even used my magic yet.

And I'm hoping YOU'LL show me something I've never seen before too.

Allow me to add one more thing to the list. Your passion for learning new things is also fascinating.

Then here we go! Star magic and love magic, both at full power!

Stupid bunshins...

You used to be known as simply 'the other shrine maiden' but I see you've taken root and thrived.

Have you abandoned any last attachment to the outside world then?

That's... I...

We're the ones who made the choice to become fantasy. There's nothing else to say.

You almost sound like you're trying to convince yourself. So you have some regrets then?

With those half-baked feelings, don't you think you'll end up hated by the barrier?

Even so, as long as I'm here with Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako, all I can do is face forward.

Tee hee, I'm just teasing you.

Gensokyo itself decides what becomes fantasy and what does not.

Now that you're here, you've already stepped into a fantasy you can never return from.


This dazzling scenery doesn't suit an earth spider.

Oh, not at all. You've been working well with the surface dwellers ever since the Underworld incident, haven't you?

In which case, you're certainly a part of the fantasy as well.

So you're just like Yukari then? Trying to say that there aren't any borders between Gensokyo and the Underworld?

When it comes to how you relate to us, how does the soil even matter?

Not gonna let yourself be pinned down, huh? You're the type who doesn't avoid others, but doesn't approach them either.

But I won't forgive you if you bring disease to these flowers.

That's what makes it worth doing. If you didn't try to stop me, it wouldn't be any fun!

Oh, I remember now. Aren't you the nun from that temple that was recently founded?

My name is Byakuren. It seems you've heard of us.

Treating humans and youkai as equals? Of course you'd stand out, for a variety of reasons.

But is it really natural for the youkai who uphold that way of life?

There was an era when youkai couldn't survive without it.

We're the same as humans. No, we're even simpler beings. We have the right to train ourselves, and to earn salvation.

The priest entranced by evil, was it?

Call me what you like, as long as I can help others.

It's all to clear a path into the future. And this battle is no exception!


Hoo haa, hoo haa....

What are you doing, Kurumi?

Breathing the same air as you!

You never change either...

But I really want to be with you, Yuuka! Still, I'm enduring it and fighting!

Enduring it, are you? I don't remember being capable of something like that.

So if I told you to keep me company, would you be capable of that too?

But Yuuka is Yuuka...

I've been thinking about a lot of stuff too, and I want you to understand! At least for today!

You have, have you...?

Double Image!


I'm surprised. So they also have this machine doll with them?

I sense the power of dreams, but did you used to be Makura's servant or something?


I won't understand with just that. Use words to talk to me.

You don't have that metal body just for show, or on a whim, do you?


Tee hee, very well!

The youkai robot born from dreams, show me your danmaku!

Yuuka, I humbly request a match!

Meiling, you're stepping on the flowers.

Huh? Uwah! Wait, how can I help it when there are so many?!

You never change. Your martial arts may have improved, but you're the same as ever.

It's not like I'm slacking on that though? I just know my place as a gatekeeper.

I understand. You can't exactly be brave and just at all times, in all places.

For a youkai like you, I'm sure holding onto a singular duty is a way of life too.


Do you remember our promise, Sakuya?

I do. From back when I refused your invitation.

You told me we might be enemies the next time we met, and that when the time comes we would fight for real.

That stage is finally set.

And as promised, I'll fight you with everything I've got.

You're a cereus flower that blooms for but a single night. Show me that life's danmaku.

For someone with a maximum danger level, you sure love to talk about flowers and all this poetry stuff...

Don't you think it's unfair that you get be both super strong AND all feminine?!

Tee hee, I'm sorry.

If you're gonna be like that, I'm straight up fanning the flames of jealousy!

You're a little annoying, but I don't dislike that.

You wear your heart on sleeve, and on your face. I could never get tired of watching you.

It's not like I'm a youkai just for your amusement.

And as you say things like that, it feels more and more true to life. How pleasant.

Why don't we try to keep up this jealousy through this next battle?


I don't about know this Flower Master of the Four Seasons stuff, but...

But when it comes to autumn alone, we won't lose!

As energetic as ever, I see. But isn't the dual nature of ripening and decay the very essence of autumn?

Of course! That's why we're happy when autumn comes and depressed when winter comes!

It peaks during the harvest, but it's all downhill from there.

The ups and downs of your moods are the very seasons themselves. It's impressive that you've managed to remain as you are while with Reimu and the others.

An unchanging cycle. That's the way of the seasons.

In a lot of fanworks, Yuuka is sorta used to fill in the "summer" slot, alongside Lily (spring), the Akis (autumn), and Letty (winter). Touhou 16 introduced a new character that is a much better fit for summer, though.

After a lot of chip damage, Yuuka's 1st spell finally goes down.

So this is Yuuka's spellcard?!

But wasn't it just making flowers bloom?

The stronger the youkai, the less wild they go in battle.

This chick might still be hiding her true ability.

You mean, maybe when she gets serious she'll make giant flowers that go berserk?!

What the heck, don't scare me like that!

clarste posted:

Proven non-canon in the latest VFiS, the fairies aren't scared of giant maneating flowers

But she was listed as maximum threat level, so maybe...

Sorry to disappoint, but I won't be living up to THOSE expectations.

My 'ability', if you can call it that, is similar to that of a fairy's.

Huh? You mean like me?

Right. I can point a sunflower towards the sun, or give vitality back to a withered flower...

All I can do is give a little nudge to what life is already there.

Is that true, Akyu?

It is. That matches up with everything I've heard about her power.

Then why'd you call her so dangerous?

Yuuka Kazami earned that status through pure physical and magical might.

You mean she's crazy strong with nothing but brute force?

The most troublesome type to fight then.

If it's a battle of pure power, then I won't lose!

And when it comes to being tough, I'm no slouch either!

I see you're getting excited. In that case, maybe I should use that spell next.

You mean that Master Spark-like thing?!

No, Yuuka's power goes way beyond Master Spark.

Back when I fought her before, both of her could shoot a magicannon at the same time.

Huh? Both?

Yes. Would you like to see it?


I could turn that magicannon into danmaku for you. Into a spellcard.

Why, I'll declare it right now. It's name is...

Enemy Spellcard
Magicannon 「Dual Spark」
Yuuka: Double Image
-At the start of every turn, add Yuuka copies until there are 2.

Hoo boy! That sure is 3 copies of Yuuka! And they sure do have the exact same stats as her!

The "original" Yuuka starts at a bizarrely low HP count, but that's just a trap. If you kill this one, she'll just regenerate on the next turn at full HP. Just like a proper jRPG boss, you need to kill all 3 copies on the same turn to truly defeat this spellcard.

Incidentally, this is yet another way Yuuka messes with your positioning. You are basically forced to split your party up to deal with all 3 Yuukas.

It's worth noting that, unlike Yuuka's previous spell, this one is "semi-canon", in that it has no official name. Instead, it comes from Yuuka's boss fight in Lotus Land Story from before ZUN invented spellcards. Since Yuuka already had a Master Spark-alike in a previous fight, fans rolled with it and nicknamed this attack "Dual Spark".

As a side note, the little pirouette she does in this attack is also taken from that fight. Very cute.

By the way, remember when I screenshotted her Master Spark up above? That was so you could compared the particle effects on these two attacks.

Sanbondo sure has come a long way after all these years.

No matter what's happening, you never change, Yuuka.

I'm glad you understand, Alice.

Half of me is sick of you. You won't even talk about Medicine.

I even hate myself for getting used to your personality.

Tee hee, you really are cute after all.


Maybe it's because she raised you with such sincerity. You put up an act, but your love runs deep, and your heart wavers like a human.

I love seeing your face shift between seven colors like that.

And I hate this part of you, Yuuka.

Oh my...

You live your life completely uninhibited, without thinking about others, and use your words to toy with people.

If this is your idea of a joke, then you need to rethink it.

So little crybaby Alice doesn't like being played with?

Of course not. If I win this danmaku battle, promise me you'll stop treating me like a child!

Tee hee, very well then. If you can satisfy me, that is!

Show me how you've bloomed, Alice!


I know all about it, Yuuka Kazami! I hear you've been hanging around Alice?!

Don't get near my daughter! Never, not in a million years! Not if you were the last two people on Earth!

I'm sensing you don't like me very much.

But if I'm such a detestable person anyway, maybe I should throw my lot in with Makura...

You wouldn't. You may be a fly in my ointment, but you'd never hurt Gensokyo.

You overestimate me.

Of course, if you get in the way of our investigation, then we're going through you.

It doesn't matter what you try, I won't lose.

Tee hee, finally. That's the expression I've been waiting for!

That confidence, like you wouldn't yield an inch.

Like there's something you'd burn yourself out to protect. That's who you are. Now show me how far you'll take it!

I believe you were Satori Komeiji's sister.

Have we met before?

Just once, at Alice's house. At the time, you seemed to vanish into the wind like a rootless flower.

But I wonder what sort of flower you'll show me today?

I dunno what you're talking about, but at the Palace of Earth Spirits we all take care of the flowers together.

Oh really?

Yeah, and a long time ago Satori planted red and blue roses.

Those are my two favorite flowers!

You've been around relatively long.

Oh, so you remember me too?

Of course I'd notice when you're getting along so well with Alice and Marisa.

What happened to the laws of the mountain, or the part about being bad with humans?

Now that you mention it, I've never really thought about that...

To you, this is a natural way of life.

The timing of your encounter was irrelevant. I'm sure it would have always ended up the same way.

When I said Yuuka's clones have "the exact same stats as her", I was of course including all of her abilities, too.

Oh yeah, so...

See those gigantic outlines? The ones that look like giant lasers?

...Dual Spark.

They're not just for show!

And of course, all 3 Yuukas all have Double Act.

Turns out boss fights can be pretty tough when you give them 6 actions a turn!!

On the bright side, they only fire their MAPs downwards, and despite the massive range, it's not that hard to avoid them entirely.

So... y'know. It's like she "only" has 3 actions a turn!!

But with enough pounding, the first goes down...

And the second...

And then the third gets nailed to the cross.

Is everyone okay?!

I can't believe it! Even her clones were just as strong as her!

Even with her youkai energy split, she could still fire off magicannons of that magnitude. As disgustingly powerful as ever.

Did you like that then? I could split into even more.

So this is Yuuka's danmaku...

Oh? Did I scare you, Medicine?

Uh uh. I'm just a little suprised, seeing it for the first time.

You never did anything like this when we practiced danmaku back at the suzuran field...

Yes, I thought it might be too stimulating for a munchkin like you.

If you'd tried to imitate me, you'd never bloom into your own flower.

So even when you're teaching danmaku, you're all about your aesthetics.

Sakuya, you of all people should know that my favorite flowers are the ones that bloom freely.

So you kept your distance so Medicine could live in peace then?

Flowers and youkai and everything else are all the same. Most beautiful as they are.

You just love talking in circles, don't you? Well, you've always been like that.

So you won't mind if we exterminate you as long as that's 'as it is'?

Naturally. I'll be happy as long as I get to watch you flowers to my heart's content.

There's an incident affecting all of Gensokyo, and you're standing in our way just for your own twisted amusement?

Oh, I do sympathize with you. Really, I do.

But I'm sorry, this is my hobby.


Yeah, there we go! That's what we mean by uninhibited!

Her magical power is rising even higher! It's making what she had before look like nothing!

Don't tell me she's planning on using THAT?!

Indeed. How nice of you to remember it.

I've been meaning to go wild, so why don't I show it to you one more time?!

[n]Enemy Spellcard
「Ultimate Spark」
Ally: Bomb Radius -2
Yuuka: Action Count+
-Gains +1 action every time she is damaged (up to +5 actions per turn).

The outer perimeter of the field also has a "No Entry" effect.

This is one is perfectly timed after Dual Spark. Your party is probably split up, in poor positions to take down Yuuka from here, and the No Entry effect makes it even harder to approach. Luckily we've got bombs to help clear the path, but that's still almost a guarenteed turn of actions for her. And you really don't to start attacking her unless you're sure you can kill her, or else her retaliatory turn will be severe.

Luckily the bomb radius thing only applies within the field itself, so it's not too hard to make a sizeable gap for the rest of our units to fit through.

All things considered, I figured it was safest to take a prep turn here, and just let Yuuka take her usual 2 turns instead of feeding her up to 7.

How nostalgic. I spent some time on this boat too, didn't I?

If you like it so much, could you try not to destroy it please? Thanks.

Protecting it is your job, not mine. And you should have an even stronger attachment to it, no?

You're right, we do. It's thanks to the Palanquin Ship that we can fight alonside the others.

Nothing can replace the memories and bonds we've built up here.

I'm still no good at danmaku battles, but I agree with her there.

Then it's settled. Show me you can win with an artillery battle instead.

! These readings! This far exceeds the Palanquin Ship's main battery!

And from just a single youkai?! She really isn't holding anything back!

But I'm not complaining. Let's protect everyone's ship!

What the!

Yuuka, why did your hair grow long and how did you suddenly grow wi-

Oh dear.


uh oh

Good thing the boat is equipped for space travel, I guess?

I'm not sure what planet this is supposed to be, but it gets annihilated.

Yeah, it's just not SRW until someone blows up a planet, is it?

That might not look like a lot of damage, but the Ship has a lot of armor, has a strong barrier, and was guarding.

Almost anyone else is going to get thoroughly eviscerated by that thing.

Small detail I just noticed: the tile Yuuka is standing on, as well as the ones directly above/below it, have -255% evade/defense. Luckily the rest of the field isn't so harsh, but do be careful with your 1 range nukers.

I didn't intend on giving Parsee two kills in a row, but Yuuka bunshin'd me a few too many times, and I am not letting her take a 7-action turn.

Was that Yuuka's full power magicannon?!

If you called her an avatar of destruction, at this point I'd be forced to agree.

In terms of raw power, it might even exceed Lunarian weaponry.

But she's using all that power for her own selfish whims.

We can't afford to lose to an anti-social opponent like her.

Yes, how could she so completely ignore the feelings of others just for her own fun?

Tee hee, you say that like it's a bad thing.

And to think you're the ones twisted into something far more unnatural.

What's that supposed to mean?

Live for yourself, and die by yourself. That's the original way of life for a youkai.

But you've gotten yourself caught up in things like 'status' and 'feelings' which will only weigh down your body and spirit.

If that's not unnatural, what is?

She does have a point...

The fact that as long as we live in society we will have relationships with others certainly can't be called ideal.

Precisely. But these bonds become attachments, and we form boundaries to keep out the others.

Don't you think it's biased to call that way of life 'wise'?

...What are you trying to say, Yuuka Kazami?

I'm talking about you, Yukari Yakumo.


You're at the forefront of the current Gensokyo. To use a metaphor, you're the flower blooming in the center of the garden.

And yet you're trapped, abandoning the way of life of a youkai.

I have my doubts that you can truly accept everything like that.

Yuuka Kazami, if you're just going to insult Lady Yukari, then-

I'm just curious about you, that's all. There aren't any other youkai who wear as many faces as you, who are as silver tongued as you.

Right now, what I most want to test is your heart.

Yukari's heart?

Or do you all already know everything about everyone without even asking?


Lady Yukari...

Hm, seems like you're not interested in chatting. In that case, let's do this by Gensokyo's rules.

Let's talk, Yukari Yakumo.

Wait, you don't mean...?

The rules that make everyone an equal. That mixture of light and sound that you put your entire being into.

The spellcard rules. Isn't that the form of dialog you invented?

You're really into this, huh? I mean, you don't just talk to Yukari like that.

We don't need to rise to her provocation. This might just be a ploy to get you to lose your composure.

No. Let's leave this to Yukari Yakumo. Let her have this dialog with Yuuka Kazami.

Lady Shiki...

On one side we have the one who guides us as a sage, who supports this world's fantasy, Yukari Yakumo.

And on the other, the one restrained by nothing, watching over fantasy from the opposite shore, Yuuka Kazami.

The dialog between these two should be an opportunity for all of us to reconsider our stance on how Gensokyo should be.

Very well, I'll play along. Say what you like, I have my honor as the sage.

Heh heh, the sage. Right. It'll be fun tearing off that mask.

Alright then, let's talk. About my fantasy, and your fantasy.

Show me who you are, as you are.

Enemy Spellcard
Fantasy 「The Beauties of Nature」
Ally: Ignore Upgrades
-All unit and weapon upgrades are reset to 0.
Yuuka: Pass Unit
-Can move through squares occupied by enemy units.

Ooooof! That first effect is pretty nasty! Although, I guess if you were doing a No Upgrade challenge, then maybe this'd be a gimme. Yuuka's Pass Unit effect returns as well, just to make EXTRA SURE that you can't make a solid position around her.

This part of the fight has a neat gimmick. At the start of every enemy phase, as well as when Yuuka hits certain HP thresholds, Yuuka and Yukari's "conversation" will progress. Because of the set-up, it's tough, but it's possible to kill Yuuka before their conversation is over, in which case she'll just regenerate some of her HP, so if you're feeling saucy, you can farm her a bit for some extra money/PP. I don't think it's worth it, but you can try if you want.

I'm bringing all this up now, because I don't want to get in the way of the dialogue here.

It's worth explaining here that the "Beauty of Nature" here is actually a Japanese idiom, using the kanji for Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon.

Flowers are the natural order. They're born only to wither, and wither only to bloom again.

No one can go against the natural order of life, and that itself is beautiful.

What do YOU think about life in Gensokyo?

It's like the seasons. As the cycles repeat, subtle difference start to appear. It's a transient and beautiful thing.

Then do you know the beauty of death as well?


Death is a part of the order of life. For every life there is a single death. It's a beautiful thing.

Surely you're aware of that. So what do you think of the death of the humans who've passed you by?

The death of humans, is it?

I've lived too long, and seen too many. I don't even remember them anymore.

Heh, you actually said that with a straight face.

You, with all of your connections and who carries everything with you. Surely you remember even a human's death.

Or are you saying you've forgotten that 'everything'? That you've forgotten that beauty?


That's a nice expression. You lie without budging an eyebrow.

See, you're all bluff.

Birds are free, they fly where they please.

But doesn't Gensokyo's barrier make it a birdcage for its inhabitants?

Without the barrier, the youkai would die out. And you're no exception.

But now you're trying to add even more birds.

Oni and Lunarians and Underworlders, oh my. Doesn't that make you the self-righteous queen of the birdcage?

I'm simply trying to do what's best for everyone.

Not to mention everyone in Gensokyo is an equal. I'm no queen, and that's an insult to everyone here.

Tee hee, yes, of course. Maybe my teasing went little too far.

Let me rephrase that. You're no queen, you're the most shackled bird of all.

What are you trying to imply?

By becoming attached to everyone, you conversely bind yourself.

How could an unconditional love for an uncountable number of people be anything but a curse?

I'm not bound to anyone. Are you basing this on anything?

Oh, very much so. Like I said, show me more.

More of the bird who won't take flight, no matter what wind is blowing.

Wind is change. Something arrives, and something leaves.

You could say one wind in Gensokyo is the changing of the shrine maiden.

The state of the shrine maiden determines the state of the barrier. The history of this land is formed from their accomplishments.

But you've interfered in the lives of generations of shrine maidens, as an acquaintance.

You force the winds to blow the way you want them to, taking the reins of change.

Leaving everything to the shrine maidens would be abandoning my duty.

Yes, you've used this 'duty' of yours as a shield, to protect yourself from your attachments.

What are you-

Do you even realize it? You meddle with strangers all the time, but don't let anyone meddle with you.

The shrine maiden is the best example. You step into her life, but she's never allowed into yours.

As the one closest to you, she's the biggest victim of your distortions.


But why is that? You must have had a human friend in the past.

The Fujimi girl, was it?


Oh, so you do remember her. I thought you'd forgotten all human deaths?

Stop this.

Heh, did we finally reach the core of this?

You can't create a smokescreen of words to escape this like you always do.

The moon is the heart. Sometimes full, sometimes waning, and sometimes hidden.

I've finally gotten a glimpse of your hidden heart.

Don't speak like you know me. I've simply been going along with your conversation.

Oh, but it's all there in your danmaku. Even the parts you don't want seen.

This human, this Fujimi girl. I hear you two were as inseparable as a layered butterfly.

So even the stubborn you of today was once a youkai like that.

...What of it? Do you have a point?

So what I'm thinking is this. Your distortion is because you lost her.

When you think of it like that, your attitude towards the shrine maiden make sense too.

...No. There's still one person you're attached to.

Yuuka, I'm warning you-

Right, right, could it be that...

Yuyuko Saigyoji is your replacement for this Fujimi girl?



Come to think of it, the way you act towards Yuyuko has never sat right with me.

Sure, you get along, but you treat her as something delicate. Fragile.

I'm sure you're hiding something. Could it be that the Fujimi girl is-


Lady Yukari!

Take that back immediately! I...

You... what? By all means, finish that sentence.

And perfect timing too. It seems someone else is interested in this conversation all of a sudden.

But that's-!

...You're hiding something from me, Yukari.

That's not it, Yuyuko! I...

Ha ha ha, that face! Yes! Finally! That's not the face of the sage, that's who you are, as you are!

With your manipulation of boundaries, you've been saying you accept everything while your own border was left unmoved, rejecting everyone.

Yes, that's the sort of youkai you are.

Yuuka Kazami!

Yukari Yakumo, you are a contradiction.


Heh. I've said what I wanted to say, and you've shown me the face I wanted to see.

If you have any counterarguments, then let's hear them! As you are!

The hidden moon finally appears after all.

And with that, we're allowed to defeat Yuuka.

But first... I mighta screwed up and left Dai without a Support Defender near-by.

To think we'd one day be facing each other one on one.


You used to cry just at the sight of me. Is today different somehow?

Cirno and Letty taught me that I can't just cry all the time.

Plus I want to stop being so weak.

Sounds like you've changed a lot on your way here.

...No, you've traveled with Reimu this entire time. I'm sure you've gotten stronger little by little along the way.

I dunno if it'll be enough against you, Yuuka, but I'll try my best!

Tee hee. If someone like you can bring me to my knees, then Gensokyo is quite an interesting place.

Lend me part of this flower field, and I'll pay you back with interest. It'll bloom better than ever.

Are you seriously saying that to ME?

Well, duh, who else? So anyway, if you could just hand it over gently-

For such an ancient youkai, you sure are a bad liar. But the fact that you've lived this long despite that is what makes you amazing.

I hear even Eirin tips her hat to you. Are you perhaps something like a hermit?

Oh, right, that reminds me. Need any medicine to help your flowers grow?

Give it a rest already. And who ever heard of flower medicine? Ridiculous.

gdi tewi you're ruining the mood

rip daiyousei

you died so fucking hard

Yukari takes her frustrations out.

Well, I'm done. Truly, an afternoon well spent.


I-Is this a battle of words between great youkai?

What amazing spirit. She was pushing Yukari back like that...

I can't believe that a part of Yukari doesn't accept people...

Man, I don't want to take Yuuka's side, but I can kinda see what she was saying.

Yes, I agree.

So you two have seen that side of Yukari before?

Well, we used to hang out a lot.

She was strong, but like, too strong. Strong enough to carry everything alone, and keep on living.

Buried beneath her heart that thinks only of others is a part of her that can't even save herself.

She had the strength to bear even that contradiction, but...

A sudden reversal can change strength into weakness. Even Yukari Yakumo had to have realized that.

But Lady Yukari isn't weak. She must have some comeback ready.

Right... Yukari.



Lady Yuyuko, Lady Yukari...

Ha, you won't even face her. Not that you'll ever admit it.

You've always lied to her, why would that change now?


How can she say all that to Yukari? Yuuka really is unrestrained.

Forget 'uninhibited', it's more like she has no concern for her life.

That's right! Because Yuuka is a flower!

What? A flower?

Yuuka is free, so she lives and dies as she is.

Even now, she can do all this because she doesn't care if it ends up destroying her.

That's why every time we meet her we have to treat it like it might be the last time!

THAT'S how you think of her...?

Heh heh heh! You two say some funny things!

I'm a flower, am I? So what would you do if I really did wither away?

That's just who you are, Yuuka. It'd be tough, but I'd hold back my tears.


And I'd bury you with flowers in your favorite colors!

Me too! I'd decorate you with flowers too!

You two...


Are you at a loss for words? Looks like you didn't expect that.


You may be aloof, but that doesn't mean you've cut off all connections.

You've been calling us all flowers, but you're one of those flowers too.

Interesting. So that, too, is part of the fantasy you've achieved.

Sounds like you're satisfied, so are we done here?

...No. I changed my mind. I'd like to add one last flower.

Actually, ending this was supposed to be the duty of the presiding judge, but... you don't mind, do you?

Of course not. You're the one who prepared the stage, after all.

I appreciate it. Then I'd like to add one last decoration to it.

My own flower, as I am.

Enemy Spellcard
「Flower Master of the Four Seasons」
Ally: Resource Drain
-50% of HP, MP, and SP are drained after fighting Yuuka.
Ally: Bomb Range -3

This final spell is an ultimatum: clear it fast, or lose. The Bomb Range being so low (it literally effects the tile the user is standing on and no others) means you can't realistically avoid the effect, either.

Luckily, I've been conserving my resources for exactlly this moment.

Lots of finishers are launched at Yuuka.

Meanwhile, Yuuka... takes a nap?

This is very serene.

...and then it gets a little freaky.

Guess she was lying about the "giant man-eating flower" thing.

Strong recommend on checking out her attack animations. In addition to just generally being gorgeous, this part here has this really visceral *splorch* sound effect as Yuuka is "birthed" that screenshots just can't do justice.

Flowers bloom.

Flowers wither.

And the cycle repeats.

...God this fight is so good.

It's easy to miss, but there's two new pre-battle conversations hidden here, right at the end of the fight.

We'll start with Reimu's:

So the shrine maidens are her victims, huh?

I knew you were listening when I said that, but did I dampen your mood?

Not really... It doesn't matter what anyone says, it's not gonna change my duty.

And while we've had our ups and downs, I'm still grateful to her.

Really now?

The only reason I have this job, this duty, is because of her.

So I don't expect much from her, and I'm not gonna complain either.

You might just be the most trusting human in the entire world.

Thinking about it isn't going to help me understand her better, so I don't. And that's fine.

I also have to protect the border between human and youkai, no matter what.

And at last, Yuyuko:


Sorry about all this. I never meant to hurt you.

It's not your fault... You weren't the one with something to hide.

I'd already realized it anyway, more or less.

So you're not going to ask for the details?

You mean about what exactly Yukari's hiding from me?

All I can do is guess. For the truth, why don't you try asking her yourself?


She really does care .

The moon is often hidden...

But here, at last...

It's in full view.

Did we do it?!

The flower that represents herself, huh? What an interesting spellcard for the sixty year juncture.

That should be my line. You've shown me such skill. I've lost this battle.

Selfish to the end, but if there's one thing I do respect about you it's your unwavering way of life.

Continuing to live as you are is far easier said than done.

That lack of contradiction must be what gives you strength.

Your form of strength is certainly etched into my mind now.

Then if we're all satified, let's call it here.

I had a lot of fun talking to you, Yukari Yakumo.


No, this isn't over yet.

Yuyuko moves over to Yukari.

Lady Yuyuko?

...Yukari, say something. It isn't like you to stay silent.


I still don't know the details of what you were talking about earlier.

But I had already realized that you were hiding something from me.

! I...

Don't deny it. I was okay with there being some part of you I wasn't allowed into.

But, I...

When I was with you, I was putting up an uncrossable border...

...And that's fine. I'm not as weak as you think I am, Yukari.

What's wrong with having a few secrets?

And you always seemed to hurt so much when telling those lies. I knew you were telling them for my sake.


So... be yourself, Yukari.




I have something to say to you, Yuuka Kazami.

Your face is telling me you've made a breakthrough.

You told me that my way of life was a contradiction. And I'll acknowledge that.

And you're right that many of my words are lies.

Ha ha ha! So what will you do now?

Repent? Start over from scratch? Cry pure, beautiful tears and have a change of heart?

How exactly do you plan to settle the debts of your past life, filled with nothing but lies and contradictions?

I'll answer that through danmaku.


I think I'd like that. I'd like that a lot. I'm sure it will be both beautiful and cruel.

Please accept it. This is my danmaku barrier.

(I strongly encourage you to watch this!)

This one is a bit important to just leave to video, so...

Who will draw the curtain, you or me?

Now, let these be our last words!

Your flower has the beautiful color of sin.

I'll be sure to remember our talk as well.

And now, to lower the curtain.

This danmaku is my answer.

A fantasy formed from fantasy.

A boundary marking the limits of danmaku.


"Danmaku Barrier".

The danmaku deepens...

A faraway memory...

A distant oath...

Truth and lies...

Built into this ephemeral danmaku!

Now, let's talk.

Phantasm, Foam, and Shadow.

So fragile, so transient...

So this is your answer...

Heh heh, ha ha ha ha! This was so fun!

An exquisite lie, almost like the truth...

"So beautiful..."

BGM: The Dream is Here

...Good grief, how much time did we waste on this again?

Man, we really hung in there. Yukari carried us in the end though.

At least that danmaku was flashy enough to end on.

But that spell she used...

Danmaku Barrier. She's been using it for a while now.

But this one was more profound than before. Is the boundary of danmaku her own boundary?

Boundary of danmaku? What?

The border between killing and playing. The barrier that defines danmaku, made of danmaku.

I can't believe her answer to her way of life was the border of truth and lies. Looks like she doesn't plan on changing a thing.


Ah, of course, I get it now. I get that Reimu is terrible at explanations.

So, uh, ignoring all that jibber-jabber, what about Yuuka?! That explosion was huge! Is she alright?!

Yeah! What do we do if Yukari killed her with that and now she's DEAD?!

Hey, Eirin! Can you bring her back to life?!

I think you're overreacting...

Udonge is right. First of all I don't think we need to worry about that.

Seriously. Please don't kill me off.


Yuuka's okay!

I always knew you'd come back for us!

They hug her as hard as they can.

Hey, I'm tired, let go of me.

What happened to all those dignified things you were saying earlier about leaving me flowers?

I take it all back! Never leave us alone again!

Yuuka, read me a book!

Good grief, you two...

I think seeing how much they care about you has done you a lot of good.

Alice, if I weren't so exhausted I'd shut that saucy mouth of yours for you.

You're not exactly scary with the kids hanging off of you, so go right ahead.

Anyway, you lost. Weren't you gonna tell us stuff if you lost?

Don't worry, I remember. Unlike some people, I mean what I say.

But first, a cup of tea would be nice.

*sigh* Tea?

It's hard to believe this is the same youkai who started that huge battle.

I would think this is included in 'uninhibited'.

Oh, if it isn't Yukari Yakumo and the Yama.

So you were with them too, Lady Yuyuko.

Yes, I was watching that last danmaku attack from close up.


...That final danmaku really was beautiful.

With words spun like that, there can be no doubt as to what your answer was.

Indeed. I did try to put everything into that danmaku.

Heh. An exquisite lie, infinitesimally close to the truth.

If that's who you are, then do as you please.

The moment you let that answer out, you must have gotten over a lot of hang-ups.

...Yes, I think so.

If that's the case, then I understand completely.

Yukari Yakumo, you're going to listen to my lecture veeery carefully.

What? A lecture?!

But didn't you say you'd just be watching over their dialog?

That was one thing, and this is another. Just because Yuuka Kazami was satisfied with her answer doesn't mean I am.

This is a good opportunity. Let's talk, face to face.

Wait, what? I just got back...

Hey, that hurts! What'll you do if that leaves a mark?!

She gets dragged off.

Ouch, dragged away by force...

Is the word 'tired' even in Lady Shiki's dictionary?

But Yukari didn't run away this time, so maybe she wanted to talk too?

And if it's like that, maybe you should follow them, Yuyuko.

...Thank you. I'll do that.

But now we missed our chance to talk about the incident.

I suppose we just take a break until Yukari gets back?

Then let's catch up with each other while we wait.

You had a lot you wanted to say to Yuuka, right Medicine?

Huh? I-!

Oh? What is it?

U-Um... Well...

It's like, so much happened, but the words aren't coming out...

Tee hee, when did you get so adorable?

And to think you said all that with such fury during the battle.

Yeah, but now you're the nice Yuuka again...

...Okay then. Tell me about all your adventures since we last met.

Okay... After that I went to a lot of places and met a lot people.

I learned a lot of things, and... it was all stuff I never knew from when I was staying in the suzuran field.


Oh, and lately I've been helping out Eirin, and Alice has been teaching me letters!

Everyone's so nice, and...

Alright then. So have you given up on doll liberation?

...I'll think about that after I learn more stuff.

I-I'm not saying that I love humans now! There's just so much stuff I didn't know!

Tee hee, I see, I see. You were only just born, so spread your roots as you please.

But today has been a good day. I got to meet the you who'd been raised so well.

You've become a wonderful girl, Medicine.



Yes yes, that's all well and good but that's enough of that!

Alice and Medicine, come over here.

Hey, wait! What are you suddenly sitting between us for?!

Yuuka Kazami is a bad influence, so we're drawing a defensive line.

So stay on that side and don't come any closer!

A defensive line? It's more like you're locking us in.

So it's Alice's Mommy and her stepsister. I'm pleased to see you.

I've always wanted to head to Makai to pay my respects, but I could never find the time.

No! Stop! You don't get to call me Mommy, and I never want you coming to our home!

So, what's this about a line then?

No! You brute!

Good grief. One more source of noise around here.

It always warms my heart to see old friends getting along so well.

...Do you need your eyes checked, Sakuya?

So anyway, with Yuuka here does that mean we've finally gathered all of Gensokyo's might?

Uh huh! With her, we'll be a hundred times more excited and brave and whatever!

Now let's finish up this investigation on a good note!

I don't think Elly has 'tired' in her dictionary either. Or 'disheartened.'

BGM: Faintly Colored Whispering

Whew, hasn't been since FMW2 since we heard this track.

Alright, this is far enough. And you should be calmed down enough to talk by now.

I'm surprised Yuuka Kazami still isn't dead. Her power really is something else.

If you've taken me to a place like this, then I doubt this is one of your usual lectures.

Indeed. I wanted to have a little talk with you about what happened on the flower stage.

And I'd love to talk. But about what exactly?

Just as Yuuka Kazami wanted to verify the current state of fantasy, I went along with her because I had an ulterior motive.

And through this battle just now, I feel I've accomplished that goal.

The incident has yet to be resolved. Why bring this is up now?

Naturally, you mustn't tell anyone else of this. But if all that awaits us ahead is the mastermind, then this marked the final battle for the soul of Gensokyo.

I wanted to evaluate you now, as the leader of this group.


Human and youkai, underworlder and Lunarian... Just gathering all these people requires skill befitting of the title of youkai sage.

You've done splendid work over these past sixty years.

I came here expecting a lecture, and now you're praising me? Frankly, this is ominous.

I'm being serious.

I know. But the state of Gensokyo today is thanks to the current shrine maiden and Marisa Kirisame.

And all the girls they've gathered around them.

I wonder why it is that you're only modest when you're being evaluated.

Because just like Yuuka Kazami said, I'm nothing more than a single narrow-minded and powerless youkai.

...I'd like to continue that conversation too.

Her complaints had some truth to them. To a youkai, contradiction is a poison.

I thought you might take those words to heart and change your life, even a little, but...


But despite all that, you doubled down on your contradiction, and elevated your boundary of danmaku into an aspiration.

No doubt you plan to continue carrying everything alone and acting as the leader of Gensokyo.

The way I see it, that's precisely the karma I'm burdened with.

Just so you know, you can't be saved.

I'm the one who couldn't save her. It's too late for this.


Understood. Let's leave this lecture at that for now.

We can pick this up later, at a better time.

But remember this one thing: if those feelings are still disrupting your life, even today, then they're nothing but a curse.

Yes... I'll remember that.

Then I'll be returning to the boat. You should cool your head out here a little longer.

She leaves.

Leaving me alone out here. How cold.

I do understand. No matter what feelings I have, using lies to toy with others is nothing but my ego.

But that choice is already made.

Talking to yourself, Yukari?


You were late, so I came to look for you two. Looks like Lady Shiki already headed back though.

Did I... interrupt something?

The lecture was already too long for my tastes. I wish you'd arrived sooner, honestly.

I see. I thought it might have been a delicate topic.

Some harsh words were said in that battle just now.

Yes, they were. That was the first time I've seen you struggle so much.


Yuyuko, I-

Don't say it. I already told you how I feel.

If there's something you can't tell me, I trust that you have a good reason.


*sigh* I showed you my ugly side.

And is there something wrong with being ugly?

It's not something I wanted anyone to see. That must have been unpleasant, even for you.

No, not at all. The Yukari I know is always putting on an act, trying to show off in front of me.

So seeing all those different faces of yours today was actually a little relieving. Just a little.

Relieving? Ouch...

...Just because I never said anything doesn't mean I wasn't lonely.

But now I know that the Yukari who deals in lies and secrets is your true face after all.

If so, I think I'm willing to accept that Yukari. All of her.

Accept me...?

But if I do, will you try to rely on me more?

Ever since I learned of you, that's how I've been thinking.

So be yourself. I want to see more of you, both the good sides and the bad sides.


*sigh* I could never beat you, Yuyuko.

Does that mean I won a point over you?

Two or three points, at the very least. I'm glad you were relieved, Yuyuko.

Would you mind if I come visit the Netherworld after we settle this dream incident?

I'd like to watch the cherry blossoms together.

Alright. I'll be waiting.


(Even if the battle for Gensokyo is over, our investigation continues.)

(Indeed, we're very nearly at the final battle with Makura Muwatari.)

(Let's go. To what's beyond this stage. To the true ending of all of this.)





As Yuuka rejoins your army, she brings 1,000,000 points with her.

wtf yuuka was LOADED

That covers it for this time!

We're getting close to the end, so stay tuned!

As a side note before we go, I want to mention that, as the deadline for this game's release was approaching, Sanbondo put out a few tweets mentioning that a few things towards the end of the game weren't quite done, and would need to be patched in later. One of those things was a particular attack animation of Yuuka's. We booted up an unpatched version of the game to record it, so that's what's up with the last attack in the video below.

-Yuuka's attack animations.