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Part 63: Chapter 1S: The Moon, the Sun, and the Servant - Part 1

Let's start the last route. It's much more focused on story than gameplay, so don't expect anything exciting.

Sakuya's story also has different difficulties, but there's no reason (aside from masochism) to pick anything other than Easy or Normal.


Things start off with a flashback. The background's just black.

...My clothes are torn and reek of blood. My stomach is empty... but I am not carrying anything on my person. I must go... but where? I have no place to go to...


Oh, it's a human. You don't see one of those around here often.

...Who are you?

I'm a devil. Did you come here without knowing that?

A devil...

You don't have to stare at me so intently. I'm not planning to eat you or anything like that.

...You are alone, I see. With the state you're in, you've done well to survive this long.

...Is there something wrong with being alone? You do not know anything about me.


You look like you would keep me entertained. Would you like to try living a little longer?

...What do you mean?

I'm interested in you. We may not have known each other for long... But I will give you the honor of standing by my side.


...? Um, what is this...?

...Good grief, what are you puzzling over!?



...Such a dirty hand. Wash it thoroughly when we arrive at the mansion.

But despite its filth, it exudes warmth. Perhaps I shall have this hand make the tea.

...Mansion? Tea...?

...Welcome to my mansion.

As I understand it, Sakuya's name is two japanese phrases related to the moon smashed together. Remilia's not the most creative namer.

Sakuya... Izayoi. I am your... maid...


...Ah, good morning Sakuya!

You wouldn't wake up, I had to shake you a lot~. It's so rare to see you oversleep too...



What are you doing here? It is bad manners to enter a person's room without...

I'm sorry. I just thought it was odd that you were late. So I figured something must've happened...


You hadn't come to the library at the appointed time. So lady Patchouli asked me to call for you.

...! It is already time for that? This is not good...

Ah ah, you don't have to hurry. It's only been a few minutes since the time we're supposed to meet. And well... hehe.

...What is the matter?

Ahh, I was wondering when was the last time I saw your sleeping face. I'm guessing you don't know, but you're really cute when you're asleep~.

Sakuya came to the SDM after it was already created, but it's unknown just when Meiling showed up. Sanbondo, as always, went with fanon; supposedly Meiling was there first and was sort of Sakuya's mentor for a while.

...My apologies, but I am not in the mood to think about that right now.

Um, ah...

I will get myself ready as soon as possible, so please go on ahead.

Ah, yes... Understood. I'll be going then...

Lady Patchouli, I've brought Sakuya over.

...You're late.

I have no excuses for my tardiness. I am very sorry.

Oh well, it's fine. I'm sure you're tired from that incident with Flan anyway. Anyway, please start as soon as you can, Koakuma.

Yes, the wall that needs to be repaired is over here.

Ahh, let's see...

Yes, there were copies of the books around here... But the wall is being a hindrance to Lady Patchouli's experiments. That's why she wants it to be fixed...

Experiments... Do you mean magic experiments?

Yes, in order to repair the danmaku defense system.

I call bullshit.

If that was the case, shouldn't it have been repaired right after it was broken?

There's the issue of materials as well. A massive hole like this can't be filled easily.

I see, so this hole was made during the occasion...

Yes. If only they had used the proper entrances.

That occasion...

Who's up for another flashback?

So here's something cool. On Reimu and Marisa's route, this fanfare plays at the chapter titlecards. But on Sakuya's route, this plays instead.

The chapter starts with an explosion. This will be a theme in Sakuya's route.

Oh and if you haven't realized yet, the hole everyone's been talking about was the place where Kurumi was parked during chapter 9.

I'm starting to like this place quite a bit. The space around here is a little distorted, though...

wait what

Hey you. What do you think you're doing, blowing holes in other people's mansions?

My, good day to you. Are you the master of this mansion?

I would indeed be the master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. And you, who dared set foot into my territory and interrupt my reading time... Dare you state your name?

Flowers? What is such an uncouth youkai doing here?

I moved to the sunflower field a little while ago. I could deal with it alone. But my former servants ended up chasing after me. And a proper master would at least give her servants an appropriate place to stay. Don't you agree?

I see, so you are quite kind to your servants. And so?


Hahaha... Ahahahahaha!! You were planning on kicking me out of my own mansion!? You tell audacious jokes.

Yes, I've taken a liking to this mansion. If you were to leave quietly...

Yes, I believe Remi was in the library, but... That's...!?


...My, would that be your friend? When you include that gatekeeper as well, this mansion is quite bustling place.

...I had heard the reports... But I didn't think it was really the work of a single person.

Eeek, the books are all in tatters! Meiling must be in a similar state too...

You will...? Are you saying you're going to fight her alone? What's her objective anyway? I doubt she's a person to take lightly...

Ahh, what was it again? It was something absurdly silly, that I remember.

My, I thought bats were known for their excellent hearing...

I guess I will have to announce it again. From today onwards, this mansion is mine. If you do not want to be hurt, pack your bags now and...

Silence! I can't stand the sound of your voice any longer!

...My, did I make you lose your temper?

You are a fool for trying to take over the dominion of a vampire. I will let you experience a slow and painful death. I'll tear your limbs off, gouge out your insides, and feed you to the bats!

...Hehe. If this land is so important to you, I'll use you to fertilize it.

The next time you wake up, you will have become a glorious, blooming red flower!

Lady Patchouli, we...

Come, foolish invader. I will show you how reckless your challenge was!

Now that they're done speaking, I need to reset.

I'm not particularly sure why, but Remilia didn't spawn in.

Okay, there we g- 11,500 HP?

For Sakuya's chapters, we'll be playing as the bosses. And with the exception of Sakuya herself, they're all just as strong as they were back in the main story.


And in Remilia's case, even stronger.

She has all her spellcards except for Scarlet Gensokyo too.

The bonus is incredibly lenient (at least on Normal), so this chapter is just an excuse to steamroll over everything with the final boss.

Meanwhile, Patchouli and Koakuma will just sit around existing at the bottom.

The enemy phase was unremarkable.

On the player phase, Remilia hits the gas and takes a shot at Yuuka.

...You're attempting to attack me? I hope for your sake that you're not weak.

I should be saying that. You should be grateful that I've taken time to be your opponent!

Remilia and Yuuka can fight on even grounds.

Yuuka's about the same as she was in chapter 10 too. Remilia's really overpowered.

Koakuma has the ability to Replenish other units' MP. It comes at the cost of 10 Power from the unit being healed though, and can't be used post-movement.

It's utterly useless on this chapter since Koakuma has this spirit too.

I immediately have Koakuma blow all her SP on Devote. You'll see why next turn.

Remilia keeps on doing her thing.

Koakuma does stuff too.

Turn 3 starts with a cutscene.


...That's most certainly true. I don't think Remi will falter... But the library can't tolerate much more of this rampage.

Honestly, Sakuya just had to go out at a time like this...!

W-What should we do... Should we wait for her to come back?

...I wonder if we have the time for that. Remi and that youkai might make this mansion make this crumble before that happens.

No way... In that case... I will stay by your side as we are crushed beneath the rubble, Lady Patchou...



This reminds me of a similar situation in a book I was reading recently.

A passionate love rising from the flames of the battlefield... a pair promising to stay together no matter the hardships they face... It may be an ordinary dream... But I wish I could be involved in something like that too.

...So if this turns out the same way, you won't have any complaints?

Yes, Lady Patchouli. If I am with you, I will go anywhere, be it through fire, brimstone or danmaku.

I see, that's good to hear.


Patchouli is kind of a dick.

I'm teleporting you out of the mansion. Find Sakuya and bring her back at once. There's probably a bunch of fodder youkai around, so do your best.

Wait, my heart is not ready...

Koa warps out.

The next cutscene starts when Yuuka loses enough HP, so Remilia charges up,

and decides to go for style.

It isn't enough, but it was cool.

The next volley drops Yuuka under the required threshold. I think it's around 80% health.

...Aren't you getting confident. Perhaps I should be expecting this from a vampire.

You have no chance against someone at the summit like me.

Hehe, what a pretentious little brat. I shall crush your arrogance beneath my heels.

My power has fully matured, don't you think?

Or perhaps you're envious of the ruler of the living? Or jealous, even?

This next attack will make you realize the difference in power between us!

The screen is trembling.

Don't tell me whe's using that attack... Remi, are you planning to destroy the entire library!?

...You seem to have gotten serious, I see. Very well, I will face you head on.

And so Remilia uses her ultimate attack.

Inside her own house.

Have I mentioned how bad her judgement is?

And all she ends up doing is damaging Yuuka's parasol.

...You really did it. Using your full power inside the mansion like that... What were you thinking!?

I didn't have any other choice. She was a lot more skillful than I thought. But even she surely couldn't withstand that attack...

This is the only scene in the game where Yuuka gets pissed off.

...! Wait, Remi! She's still standing!

My precious parasol is in such a state... You brat, how dare you.

It's your own fault anyway. If it's so important to you, you should've left it somewhere safe.

...I thought I should be tolerant when playing with children. But it appears that was the wrong decision.

It's too late to beg for mercy. I will destroy this entire mansion along with you.

Just try it, if you think you can. I'll be aiming for those arms of yours this time!

...Remi, you idiot! What do you think will happen if a pair of powerful youkai go all out!?

Speak of the devil,

and he shall come. She in this case.

Lady Patchouli, I am glad to see that you're still okay!

Sakuya, Koakuma, you're late!

Hey give her a break, it's been one turn.

My apologies... But I have heard everything from Koakuma...


That'll make things quicker then. You should be able to stop them easily with your power.

Very well. I will give it a try.

Sakuya vanishes.

Meanwhile, up north Remilia gets ready for another blast.

So does Yuuka.

Hmph, are you ready to become compost?



Remilia immediately cancels the spell.

...Do not move, or I will slit your throat.

How did you get there? I did not sense your presence at all...

Honestly, you worry too much. I was going to win easily.

These were Lady Patchouli's orders... The mansion will be destroyed at this rate.

Yes, any further fighting is pointless.

You're missing the forest for trees if you destroy the mansion in the process.

...I suppose so. Fighting with all my strength was quite enjoyable, though.

Remember how, back in chapter 11, Remilia said it was a fitting that a gardener was standing against her? I figure it's a reference to how her first real fight in a while was up against Yuuka.

As you have just heard, further struggling is pointless. Surrender now.

...You're a human, right? A human is trying to order me to do something?

Touhou 4 was like a couple months ago. This shouldn't be that new.

Hmph, she's no ordinary human. Sakuya can stop time.

Stop time...?

Yes. I bet you don't have such a rare human serving you.

I see. And your used you power just now to do this...



So, what do we do with this youkai, Remi?

Hmm. I don't really care. Do you still plan to fight?


I'm growing interested in this human. I'll give up on taking over this mansion. So perhaps you could allow me to stay as a guest in return.

Wha...? As a guest...!? ...You have got to be joking! Someone who broke into the mansion like you... You are in no place to request for something like that.


She has quite a discerning eye if she's trying to target my Sakuya. And I won't be bored with her around. Well then, it's decided.

From today onwards, she is a guest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Ehhhhhh!? Such a dangerous youkai as a guest? Milady, are you serious...!?

...My, are you complaining?

N-No, not at aaall...

Now then, how many rooms do you need? Sakuya will prepare them, and we will have a party tonight.

I thank you for your courteous hospitality.

Please make sure my room is the best you can manage.

So for a flower youkai like you, a room facing south would be best, I take it?

...Very well. I will prepare the rooms at once.

...Your name was Sakuya, correct? I'm growing rather fond of you.

I may be a bit of a bother from now on, so do take good care of me, Remilia... and Sakuya.


Good evening, everyone! This is All Night FMW. You hosts tonight will be Hong Meiling and!?


...Uh, Lady Patchouli? If you speak so softly, the listeners won't be able to hear you, you know~?

...I don't care. We're supposed to listen to other people's problems, right? Where's the postcard?

Ah, yes yes, it's right here. Let's see, this postcard is from "I spilled Coffee on Al Azif"!


What do we have here?

"I have been reading too many books. My shoulders have gone stiff. It is difficult for me to read or write now... So is there any magic that is effective on stiff shou-"

...Hm? Lady Patchouli, why are you holding your head?

...It's nothing. That problem doesn't matter, let's move on to the next one.

No no~, it's a postcard from a listener of ours, we can't just throw it away! Anyway, I shall answer it for you. How about putting the books down and getting a bit of exercise? You sound like the indoors type too, from the problem you describe. So if you're worried about getting a bit too big around the waist, then...



That postcard was sent by me.


So what were you saying about getting a bit too big around the waist?

...W-We'll see you again next week, everyone!!