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Part 64: Chapter 1S: The Moon, the Sun, and the Servant - Part 2

...So that was how Lady Yuuka ended up residing at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

And why Elly was at Kourindou in chapter 3M.

They hit it off in the end. It would've been better if they just decided that from the start.

Milady must be really powerful to defend the mansion from Lady Yuuka.

Well, I tried to defend it from her first, but I ended up burned instead...

The event wasn't that long ago...

Indeed. Yuuka doesn't seem like the type to stay in one place either. You seem to be friendly with the other gatekeeper, though.

Ahaha, Elly and I get along well. We're both gatekeepers after all. Kurumi's been helping you out since she came too, hasn't she, Lady Patchouli?

Hmm, I suppose she's made my life a little easier.

Ehh? A little easier? Even before, you were only giving out orders...

She's made it easier for me to give out orders.


...Ehh, me?

Um, yes... Is something wrong, Sakuya? You've been out of it the whole time.

...I have been listening. I was thinking that the competition the other gatekeeper brings is a good thing.

You're a topic behind.

...Is that so? I guess that's fine...


Everyone's been gathered, I see. Are you having a party?

How does this look anything like a party? We're fixing up the hole you made.

My, that's right. I did do something like that. Good work.

What might you be here for?

Is Sakuya around?

Yes, she's here...

I wonder if this means that Sakuya hid as soon as Yuuka showed up.


Good day to you, Sakuya. You look a little pale. Are you getting enough sleep.

...No, I am fine. How may I help you today?

...What you proposed...?

Um, I would prefer not to speak about such matters here...

It's fine, I don't mind them knowing.

I don't think that's the problem Sakuya has.

What you proposed...? What do you mean?

Music: Dark Clouds



I see. I'm not in a hurry, but I'll be waiting for a positive response. My apologies for intruding. See you later.

Yuuka walks away.


S-Sakuya... What was that all about!?

Nothing in particular.

She "just" invited you? Are you serious...!?

Since repairs have been completed, I will be taking my leave.

Please wait, Sakuya!

Sakuya leaves too.

...Who would've thought Sakuya and Lady Yuuka... That they would be discussing about something like that...


...Lady Patchouli, were you already aware of this?

No, this is the first I've heard of it.

Then we must stop her, right? If Milady hears about this...

Don't do anything unnecessary. Just leave it alone.

What? Lady Patchouli, are you saying it's better for Sakuya not to be here...!?

I didn't say that, but calm down first.

If we do anything rash, it will make the whole thing more complex.

T-That's true, but...

She was pretty blunt about not having a real reason to stay back in the main story. How'd you miss that?


...I'm sorry, I need to cool my head off a little.

Meiling leaves as well.

...Meiling is finding it really hard to deal with... Um, Lady Patchouli? What should we do...?

...I'm returning to my study. Put all the books back onto the repaired shelves.

Ehh? Lady Patchouli...!?

Patchouli makes her exit.

...I cannot imagine Sakuya ever leaving, but... Ahh, what is going to happen to the mansion...?


There isn't much to do in the intermission menu in this route since Sakuya will be the only unit ever in here.

All I can do is give her some WP and some sake I start with. She wasn't even in chapter 1S so she couldn't get any Graze, and I don't have enough points to boost her Mobility yet.


Sakuya Izayoi

Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Strong-willed (Hit: +1 Power, Evade: +1 Power, Kill: +5 Power, Get Hit: +1 Power, Ally Killed: +1 Power)

Character Skill: Elegant (Prevents enemy critical hits), Parry Lvl 2-3 [Levels up at level 18]

Character Ability: Private Square P (50% chance of dodging any attack)

WP Bonus: Knife Collect (The next attack will not consume ammo.)

Spirits: Strike [20 SP], Focus [15 SP]

For the purposes of this route, Sakuya starts with everything she ever needs. Which is good because she's probably not going to get anything else. There's really nothing else to say.

In FMW2, Sakuya was greatly reworked. Her movelist was fleshed out (and became almost entirely ammo-based), her spirits changed around a bit (she starts with Devote), Private Square was nerfed (it no longer evades Graze damage and the activation rate plummeted), and perhaps most importantly she doesn't join at the very end of the game. Much like how Youmu is kind of a retooled Marisa, Sakuya is what you get if Reimu gave up her ridiculous mobility for some higher damage and a few nifty tricks.

Remilia Scarlet

Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Big-shot (Hit: +1 Power, Miss: +2 Power, Kill: +6 Power, Get Hit: +1 Power, Ally Killed: +1 Power)

Character Abilities: HP Regen (M), MP Regen (M) (Regain 20% of HP/MP at the beginning of each turn)

Spirits: Accel [15 SP], Sense [20 SP], Spirit [40 SP]

Remilia exists to be overpowered as hell, and she does so with gusto. A shame she's only playable in chapter 1S.

Remilia isn't a playable character in FMW2. She'll probably show up for FMW3 though.

Patchouli Knowledge

Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Calm (Hit: +2 Power, Evade: +2 Power, Kill: +4 Power)

Character Skill: Magician Lvl 4

Character Ability: Magic Barrier + (Reduces Laser damage by [800 + (Magician level x 100)]. Costs 10 MP per use.)

Spirits: Focus [15 SP], Snipe (Increase Range of all attacks by 2. Does not work on 1 Range moves or Map attacks.) [20 SP], Strike [20 SP]

Patchouli is the classic RPG mage; she's just as powerful as she is squishy and slow. Her inability to use most of her attacks post-movement really hamstrings her, but she barely needs to move in the chapters you get to use her in so who cares?

Like the rest of the non-Scarlet SDM crew, Patchouli was revamped for FMW2. She still lacks solid post-movement moves, but she's the only character in the game to get Hit and Away (if you haven't moved a character yet when they attack, they can move after attacking) so she can get around that. It means ignoring all of the other fun WP skills though. I'm sure she's alright, but I've never seriously used her since Marisa and Alice (who are a single character as far as I'm concerned) exist. So I asked Ryza, and he said she was thoroughly mediocre and kind of hard to keep alive until she learns Guard.


Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Strong-willed (Hit: +1 Power, Evade: +1 Power, Kill: +5 Power, Get Hit: +1 Power, Ally Killed: +1 Power)

Character Ability: Renew (Restore MP to an adjacent ally. Costs MP, and targeted ally loses 10 Power)

Spirits: Devote (Restores 40 MP to an ally of your choice) [25 SP], Gain [20 SP], Focus [15 SP]

Koakuma kind of just exists in FMW1. She has a utility role, but you don't need it.

But in FMW2, Koakuma ties with Dai for most useful support character since one of her WP skills lets her use Replenish after moving. Practically an I Win button as long as she's alive.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E Gaiden: The Wavering Luna Dial

Another day in the Scarlet Devil Mansion is welcomed by the sound of an explosion. A visitor who doesn't take no for an answer sends a jolt through Sakuya's heart. With Sakuya unable to decide where she belongs, Patchouli decides to throw her own two cents in...

"Whether you wish to remain here or leave is entirely your decision. Choose the way you wish to live."