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Part 65: Chapter 2S: The Wavering Luna Dial - Part 1

The Wavering Luna Dial is definitely the most involved chapter in Sakuya's route.

That finishes up the cleaning here. Next up is...


(Those humans may have spoken to me about it... But I never thought Lady Yuuka would do the same.)

Chief maid?

...What is it? Are you done with the cleaning?

Ah, no! I have a message from Lady Patchouli... She wants two cups of tea served at the library.

...All right. Tell her that I will be right there.



The girl then returned to her peaceful everyday life...

...All right, bow.



Gonna take a wild guess here and say that Alice is the former and Marisa is the latter.

Thank you for watching, everyone.

Someone claps.

That was superb. You do fine work.

They're soul-string puppets after all. I've researched on how to use them to perform too.

Remember that you promised to show me those magical stones in return.

Yes. Hold this and focus your magic power inside it.

Huh, let's see...

The screen flashes.

So this stone stores magic power?

Mm, it's a special type of stone that reacts well with magic power. The danmaku it fires from its energy is the basis of the EASIS system. I had the idea for it long ago, but I did not possess such stones then. I had to order them from Makai.

Makai...! No wonder.

My, you seem rather surprised.

I suppose that's one way to put it.

...Then the grimoire that you're always carrying around is from Makai as well?

Indeed. Carrying it makes me feel like I'm close to the people I used to be with.

Thank you. Please place them there.

Thanks for the tea.

My, you have an unusual guest, I see.

Mm, she's my guest here. There's no need to chase her out. She's different from the black-white that's always around.

I've been interested in this place for a long time now. Coming here and chatting has certainly been worth my while.

I see. Please call for me again if you need anything.

...? My, why not stay for some conversation? We haven't seen each other since the Flandre affair.

I am afraid I have work to do, so...


...All right. Sorry for detaining you.


Sakuya leaves.

Kind of. It's nothing you need to worry about.

I see. I won't inquire any further, then... Ah, speaking of Sakuya, there was some talk about her before.


You may not be the person to tell this to as you aren't her employer, but... during the recent party there was talk of finding work for Sakuya. Keine has been looking around the village regarding that.

...Did Sakuya say that she wanted to work in the human village?

No, the conversation just went in that direction. Keine just had a thought.

Forcing Reimu to start investigating, making Mokou eat everyday, and now this. Keine's quite the busybody.

We were just talking about it. We had no intention on pushing the issue, but...


...I guess we said too much at the wrong time? I'm sorry.

Don't worry. I understand what the teacher was trying to convey as well. Anyway, let's enjoy the tea. She's not around right now after all.

Yes. She's always lurking around here, acting as if the place is hers. Whenever she comes, she always tactlessly implies that Koakuma is useless too. It's all very troublesome.

...I understand how you feel. The taste of her tea alone should be enough to make up for her residence here.

Indeed. I would leave it at that normally. But Koakuma takes everything very seriously, for better or for worse.

Well, Marisa is likely to take advantage of that and...

The screen rumbles.

...These tremors, it has to be...!

What was that sound... Do you know what it is!?

Yes, I know all too well. Come with me please.

An explosion. I wasn't kidding when I said that opening explosions would be a reoccuring thing in Sakuya's route.

Sakuya, you came back!

...Be careful. This is undoubtedly...

That's Marisa...!?

Hey Patchouli, I'm definitely gonna borrow those books tod... Huh, Alice and Sakuya are here too?

...That magician has come back again, I see.

Yes. Her M.O. has become more and more outrageous.

Again...? So it's not only me you've been stealing books from, I take it.

Hey, don't besmirch my reputation. I'm just borrowing them for a little while.

A "little while" for Marisa is "my entire life span".

I've told you long ago that I will not lend them to you.

Heh, I knew you were gonna say that.

All right you all, come on out!

Several grimoires spawn in.

Lady Patchouli's grimoires...!?

What's going on? How could Marisa be using them...?

Ohohoho, I learnt how to use them from her.


You heard from her how to use it? So you mean...

...You captured and interrogated her. I cannot imagine a more despicable act.

So you finally tried your hand at kidnapping? Are you planning on using her as a hostage too?

I just had to resort to more extreme means, that's all. Besides, I'm gonna release her now that I know how to control these familiars.

Koakuma starts flying back to Patchouli,

bumping into a bookshelf along the way.

*sniff* I was so scared...

...Why did you tell her how to control them? You surely could've guessed that it'd turn out like this.

*sob*... She took my mug. The one that goes with Lady Patchouli's mug as a set. I cried and cried, and told Marisa how to use the grimoires so that she would...

So she was holding the mug hostage instead?

Truly despicable.

...Achieving your goals no matter what depths you have to sink to... Such a human way of thinking.

I suppose so, considering you're the one making all of these negative extrapolations.

It's better for these books to be used by me. They'd just sit here and collect dust otherwise.

Alright, grimoires, keep 'em occupied. I'm going for the books!

...It seems there's no other way.

My pleasure. Let's teach Marisa a lesson right here, right now.

Would you let us know where the books are located?

Mm. The locations are around here.

Five specific spaces are marked. Looks like Marisa's been after the same books for a while now.

Get to the squares first and secure the books. She should give up if we secure more than half of them.

...Understood. Exterminating rats is a maid's job after all.

I'm getting those books for sure this time!

This is the only chapter in the game with two ways to win.

All things considered, securing the books is the better plan. Not only does it mean you don't have to deal with fighting Marisa, but it also gives you a much better shot at getting the Bonus.

It's also fitting story-wise because Koakuma is absolutely essential if you're collecting the books.

Marisa will win if she gets three books, and there's no way to stop her from getting the two down here.

Victory relies on Sakuya rushing south and blocking Marisa's path off while Alice and Koakuma go book hunting.

...The mansion always seems to be in trouble.

Marisa is surprisingly good at using Patchouli's grimoires.

Not only are they a higher level than anyone in my party, they can shoot out danmaku fields just like in chapter 14 (and chapter 9 Hard/Lunatic).

They're relatively accurate too, so spamming Spirits is a good idea. There's no source of healing on this map (besides Sakuya's stash of sake) so try and avoid as much damage as you can.

I mean sure, Patchouli and Alice still have their Laser barriers. But Alice's is the standard variety, which usually won't activate unless she Defends, and Patchouli

will be preoccupied killing everything that might get in Koakuma's way.

Meanwhile, Alice will be dealing with the books down south.

A task that isn't hard, but made annoying by the fact that she doesn't have anything but her levels.

With everyone finished moving, I end the phase.

You all may be familiars I created, but I will still destroy you.

Even with her barrier, Patchouli can't take too many hits.

I let Sakuya try and dodge a 68% because I knew that she would be fine.

Can't take any risks for the second attack (which she dodged) though.

I never expected to be attacked by grimoires... I'll really have to do all I can now.

What, did chapters 9 and 14 not count?

...We've lost one. There are still 4 books remaining. Please make sure to recover at least 3 of them!

Turn 2 starts with a sudden chat.

Sakuya, you've got a guest here. How about going to make another cup of tea?

Please do not joke around with me. Entertaining thieves is not my duty. I have already heard from Koakuma. Several books from the Scarlet Devil Mansion have been lost to you.

Yes. I rigorously record books loaned to everyone else, there is no mistake!

You all at the mansion are real passionate about your work. You should learn to take it a little easier.

A maid who relaxes is not fit for her job. You will never understand that.

Oh well, that's what I have these grimoires for. You guys better do some good work!

Sakuya continues south, chugging her drink along the way. She has Focus cast too for security.

Everyone else also keeps on doing what they were doing. Alice got hit on a 10% chance.

I was hoping this grimoire would attack Sakuya, but I guess she was too close. What a waste of SP.

They're attacking us because of me... I have to do my best!

Well I certainly don't want to see her worst.

Back on my phase, Patchouli moves so she can get more enemies into her range of fire,

and Koakuma keeps on heading west. It'll be her job to deal with those two grimoires and collect that book.

Speaking of the latter, Alice snags the first one.

I've recovered one of the books. How many are there left?

There are 3 books remaining. Please make sure to recover at least 3 of them!

I heard you the first time.

Sakuya's almost at her goal. She's the only unit I have who could conceivably fight off Marisa too, so maybe I'll have her try and live up to her threats.

The grimoires are still really flimsy, and will usually go down in two hits from anybody.

Alice doesn't have enough Power for Shanghai Doll yet, so I'm just having her Defend all of the long range attacks.

Lady Patchouli, we are in trouble!

She's close to recovering more than half of the books. Be careful not to let any more books get taken.

With Accel cast, Marisa could easily zoom over to the third book.

But she's not going to since Sakuya's here.

These aren't the best odds (note that Sakuya has Focus cast), but oh well.

I will not let you get away!

Nice try, but catch me if you can!

I'm really not sure why, but Magic Missile's "hit" animation played even though Sakuya grazed.

I see, so this is your strategy... Take out my stamina instead of defending the books, eh? Oh well, fine with me.

From now on, Marisa will start attacking. This makes the chapter more difficult, but oh well.

Marisa's fairly tough, but for some reason she left the Mini-Hakkero at home.

More seriously, boss Marisa is based off how Marisa was back before chapter 4M.

This makes Alice being straight from Chapter 12 look really awkward. And no, she can't use Proto Malice Cannon on this chapter.

Anyhow, I'm honestly in a bad position here. I'll have to give up on the bonus if I want to get through this chapter without casualties.

Alice and Koakuma go straight for the prize.

And Patchouli blows 40 SP on a cheap shot.

Or would it be an expensive shot?

Marisa. If you continue to behave improperly... I will ban you from entering or leaving entirely.

Really? Staying here without being chased out sounds pretty awesome to me. You get tea here and it's quiet too. I like this place lots.

...I should have known that there's no reasoning with you.

Patchouli's hitting from 9 spaces away, so her damage took a big hit.

Oh wow, wasn't expecting a critical. If all goes well I'll have a shot at the bonus after all.

And by that, I mean whether or not this battle goes well.

Alright, that went great. Now Sakuya just has to park here and survive another turn.

Once Alice secures this book, Marisa will have to head north to where Koakuma is. She might take another potshot at Sakuya along the way, but the point is that I now have more than enough time to deal with all of the grimoires.

This grimoire just happens to be in Artful Sacrifice range too.

One more book has been recovered! Just one more to go!

Hmm, this is bad. I'm gonna have to hurry up a bit!

She casts Accel again, for all the good it'll do her.

Patchouli casts Snipe (and in hindsight I'm not sure why) and gets in place to take the danmaku-spawning Grimoire down enemy phase.

And Koakuma finishes off the other grimoire.

Patchouli takes down the last grimoire and scores a level out of it. Too bad this is the last chapter she's in.


We're done here.

We did it! We defended the books successfully!

Tch. These things were completely useless.

You just didn't know how to use them effectively. I pity those poor grimoiries.

You say that when you can't make them worth anything either.

What were you expecting from familiars that weren't yours to begin with?

Bah. Guess using these helpers doesn't suit my style.

Your excuses are music to my ears. I'll be taking back those books you have.


How'd your cucumber taste tonight!? Your hosts for tonight's All Night FMW are me, Nitori Kawashiro, and?

I, Youmu Konpaku.

Let's get to the first postcard. It's from "Taicobo" from whereabouts unknown!

Hmhm... "I used the Battering Alarm you mentioned last time. But I ended up getting beaten up myself. My child then started crying and it all became rather chaotic. Please do not suggest something so irresponsible."

...I see, you mustn't have read the manual, huh? Hope you've learned your lesson~.

...Um, so is this a customer complaints department or an advice corner?

Now now, let's not make a fuss. All right, it's time to introduce to you the "Making Up With Anyone Clip"! This clip is an amazing item which does just as its name says. It allows you to make up with anyone!

Huh, it looks just like a normal clip to me. How is it supposed to be used?

Well you see, for example, let's say the other party has a daughter. Then you just attach this clip onto her ear. And then, mysteriously! The daughter will start crying! And the complicated adults' situations will all start off!

...T-That is quite groundbreaking... Well, I heavily expect this to receive customer complaints as well... But I am wondering, how much will it cost?

$^@#, as always. But wait! This time, we've got even more in store for you! You'll get 10 "Making Up With Anyone Clips" in a special package deal!

10 of them means 10 times the effect! It's nearly crazy for us to sell this!


You always get more for your money with us! Send a mail order to your neighborhood kappa today!