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Fantasy Maiden Wars P

by BlitzBlast

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Original Thread: Let's Play Fantasy Maiden Wars I - The Third MariAri



What's this?
Fantasy Maiden Wars P (aka Gensou Shoujo Wars Mystic) is the sequel to Fantasy Maiden Wars E. Because of that, a lot of people just call it FMW2. Anyway it's the second game in Sanbondo's planned quartet of Touhou-SRW mashups, and it is pretty damn good.

Touhou? SRW?
Touhou is a long series of indie bullet hell vertical shooters, and Super Robot Wars is an equally long series of turn-based strategy RPGs. You might wonder how those two could work together, and the answer turns out to be quite well! Rather than just slap the Touhou cast into SRW gameplay, the developers put a lot of effort into intertwining the two games. And while you'd think it'd be an oil and water situation, in fact the two concepts work together extremely well. I would honestly put FMW2 up there as one of the best SRW games to date.

Wait, I thought you weren't going to LP this until it got an english patch.
You're right, I did say that. Hell I said a lot of things about how I absolutely positively wasn't going to do this until like 2028. But then I realized I know enough japanese now to roughly translate this game, and since I need to keep my knowledge of the language sharp over summer vacation, I figured why not.
I may have also been inspired by an awful youtube LP and an IRC pissing contest, but that's neither here nor there.

So this is a translation LP?
Yes. I'm not nearly as confident in my japanese as some other translators out there though, so I'll be linking my rough drafts at the end of every update. If any of you readers happen to be fluent, feel free to take a look and notify me of any mistakes I made.
With that said, I am confident in my english, so if your complaint is that you don't like my phrasing there is a good chance I am going to ignore you.

Chapter titles are fair game though.

Should I have read the previous LP?
Ideally. The game is pretty divorced from the events of the prequel so you won't be lost or anything, but a good chunk of the cast is carried over so if you're not familiar with Touhou you should give it a look. I've linked it below for convenience.
I'm actually kind of embarrassed with how I handled the first LP, so if you already read that one then I hope you'll like this one better.

How is this LP going to work?
This LP will be updated biweekly. Updates will be split into three parts: mission, intermission, and Lunatic, with everything else moved to the test poster. There might also be a stream of some sort in the dead weeks between updates, but no promises!

There are posts and you read them.

So how long is this going to take?
FMW P has 24 unique chapters, plus an epilogue. Assuming no schedule slips, which is one hell of an if, this'll take 50 weeks. So about a year!

Is there going to be viewer participation?
Yes, but not at the beginning.

I'm familiar with Touhou. What games does this installment cover?

MoF and PCB are the main stars this time, but characters from SoEW, LLS, EoSD, IaMP, IN, PoFV, SA, UFO, and some of the sidestories are also around.

What's the spoiler policy?
Same as the last LP. You're free to talk about how Reimu and Marisa are going to beat the crap out of the casts of MoF and PCB, but anything FMW2 adds is a no.

Table of Contents

Chapter 16: Revisit (2) (L)
Chapter 17: The Mountain Where Gods Reside (2) (L)
Chapter 18M: Laying a Hand on the Scarlet Devil Mansion (2)
Chapter 18R: Don't Lay a Hand on That Human (2)
Chapter 19: Invasion! The Sacred Mountain of Autumn (2) (L)
Chapter 20M: The Other Shore of Friendship (2)
Chapter 20R: Calamity of the Misfortune God (2)
Chapter 21: The Visible Path (2) (L)
Chapter 22: Faith is From the Transient People (2) (L)
Chapter 23: Ah, Gods and Mortals on the Grounds of the Divine Lake (2) (L)
Chapter 24: Danmaku Chugfest (2) (L)
Source Material

Chapter 25M: Visitor in the Snow
Chapter 25R: A Winter for Young Maidens (2)
Chapter 26: Spring Snow (2)
Chapter 27: Yesterday's Enemies and Today's Enemies (2)
Chapter 28M: Fantasy Cave
Chapter 28R: Seasonal Transition
Chapter 29M: Closed Runaway (2)
Chapter 29R: Encounter (2)
Chapter 30: Cherry Blossom Barrier Above the Clouds Part 1 (2)
Chapter 31: Cherry Blossom Barrier Above the Clouds Part 2 (2)
Chapter 32: Brink of Death on the White Jade Belvedere's Staircase (2)
Chapter 33: Perfect Blackened Cherry Blossom
Chapter 34: Offering to the Falling Flowers (2) (L)
Epilogue (2)
Source Material
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