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Part 20: Chapter 66 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 66! Bit of a breather chapter, all things considered.

We didn't quite get enough votes to fill in all our Cost (helps that we have so many force deploys) so I just threw in Remilia myself. Btw, if it's not clear, Murasa has been forced to captain the boat.

Battler from two weeks after I wrote the above paragraph posted:

Woops I should probably have closed the voting before I recorded the chapter, rip to those of you who voted after-the-fact. I should probably also, uh, update more than once a month.

As an aside, I'm switching back to Expert mode (Normal+). I can't recall if I ever mentioned this, but you get something like a 20% bonus to money drops for doing so. Now that I'm not going through the hardest chapter in the series, I might as well. Anyway, let's go!

BGM: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Bubbly sound effect.

...Judging by the reaction, it appears we succeeded.

You did it! You finally completed the 4th stone!

Only one more left, Lady Patchouli!

Yes, but this one likely won't go so well.

The 5th stone is the crystallized energy of a soul. I'd love to complete it, but...

Huh? Is this different from those stones you used before?

Those were something else, imported from Makai. These stones are something I've been researching on Earth for a long time now.

That said, alchemy isn't my specialty.

So should we try adding reagents then? I prepared all sorts of things before we left.

Indeed. Let's see here...


Eek, it blew up!


I-I'm so sorry! I could swear I researched their properties first!

Regardless, the experiment failed. This stone is useless now, so dispose of it.

...Right. It seems like such a waste though...

...Excuse me, but what was that noise just now?

A magical experiment. She's been doing them non-stop for a while now.

From what we can tell from here, there's a lot fire involved. Watch out.

But I can't believe it actually exploded. That's like something out of a comic book.

Hey, Sanae, stop getting distracted. I'm not doing this by myself, you know.

You need to finish maintenance of your new equipment before the next battle, don't you?

Oh, right. Then can you help me loop a string through this talisman, Reimu?

I see two amulets. Are those your new equipment?

Yes. Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako prepared them for me to show that I'm ready now.

I'll be able to use more power than before in our upcoming battles.

I guess those two are finally comfortable with their kid leaving the nest.

I bet they're expecting the battles to come are going to be tougher than ever.

...Huh. Everyone's really into this, aren't they?

Then I should, um...

...Should what? You just started trailing off there.

Aha! After seeing everyone around you so busy, you're starting to feel antsy.

That's a pretty good attitude, coming from you.

Shut up. I came here to help, so I'm going to do what I can.

I appreciate the thought, but there's nothing wrong with resting when we have time to spare.

Just having you and Iku as comrades is already a very reassuring.

I'm... your comrade?

Sure. I mean, you helped us with Koishi, and you even came to Makai with us.

As long as we're seeing things eye to eye, you're always welcome.

Seeing things eye to eye... I've never thought of it like that.

Actually, I find it questionable for a celestial to be treated like just another surface-dweller.

Is that so? Personally, I see it as something to be treasured.

Being able to sympathize with those from different circumstances or positions is a precious thing.


I'm a half-beast, so I'm often caught between human and youkai.

But I believe that helps me understand just how difficult yet important it is to understand both sides.

Tenshi, you were born on Earth, so maybe you could feel the same way?

Spare your consolation. What would want a celestial like that?

I don't think any of us really want you to act more like a celestial though.

I see, that kind of perspective is-

Don't you get started too, Iku. Aren't you also from heaven?

I understand what you're trying to say, Eldest Daughter, but I believe there is some truth to what they're saying.

If different people have their own perspectives, then maybe you don't have to feel trapped by the values of heaven.

Tenshi, didn't you say yourself that you could be you, back in the human village?

Well, yeah, but...

Anyway, the ability to empathize with others isn't as easy as you seem to think.

If you're a natural at it, then I don't think you should be forcing yourself to deny that.

That's part of what makes you you, Tenshi!


Hmm. A disposition that lets her empathize with others, is it?

BGM: What's the Strategy?

(...The boundless Makai sky...)

(Hijiri has been sealed beneath this lightless sky the whole time.)

(When I've saved Hijiri, I...)

Hm? That's...

Whoa, the miasma outside is so thick.

And we're supposed to keep watch like this? I mean, it's not impossible, but...

We drew lots for this, so I won't hear any complaints.

Right, let's do our best!


...So you wish she could share a little of that obedience with Tewi? You've been through a lot.

Maybe YOU could learn from her example, Inaba?

What are you talking about? I always follow orders.

Usually while grumbling about it.

...Sheesh, guess we won't be getting any peace and quiet on this shift.

But chatting makes it less boring.

...What are you all doing here?

Oh, Shou! Hello!

We've come to keep watch on the outside. Were you also here to observe the state of Makai, Shou?

...Um, yes. I couldn't relax, so I decided to try a change of pace.

So you willingly came out here to breathe miasma? Are your nerves deadened or what?

Or is there something bothering you?

Oh, no, I wouldn't say that...


If you're worried, then perhaps talking it out would help?


Hm, worried, huh?

...I'm sorry, I just thought it would be better than brooding over it by yourself, and it slipped out.

...No, I was also considering discussing this again, now that we're approaching Hokkai.


Sounds like a serious topic. Is it something hard to talk about?

...Yes. I believe some of you may have already heard this, but...

I was the one who sealed Hijiri, and none other.


We're here to undo that seal, right? So that means...

I hate to interject, but it seems you have a complicated situation.

You got that right. A thousand years ago, back when Byakuren was establishing her temple, master was its representative, as the avatar of Bishamonten.

She was superb at her job, easily winning the trust of the humans.

But because of that, when they discovered Byakuren's connections to youkai, and even when they were driving her out, she was forced to support the human side.

...So your actions were caught between human and youkai.

So in order to protect yourself, you-

Watch your words, Inaba.

Er, no, I wasn't blaming her! I was just trying to say I know exactly where she was coming from. It's only natural to do whatever you have to to survive.

Furthermore, I hear that even Byakuren understood Shou's position and didn't try to resist.

...Thank you for your consideration. But it doesn't change the fact that I left her to die.

And even if they tell me now that it's water under the bridge, I also sent Murasa and Ichirin to the Underworld...

Well there's no use worrying about it now. What's done is done.

Indeed, and if you'd taken Byakuren's side back then I'm sure there would have been even more victims.

This is your chance to atone for it. Shouldn't you acknowledge that too?

It's only because you survived back then that you're able to do this now.


I-I kind of put that really rudely, didn't I? Sorry.

We understand that you meant well, Reisen.

Okay, now we just gotta do our best so we can save Byakuren!

And Shou, please stop blaming yourself all the time and think about what you're going to do when you meet Byakuren.

Yes, my reunion with Hijiri...

Beep beep.

Hm? It's a transmission from the bridge.

Hello? Shou? We couldn't find you, where have you been?

Anyway, things are going smoothly up here, so isn't it about time we continued that conversation from earlier?

Understood. I'll be there right away.

The reaction from the Palanquin ship is steadily getting stronger.

There's no doubt that we're approaching the entrance to Hokkai.

And thanks to Mima's guidance, we managed to shave off some distance. We won't be falling behind Yumeko.

Little by little, we're getting closer to Hijiri.

Well, you look happy, Minamitsu.

I just want to see her face ASAP. Although we haven't even gotten to the important part yet.

...Yeah. I know I say this every time, but don't be reckless.

Anyway, I'll be in my room.

Sorry for the wai- Oh, you're leaving, Nue?

Yeah. So outta the way.

But aren't we right about to have a strategy meeting?

All I promised was that I wouldn't get in your way. You can figure this out for yourselves.

Wait, Nue!

Nue leaves.


What's with her? Not very cooperative, is she?

I really don't want to hear that from YOU, Mima.

Anyway, Shou's here, so it's time I told you what I know about Hokkai.

Please. But you seem to know of Byakuren as well, Mima.

If you don't mind, could you explain that first?

Sure. I mean, it's simple enough: I've talked to her.

What? You talked to her?!

But you've never been to Hokkai before, right?

I used magic to chat with her from outside the barrier.

As soon as I got close, I could feel just a smidge of magic leaking out.

...A magically powered phone conversation. Is that the same principle as our transceivers or the ship's transmissions?

I think only people like Mima or Byakuren could manage it with so little energy getting through though.

Anyway, so this confirms that the Chief is all right.

Yeah, I couldn't tell you her exact condition, but she was able to talk with me at least.

So I heard about you all and the Palanquin Ship directly from her.

...Thank the stars. I was trying not to consider the possibility, but something could easily have happened to her in Makai.

...So what did you talk with her about?

About how you were all working together to come rescue her.

Of course, when she heard that, she was worried about YOU.

...Don't tell me she told us not to come.

Oh, yes, absolutely. But she WAS moved by your feelings.

I'm sure she just didn't want you to be in any danger.

So even when she's the one sealed, she's still worrying about others.

W-Wow... she's seriously a saint...

That's just the sort of person Hijiri is. She hasn't changed from a thousand years ago.

She was someone who believed in a harmonious future between human and youkai even as she was being sealed, after all.

...But we've already come so far. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not leaving until we save her.

Right. I mean, we've even left her seat open all this time.

Good attitude. Can't wait to see where it takes you.

But first, we need to get inside Hokkai in one piece.

What do you mean? Is there a problem?

Didn't Shou say that the power of the Palanquin Ship was supposed to unlock it somehow?

Well, last I saw it, there was more than one layer to that barrier.

It's probably been reinforced over and over again over the years.

I see. That makes sense, if Hokkai is meant to imprison powerful monsters.

So we might not be able to get in with just the power of the Palanquin Ship then.

Not much choice other than to go out there and check though.

Right. It doesn't matter what new obstacles turn up, we've already made up our minds.

We're heading to Hokkai and rescuing Hijiri! And that's that!

Chapter 66: Beyond the Seal

Okay, it's straight ahead from here.

What an impressive vista. Is that a bottomless abyss below us?

Look, up ahead!

Look familiar, master?

There's no mistaking it, that's the pagoda that serves as the entrance to Hokkai!

Although its surroundings have changed considerably over the years.

But still, that's where the Chief is sealed, right?

Then let's open it with the power of the flying silo!

...Oh treasure ship, imbued with the power of Saint Myouren. Now is the time! Please reveal your power and open the path to Hokkai!

All right! Then we'll just stroll right on-

The light fades.


The power is being suppressed. It seems to be receiving some kind of external influence.

So the barrier's been reinforced then, as we expected?

So what do we do now? Smash it?

Whoa there, let's not do anything rash. There must be a less destructive way to handle this.

In that case, why don't we disrupt the barrier's foundations to temporarily weaken it?

In my expert opinion...

These four locations must be pivotal to the barrier.

Understood. Let's divide our forces to get this finished as soon as possible.

In that case, I'm definitely going. Speed's my specialty, after all.

Go with her, Patchouli. I mean, you don't think she can handle it alone, do you?

...Well, to be blunt, no.

Let's go too, Reimu. Even if it's a Makai barrier, I'm sure we can manage something between us shrine maidens.

Fine by me. Just don't forget to bring anything.

I can't just leave this to others. I wanna put my spiritual strength and Unzan's insight to work here.

As for my partner, well... Nue, come with us.

What? It's not like I mind, but why?


F-Fine. I said I'd go, didn't I? I'll go!

That's three teams. One left...

Do you think could you handle it, Tenshi?

Huh? Me?!

I see. Your keystones have the power to disrupt the earth. It's perfect for disrupting the barrier.

I would gladly have handled this myself, but if that's what Lady Shiki wants then who am I to object?

Fine, I'll do it!

Then I'll go with her. Someone needs to ensure she doesn't get get a bit too enthusiastic.

Then it's settled. The Palanquin Ship will stay here on alert while everyone else heads to the-

Monsters spawn in

Makai Insects

Crap, monsters!

Good, I was getting bored.

All hands, deploy!

This chapter has a pretty interesting set up. As you might have gathered, we need to guide each of our force-deployed teams to one corner of the map, each with their own set of challenges.

Top left has an interesting challenge. The Red Evil Eyes have an extreme movement-penalty field in a square around them, while the Makai (Black) Evil Eyes have a cross of No Entry. This is perhaps the one time in the game where the Pressure sprit (turn off a mook's field) is actually useful - and between Parsee and Remilia, I've got plenty of uses. Aside from that, the enemies aren't a threat.

Top right has to deal with long-range, kinda-tanky Makai Fairies. Their fields like to overlap and slam you with penalties. In my experience, Patchouli has an easier time surviving the barrage, and is better suited to returning fire. Meanwhile, Marisa can spam Accel, since it's easily the most distant point of the 4.

Bottom right is probably the easiest challenge overall. The doofs like to run right up to you and stack their fields, but unlike the Makai Fairies it's not very hard to approach and annihilate them. One or two high-damage characters is about all the help Nue might need.

And the bottom left... well, I'm on Normal+, so those dickhead Makai Insects have 7000 HP now. I put the Keystone (gives Barrier Pierce to all weapons) on Mokou, while everyone else has their own native piercing attacks (including Tenshi, mercifully enough). It's by far the most challenging corner, but the nature of the enemies limits your options.

As an aside, the boat can't move on this chapter at all. So with all that said, let's get this show on the road.

Note the Reimu/Sanae are conspicuously absent in the top-left.

The miasma's so thick here too...

Nue, Ichirin, be careful out there.

Whatever, I'll be fine. Worry about yourself, Minamitsu.

Huh, where's Sanae's team? Didn't she volunteer for this?

Sorry for the wait. Reimu Hakurei and Sanae Kochiya moving out!

They pop out.

Sheesh, already late to the starting line.

Geez, what were you two doing?

Sorry, I couldn't decide which amulet to wear, so-

Oho, so this is your new talisman then? Looks good on you.

The Qian-God equipment and the Kun-God equipment. If you use the right one depending on the circumstances, you should have a large advantage in battle.

And I helped you adjust them, so don't go breaking them or anything.

Right, leave it to me!

Okay, so everyone else is going to cover them so they can get to their destinations.

We don't know when more monsters will show up, so try to finish this as quickly as possible!

Victory: Reimu, Marisa, Tenshi, and Nue each reach their designated points.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship, or any of the automatically deployed units, are destroyed.
Bonus WP: Clear the map in 5 turns.

Ah, "clear the map in X turns" bonuses, how nostalgic. It's like I'm playing Battle Moon Wars or something.

Luckily this game has good map design, so in this case the bonus actually makes sense.

Oh yeah, since Satori isn't here, I've equipped Koishi's Sense of Zero PS, which auto-casts a random spirit every turn. Apparently she desires blood, so she's starting with Valour. Not the most useful, but cool.

Side-benefit to Clarste's insatiable desire to see Yamame: sometimes she can slingshot important characters around.

This was supposed to be a screenshot. I don't know how or why it got shrunk to like 1% size, but it did. It's just a prompt for this conversation anyway:

Geez, you're always so pushy Ichirin.

So. You set us up to be alone together, so I'm guessing you have something to talk about?

Was I that obvious? Actually, I just wanted to hear your thoughts before we arrive in Hokkai.

My thoughts... about what?

You've been helping us with all this stuff, but you're not really happy about this, are you?

Everyone else is all fired up to save the Chief, but I know you don't agree with our ideals, so... aren't you upset?

...Not really. You and Minamitsu are just so into this that I don't feel like raining on your parade.

My role here is just to stand back and make sure you two don't do anything stupid.

I'm happy to hear that, but...

That's enough of that. We've got work to do.

Well, you're not the one who wanted to talk. But I guess we can clean up the enemies right here first.

Juuust shy of a kill. On Normal this guy would have gotten eradicated no problem, but alas, I will settle for killing him on the enemy phase.

Wow, the animals in Makai are so different from the Underworld.

Hey, Satori, can we take one of those big ones with the tongues home?


Pretty please? I'll take care of it!

Don't make those puppy-dog eyes at me. No means no. We don't even know what they eat.

It's a Makai animal, so maybe Makai grass?

Grass, huh... so maybe around here...?

Hey, I found this weird-looking bone! Think we can take it home to decorate the foyer?

...I think I've had enough Makai animals to last a lifetime.


Thankfully this chapter doesn't have a boss or anything, so I can blow my SP on Strike/Accel/etc however I please.

I'm read to go, Iku!

My, you're certainly enthusiastic, Eldest Daughter.

I've been wanting to mess around with my keystones ever since they didn't let me back on Earth.

Plus, this is my chance to show them what I can do.

By which you mean...

If I get this job done quick, everyone will be forced to recognize my true power.

They won't mistake me for just another one of their friends or whatever anymore.

Do you dislike that then?

I didn't mean it like that. It's just... as a celestial, I'm not so sure about it.

...Hmm. But it's also reassuring to see you get along so-

That's enough chit-chat. I have power enough to manipulate the land, so it's time to use it freely!

I'm told by Clarste this line is meant to sound odd.

Why don't we watch and see what kind of battle Reimu and Marisa show us?

Ichirin and Tenshi seemed pretty into it too.

Speaking of which, why did you nominate Tenshi, Keine?

Because she seems to be a mix of human and celestial. As a half-beast myself, I feel a kind of connection to her.

It was the correct choice. People like you two, who are caught between races, are also in a position to be the bridge between them.

She should be able to experience that for herself once she comes to terms with everything within the cycle of human and youkai.

I see. Wow, you've really given this a lot of thought.

This is not time to be impressed, Youmu Konpaku. This is an important lesson for you too.


If you can't tell, every group of characters has some kind of battle dialogue this chapter. The "groups" in this case can be pretty arbitrary, though.

Up top, Parsee Pressures this guy.

Now I can move in unabated.

We spend most of the first player-phase just drawing closer.

If nothing else, the Evil Eyes have more range than Parsee.

What kind of place do you think Hokkai is, Yamame?

Well, they said they exiled all their dangerous monsters there, so I'm guessing it sucks.

But isn't that the same thing they did with the Underworld? So maybe it's more like that.

So you mean like a place where people who couldn't fit in can live in peace?

Well excuse me for being a non-conformist!

No one's saying anything about you, Parsee.

Anyway, we'll know when we get there. For now, why don't we kick these monsters to the curb?

Did something you discussed on the deck pique your interest, Princess?

It did. What Shou said about how she sealed her savior and whatnot.

Good. Then it seems it was worth having you do menial tasks like keeping watch.

Um, I was there with her. How come I never get praised for-

Probably 'cause you were born for menial tasks like that.

Didn't you clear the gloomy atmosphere by making stupid complaints?

Sh-Shut up! That's slander.

That's enough


A million bugs step up to Tenshi's plate, but she bats them all away like a pro.

This is what I meant with Marisa getting out-ranged.

A random encounter, huh? Keep your eyes on the enemy, Patchouli.

Umm... so the simplest way to disrupt a barrier would be...

Wow... didn't even take a second for you to get lost in your books.

A magician is someone who can only show their true power when they've made preparations beforehand. This is the most basic of the basics.

I get that, but it doesn't change the fact that all your advice comes a step too late.

Weren't you the one on support duty this time?

Was I? Well, whatever, let's go!

This is a reference to their dialogue in Subterranean Animism, I think.

Patchouli's not the sturdiest, but these enemies don't hit too hard, so she can tank them with her barrier no problem.

At the start of Turn 2:

Good grief, this is further than I thought. Maybe I should have stayed on the ship after all.

Stop whining, I'll let you ride on my broom.

Come to think of it, wouldn't this have been a good chance to test out that new rock you were working on?

The experiment isn't proceeding that smoothly. I'll need to be patient.

Not that I haven't entertained thoughts of testing my new magic in Makai.

...I'm sorry. If only that last experiment had gone well...

...No, wait!

What is it, Koakuma?

Here, please use this, Lady Patchouli!

Koakuma chucks something to Patchouli from the ship.

! This stone is...

It's the failure from earlier! I thought it was a waste, so I put it in my pocket.

But when I looked at it just now, it was beautifully transparent.

...There's no doubt about it, this is the final stone. I'd thought it was a failure, but apparently it was merely a gradual process.

Excellent work, Koakuma. I'm glad I have you as a familiar.

So that means...?

Indeed. The spirit magic I've been researching is now completed.

This is the culmination of the knowledge and research of countless magicians.

Patchouli learned Philosopher's Stone!

Pretty excellent new finisher for Patchouli. 4-9 range, strong as heck, and 2 ammo. I do love me some ammo-based finishers, so my compliments to the chef.

Patchouli goes for a long-range snipe on a distant Makai Fairy to show it off.

(Click here to watch!)

...Phew, it succeeded without issue..

You did it, Lady Patchouli!

Whoa, that magic was...

So you crystallized soul energy around five different colored magic stones as the core.

Like that, you'd be able to use five different elements at once while also amplifying them. An interesting idea.

But how am I supposed to copy that?

It's still too early for you. You'll have to settle for using it as reference.

But I'd expect no less from you, Witch of the Seven Luminaries. Maybe you could show it to me from up close next time.

...Why can't they just praise you normally? It almost sounds like they're complaining or something. It's so weird.

That's what it means to be a magician, or rather, a scholar.

To do research for its own sake, and slowly but surely add to our collective knowledge.

If there's an end goal, perhaps it's that accumulation itself.


The top-left corner needs to be strategic about what enemies they target, or else they'll get caught up by the anti-movement fields.

You weren't at all worried about letting Sanae go off by herself, huh?

Yeah, although you did seem a little lonely.

Thanks for worrying. But even if she's going into battle alone now, her personality hasn't changed.

She's the sort of child who can keep facing forward precisely because she knows that everyone has her back.

We'd like to continue to ask you for your support from here on out.

Sure thing! But when a danmaku battle breaks out, it's another story!

We aren't so meek as to give up a great photography subject without a fight.

I'm starting to understand how these monsters move. Let's do our best, Reimu!

Yeah, of course, but...

I didn't expect you to be so chipper, Sanae. I figured the scenery of Makai would, I dunno, intimidate you?

Maybe it's because of my training? I feel closer than ever to Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako's power.

Not to mention that I'm finding these danmaku fights with youkai more and more enjoyable.

First Kanako and now you, everyone's so spunky these days.

Oh, but of course I'm also very relieved that everyone else is here with me.

Yeah, yeah. Anyway, you volunteered us for this, so we'd better get it done.


The bottom-right team doesn't have to worry about strategy. Raw damage is all that matters

I note that the Scarlet Devil Mansion has but one entry in this race to disrupt the barrier.

So, wanna bet on where our walking library places?

Sure, but try to keep the stakes low please. Like, dessert.

Okay, I bet she comes in dead last!

I'll join too! I bet she gets the boobie prize!

I'm calling dark horse! First place!

Okay, then since no one else has taken it, I'm putting one in for second place.

I guess it's good that they're cheering for her... sort of?

In the bottom left, the Attack of Makai Insect begins in earnest. Keep in mind, damage below 4000 is negated unless we use barrier-piercing weapons. On top of that, breaking that 4000 damage threshold gets tough with Prevail jacking up their defenses the more damage they take. I really can't overstate what a pain these things are, but to be honest, I kinda like em? Most SRWs just treat mooks as exp/money fodder, so it's nice to have some enemies that push back.

Tenshi drops the rock on this fool.

0 damage

Four keystones, hm. Maybe the four of us should've gone, since we govern the four seasons.

Letty, Lily, Minoriko, and me...

Aren't we missing summer? And that's two autumns.

Hmmm, good point. Then how about someone like Wriggle? She's a summer bug.

Wah! Why's everyone staring daggers at me?!

It's a League of Seasons thing!


In situations like this, fanworks tend to use Yuuka for summer, since she has a sunflower thing.

That was the first time I've heard you talk about your childhood, Alice. It caught me off guard.

Getting lost in Makai by yourself... it's almost like Alice in Wonderland.

Yeah. I don't remember any of the details, but...

Even though everything was unfamiliar to me, I slowly got used to it thanks to the support of my mother.

So then, what you were telling me earlier was...

Did you say something, Medicine?

No, nothing. C'mon, keep your eyes on the monsters! Let's crush them!

By the end of the second player phase, here's how we look. Nue's practically already at the goal, but the other teams still have some enemies to clear out.

Enemies tend to target units with the lowest HP, so Mokou gets attacked often. Makes her a good choice for the Keystone here, since she can get lots of damage in when the Makai Insects dogpile her.

Sakuya's World is barrier-piercing, which is nice.

By the way, I sent the Aki Sisters top-right because the Double Aki Buster has some decent range on it, so they can counter the Makai Fairies.

Along the way, Marisa leveled up and learned Danmaku Power MAX! When used, it uses up all her MP to supercharge her next attack. I forget how exactly it works, but I think it can up-to-double the damage? Pretty costly, but you can get some bigass numbers out of it.

professor nages posted:

it uses up all her mp no matter how much she has and caps out at double damage when it uses up at least 624 mp

On turn 3, this guy and the Makai Evil Eye's danmaku fields are seriously in the way.

Luckily, Parsee and Remilia can just Pressure them out of the way. Convenient!

Speaking of Remilia, I wouldn't mind getting her some levels. The enemies here are like, 8 levels higher than her, so with Dai Blessing her, she can get lots of EXP.

Over on the bottom-left, this is, uh, quite the quagmire.

You know, I think I've got a quick fix for this.

On the enemy phase, this giant doof demonstrated tactical genius, and stood right on top of the point. It won't matter, since I planned on killing everything anyway, but I thought it was clever.

Since I didn't get a chance, here's Kogasa's dialogue:

I have a chance to surprise everyone while they're busy with the barrier!

Now, take this! Boo!


C'mon, no reaction?! Booo!

She's all alone...

Turns out Makai Insects can't stand up to Mokou tossing Valour'd Possessed by Phoenix's at them.

We've arrived, Eldest Daughter. It's time to-

I know! Geez...

Good, the barrier is weakening. Excellent work.

...Phew, it went well. The temple bunch should be happy with that.

At this rate, I feel like maybe we'll free this Byakuren lady after all.

Yes, I've been starting to feel that myself.

Indeed, it seems there was some truth to what everyone's been saying.

What are you talking about?

The two of us are taking action like this... even I'm starting to feel reassured.

Being able to sympathize with the surface dwellers, and tackle problems from their perspective... you might be the only one capable of that, Eldest Daughter.

Obviously. But what's wrong, Iku? This isn't like you.

Except for when you're scolding me, we've never really talked before...

Perhaps it's because we're away from heaven and I'm no longer seeing you through my usual filter.


Everyone here thinks highly of you, as a friend.

If you like how that feels, then why not just admit it?

...You're right, these are things I never experienced in heaven. Being relied on, joining forces, and all that.

But I'll never be the same as a human.

Are you referring to your position?

It's the same for you, isn't it? Aren't you just following me around for your job anyway?

...Who can say?

We arrived. Now we just need to do something.

Yeah... something. How should we do this? Hit it? Maybe a little hard?

You know, you're a little half-assed in the weirdest places. For something like this, you've gotta...

Wow, so fast! How did you do it?

You just go like... and there.

I think your explanation was even more half-assed, Reimu.

Anyway, we did what we're here for, so let's head back to the-

Enemies spawn in around them.

...! Looks like we're surrounded.

They aren't powerful, but there are so many of them...

Reimu, please leave this to me.

You? Why?

With my new equipment, I should be able to raise my faith to its maximum even outside the Moriya Shrine.

I'll invoke a top-class miracle and blow them all away in an instant!

The enemies blow up.

Wow, that spell...!

It's Lady Kanako's Divine Wind. Looks like she successfully invoked it in Makai.

So what did you think, Lady Kanako?!

It was marvellous, Sanae. Especially how you created such a major miracle with so short an incantation.

Keep that up and the humans will fear your name in no time!

Right! As I thought, it's better and flashier if miracles are all WOOM and BAM!

...Yeah, I think you're the half-assed one.

Sanae gained the Divine Wind attack!

It doesn't mention it here, but she also gets two new frames to play with, which I'll talk about in the next post. Fun fact though - originally Sanae didn't use her new MAP automatically. I watched Nages stream this game when it first came out, and his Sanae was at level ~25. So he cast Miracle and MAP'd them, and gained something like 24000 EXP in one shot. He went back to never using her right afterwords

Remilia shot up all the way to level 65, earning her Eternally Young Scarlet Moon! For each member of the SDM she deploys with, everything about her improves. IIRC with the entire SDM deployed, she gets +25% Accuracy/Evade/Armor/Damage, which makes her quite the one-woman-army. It just, y'know, involves spending 16.5 Cost on the gimmick.

We're right about to break into Hokkai, huh? What kind of noise do you think would liven this up?

The magic here is pulsing so ominously... I'd love to turn that into sound.

No matter what, no matter when, stay happy!

You three are always so noisy. You're not earthbound spirits, are you?

Hmm... what do you think, Merlin?

Don't ask me, ask Lunasa.

Even I can't answer that.

Wait, so even though there are three of you, none of you can remember where you came from? Risky business, for a ghost.

Spirits are fundamentally unstable. If you're not careful, you could just disappear.

...Eiki said something like that too. We'll keep in it mind.

We're here. Looks like the barrier was put up with magic.

Hm, so if we use this procedure, then...

Oh, that was fast.

It was described in a book I've read. If you understand the mechanisms then it's quite simple.

Victory goes to the prepared, huh? Just what I'd expect from an experienced magician.

...What? That came out of nowhere.

There's a lot of magic I wanna study, but I only have finite time. So I'm glad to have other magicians around.

Especially you, Patchouli, since you leave behind all those grimoires you write.

...I don't write them for you, Marisa.

But, well, as long as you're showing appreciation I'm willing to direct you to a few recommendations.

Really?! I'm gonna borrow them until I die!

...I brought this up, so I won't press the matter.

But in exchange, when it comes time for you to return them, I'll be borrowing all the books YOU'VE written. Until I die, naturally.

Might as well get Dai in there for the dialogue.

I wanted to break the seal too!

We've got a history of getting results! I can't believe they didn't even ask us.

Results? Really?

Don't look so shocked. We're the ones who broke Flandre's seal, you know.

You could even say that if it weren't for us, she never would have made up with Remilia.

...That's not something to brag about, is it? It was such a big fuss.

Right! And we've gotta concentrate on the battle now....

(...But that rock Cirno gave me back then sure was pretty.)

And that makes all 4.

So this is the barrier's foundation? I wonder how it works.

They're a thousand years too early to be hiding something's true form from ME. Looks like all we need here is a little...


Wow, good job Nue. I was just going to try hitting it.

...You know, Ichirin, maybe you should work on that bad habit of punching everything without thinking.

Aw, dammit, but now we're one step closer to reviving that Hijiri lady...

See? I knew it was eating at you.

...Yeah. Once this Hijiri lady comes back, Minamitsu's ship is probably getting turned back into a temple, right?

When that happens, an outsider like me would just get in the way.


Plus, Minamitsu has always had this look in her eye when she's talking about Hijiri. I just hate the thought that we won't be able to be like we used to.

...And you never told us any of this? You sure pick the weirdest times to show a sense of honor.

But anyway, even when the Chief comes back, nothing between us is going to change.

You say that, but I never knew the two of you as you were back then.

You worry too much. How long do you think the three of us have been together?

Our debt to the Chief is important to us, sure, but so's our friendship with you, Nue.

If it weren't, then why the heck do you think we went through all that trouble to get you to come along with us?


Plus, the Chief isn't the sort of narrow-minded person who'd kick someone out just because they aren't one of her disciples.

You'll have your own chance to talk to her once we save her, Nue.

...And that's another thing I'm not looking forward to.

And with that, all teams have successfully interfered with the barrier.

There were unforeseen problems, but we managed to deal with them, as expected.

Splendid battle everyone, we put everyone's unique strengths to good use.

...It was nothing special. I just did it.

So she says, but I'm just glad we managed to finish that without incident.

Those last two lines depend on who grabbed the final point. If Tenshi is last, she wonders if everyone else was cutting corners. If it's Marisa or Reimu's team, they just complain about being slower than each other .

The barrier is weakened. We should be able to open the gate now.

Okay Shou, do your thing.

Right! Flying Silo, please release your power!

Ooh, this is...

The door to Hokkai opened!

Well what do you know, the plan worked.

Right, now we can go get the Chief.

It was a long journey, but the day is finally here.

I get what you're feeling, but it's too soon to relax. We've got one last step ahead of us.

We've still gotta enter Hokkai and undo Byakuren's seal.

The way will close on its own soon, so shouldn't we enter first?

Right. Everyone, get back on the-


Wait, something's coming from inside the gate!

From inside?!

BGM: Girls, Surpass the Carnage


Wha!? That's-


It's name is Evil Eye Σ by the way.

A-A huge eyeball... A super-giant Evil Eye?!

It dwarfs the ship... Even I've never seen one that big!


There's a weird sound effect here.

Eek, it's looking at us!

Is this the kind of monster they've got sealed in Hokkai?!

More importantly, it's blocking the gate! We can't get through!

Calm down, everyone! It doesn't matter how big it is, as long as we keep calm and-


The portal shrinks.

The gate's closing! The barrier's started to repair itself!

Oh no, if it closes like this are we gonna have to start all over?!

That maid from before is gonna catch us before we manage that!

It's one thing after another... And we were so close!


Akyu, Kourindou, I want you to bear with me.

What? What are you-

...Here we go!

Glass shatters.


D-Did you just break the safety glass covering the emergency booster?!

Sure did! And I'm gonna use it!

No way, Murasa?!

If we slam them ship into it, even something that big is going down. And then we can all swoop in before it closes!

Are you insane?! I mean, sure, with that much mass it just might work, but-

I don't care how strong the ship is, a direct hit at those speeds would smash it to pieces!

And anyway, with that output you won't be able to steer!

Remember what I told you about being stupid, Minamitsu?!

I know, I know, but with this crew, we can do it!

...Roger that. Everyone, prepare to follow the Palanquin Ship.


This is our last chance, and the only way. So brace yourselves!

There's no time for a briefing, so please follow my directions as I give them!

Good grief, no time to hesitate then?

The bridge has set its course, so we can't afford not to believe them.

Our hearts are with you. We're counting on you, Murasa!

Everyone back here is on standby. We're prepared to move in as soon as the ship crushes the enemy.

The ship moves into position.

Releasing the final lock on the emergency boosters! Ready for ignition!

Fasten your seatbelt, everyone!

...The Palanquin Ship is carrying everyone's bonds. With that power, I know we can do this!

Palanquin Ship, charge!

(Click here to watch!)

BGM: Crossanchor Murasa

Ooooh! That was-

They did it! They blew away that giant Evil Eye!

A do-or-die ramming manuever with the entire weight of the ship moving beyond its maximum speed!

Normally they'd take heavy damage from the impact, but with precise control of the shield they were able to convert that into more penetrative power.

N-No way. How could they manage all that under pressure...?

But they did. It's all thanks to the strength and solidarity of the crew.

Obviously Murasa was the one keeping it under control, but Akyu and Kourindou are no slouches either, for being able to calmly support her.

I haven't lived all these lives for nothing, you know.

We can celebrate later, we've got to follow the ship!

Right, before the gate closes!

BGM: None

Hard to get across, but the screen starts shaking.


Wh-What's this shaking? I've got a bad feeling about this...

...The curvature of space is warping? And this mana gradient...

In Japanese, Eirin!

It's bad. Because that monster forced its way out, it seems the necessary balance of power has been disrupted.

At this rate, it'll suck everything in the area into Hokkai!

Whaaaat?! We'll be sucked in?!

Anyway, grab onto something! We'll be scattered by the impact!

With a loud bang, the screen goes black.

And with no decorum to speak of, we're dumped right to the intermission menu.

Next time:

Even more force-deployed units!