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Part 22: Turmoil on the Lake Part 1 - Part 2

Alright then, now that I've gotten all that Graze it's time to spend i- WAIT WHAT I CAN'T SELECT ANYTHING NOOOO.

If the title of the chapter did not make it clear enough, Turmoil on the Lake has two parts to it. The Intermission screen in between is just to let you save, you can't upgrade your team in any way. You might not want to save though, because

Your characters are not fully refreshed in between chapters. HP, MP, SP, and Will are all carried over from chapter 6, and if you happened to waste most of it (by, say, trying to kill Cirno) you're in for a very rough chapter 7.

Notice I didn't say ammo in the above list; for some reason, that's fully restocked in between chapters. This is the reason I had Reimu take out all the fairies. There's another reason too, but I'll leave that for the actual chapter 7 update.


Here's the Cirno battle dialogue collection I promised. I've also included some pictures showing the best hit rates each character can get on Cirno without having to cast Spirits or mess around with skills.

(In hindsight, I could have boosted this by another 5% by having Reimu stand near Marisa.)

A fairy like you is trying to challenge me? You've certainly got confidence, if nothing else.

Bah, so what if you're that shrine's shrine maiden. Did you pee your drawers at the sight of a powerhouse like me?

Ahh, I couldn't hear you over all this noise. What were you saying? Something about being powerless, was it?

I said powerhouse! POW-ER-HOUSE! Grr, how dare you make fun of me!

(This is with both Reimu and Alice's Supports.)

So you've come, evil magician!

You're seriously stubborn. And you're trying to sound like some hero from those old fairytales.

Those who kidnap others have gotta be evil. I bet you're got poisonous apples too.

I've got poisonous mushrooms on me if that counts. Want a bite? They're tasty.

Ehh? Maybe I'll take a nibble then...

..Wait, that was close! You were trying to kill me with poison!

I'm not falling for your tricks! I'll make sure you don't land at sea ever again!

(Keine can get a slightly higher hit rate with a point blank Headbutt, but she didn't have enough Power to do that in the run where I got these.

Looking at you reminds me of the mischievous imps at the school. Their energy is unmatched, but they absolutely would not listen to anyone.

Why would I listen to the words of a villain? Return Dai to us now!

It's good to care for your friends... But what is the meaning of calling a teacher a villain!? Minus ten marks! I'll give you a good scolding!

Since she's Daiyousei's friend, I'd rather not fight her if possible, but...

What are you muttering about? Your excuses aren't gonna work on me.

For a friend, she's really causing so much trouble to Daiyousei... Well, I guess she's thinking of Daiyousei in her own way too.

(This is with Marisa's +10%.)

You're Daiyousei's friend, aren't you? Why don't you lend an ear to what she's saying? She's been worried about you the whole time since we've reached here.

Bah, Dai's always worrying about me. I keep telling her I'm always doing fine... So I've gotta take you all out as fast as I can, so she can relax!

...Dear me, words really don't get through to her. It's amazing that she even has friends.

So you've appeared, evildoer!

I'm not evil.

Liar! Are you calling yourself a good person then!?

No, I'm not really good either.

You're not evil, but not good...?

Maybe I'm not evil after all.

So you're not evil, not good, not evil, not...


W-Well, whatever. You're not fooling me!

I've been wondering for awhile, what's that thing floating behind you?

That is my ghost half. And I am the human half.

Hmm, if I make a ghost real cold, will it get frozen?

I do not think that would work. Ghosts are cold to begin with.

I see, change of plans then. I'll just freeze the human part!

(what horrible person would do this)

Cirno, I'm sorry!

Ehh... Dai? Why are you danmaku battling against me!?

You don't want to stop fighting, so Marisa and the rest are going to beat you up. So I have to stop that from happening!

Don't try to stop it, Dai. I'm gonna teach them a really good lesson! Even if you're Dai, if you try to stop me, I'll...


Ooh, I just can't attack Dai after all...

And just for fun, here's some additional dialogue. First, if you shoot Cirno down before she declares Perfect Freeze,

You all are better than I thought.

Cirno. are you okay!? Hey, please listen to what we're saying! Then you won't need to fight Marisa's group.

Heheheh, I'm fine, Dai. I'm the strongest, I won't be beaten by this. I'll freeze all you evildoers who treated Dai so badly!

Cirno, you're misunderstood! It's not like that...!

It's time to activate the spellcard!

Tch, does she not have ears!?

Good grief, children really become a bother when they get like that. We might need to punish her a little to make her understand.

We don't have time to just sit by anymore. It's time to do the job.

No way... Everyone, please wait!

I'm afraid that seems unreasonable now. We can't keep ignoring this now that she's declared a spellcard.

Alice means it: Dai will not be able to Talk to Cirno during Perfect Freeze if you do this.


It's a pity, but we'll have to solve this misunderstanding by defeating her.

All right, it's time to cool some heads!

Next up, if you capture Perfect Freeze.



Ooh... You guys are really stronger than I thought.

It's gonna be the same no matter how many times you try. Learn your lesson already.

You're the ones who're gonna be learning your lesson. No one bullies Dai and gets away with it!

This fairy really doesn't know how to listen to others. If that's the case, then...

Everyone, please wait!


Cirno, are you okay? I'll heal you up.

She does.

...! Thank you Dai, I can keep on fighting now!

I'll make 'em cry for sure!

No. Please stop fighting and listen to them instead.

Why? I'm the strongest, I'll be fine!

That's not it. You've misunderstood things. So there's no need for you to fight Marisa's group at all.

...Huh? I've misunderstood? Didn't that evil magician and her group kidnap you, Dai?

Um, that's wrong. Marisa's group was the one that saved me. They saved me from an attack by a group of black kedama. So you see, Marisa's group aren't bad people.

..So they didn't kidnap you?

Yeah. They haven't attacked me even once, have they?


...It seems she's finally getting it.

Well, it would not feel right to keep beating her up further too.

Perhaps this was for the best anyway. Children who won't stop crying sometimes need a little push to make them stop.

...By "push", you mean "headbutt", right?

Well, with how it looks now, we should be able to let Daiyousei handle the rest.

Right. Let's return to investigating the incident, then.

Cue everyone heading over to the northwest corner. You know the rest.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Turmoil on the Lake Part 2

Chapter 7's summary spoils all the interesting tidbits, so I'll let Namtab post it later.