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Part 23: Turmoil on the Lake Part 1 - Part 3

Okay, let's wrap this chapter up with a Marisa status update.

First off, if Dai gets into a fight with a fairy some dialogue plays.


Why is Daiyousei fighting us!?

I'm sorry, everyone... But I have to stop Cirno!

So please, move away!

This is bad... Dai's been cursed by that magician!

If we don't defeat her, then we'll never get that curse lifted. Let's make her wake up, everyone!

Geez... It's not like that at all!


Anyways, this time around I didn't bother with the Bonus Conversations and rushed Cirno.

Marisa and Alice both got levels,

and Alice hit 150 Graze.

I stalled a bit so I could defeat every fairy, so it wasn't until turn 7 that Dai could Talk to Cirno.

When you're not going for the Bonus Conversations or trying to kill Cirno, this chapter is ridiculously easy.

Since I didn't have Reimu solo everything though, my team is a little worse for wear. I should still be set for chapter 7.