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Part 29: Scarlet Boundary - Part 2

HGH posted:

Those fairy maid reinforcements are actually straight out of EoSD's third stage.

Agh, I knew I forgot to mention something.

Yeah, midway through the Meiling boss some fairy maids will show up to provide support. Their bullets are really easy to dodge though, so they're completely ineffectual.

As a final side note before I get to the game, Meiling's theme in FMW E is an arrange of her more popular stage theme, which is a real shame since I like her boss theme. I'm hoping it'll show up when they give Meiling some new attacks in FMW3 or something.


Looking at it again, it's a really imposing gate.

Yes, the mansion beyond is exquisitely designed too.

We're at the enemy stronghold from here on. Let's proceed with caution.

Sorry Keine, but this group and caution do not get along.

Yeah, the main event starts now.

(...So there really is a scarlet mansion. What I heard in my dream was really true. Speaking of dreams...)

Oh, what's that? A bottled kedama...?

Ah, it's Shiro! You brought him with you?

Yeah, kinda did.

By Shiro, do you mean that white kedama inside?

It's really white, that's why. Easy to figure out, ain't it? It liked me a lot, so I captured it.

...It liked you a lot, so you captured it? How does that work?

It's a really weird kedama. It followed after us, and it understands what we say... It's not normal for sure.

That does indeed sound strange.

Doesn't it? That's why I made it my pet.

As always, Rumia has her priorities straight.

Hm, I never thought what to feed it. It's a kedama after all.

I wonder what it can eat?

Whoa, what a terrible pet owner... Just give it some sweets or something.

Why let kedama eat something as luxurious as that? Sweets are for humans to eat. ...Sweets are for humans to eat...?

...? What's wrong?

That's right, I remember now! I knew I saw that face before!

Ehh, taiyaki...?

...Um, she ate up all your taiyaki? What do you mean?

Well, you know that sweets place in the village, Daimonji? Keine and I decided to meet up there yesterday.

Ahh, we went there too. The taiyaki was sold out then though.

The obanyaki was great too. Marisa treated us to it, I think.

...No, that was from my purse.

...And so, I thought we were going to eat together, but Keine right there...

That made me so irritated, I wanted to buy as much as it took to fill my stomach.

Then, right in front of my eyes... That redhead youkai appeared and bought up everything!

Ahh, you're talking about that time? You remember it awfully well.

Food is worth being sore over!

Food is... But it isn't justified at all.

That's Reimu for you. Once she starts her grumbling, nothing's gonna make it stop.

...Haha, it must be vexing to see what you wanted bought out before your very eyes. Ah yes, I also went to a sweets shop yesterday to buy taiyaki as a present...


(Um, maybe, just maybe, that shop Reimu spoke about...)

(If I let that be known...!)

Hey, Youmu, you smelled reallly good then. Like taiyaki. Did you eat taiyaki then?

If Rumia attacks Youmu in chapter 2R, she'll say this there too.

Ahh! Please don't say such unnecessary things!


And so, I ended up being so sore about it then it even appeared in my dreams... Hey Marisa, are you listening?

Good grief, you're hopeless. I'll treat you to taiyaki once this incident is resolved, alright?

...So in the end, what should we give this kedama to eat?


...*sigh* We're going to pay for this carelessness in attitude. We're in the stronghold of the opponent. We don't know where the enemy traps are, or when they will activate.

It's fine. Whatever enemy comes, we'll just power through 'em like we just did.

You're being too cocky. We're going to be in trouble if the enemy has a thorough and detailed plan. And...

(...Those floor tile familiars from earlier. I let them go due to their appearance, but...)

(Which means someone here is capable of making those spirits possess something... In other words, a magician proficient in spirit sorcery. It would be best to keep my guard up...)


(Shanghai. I might need to borrow your strength soon.)

I guess the writers forgot about Cirno.

...Good morning.

Good morning, Milady. You were a bit slow to rise today.

It's never really explained exactly how Remilia made the scarlet mist. Presumably she cast a spell?

Is the food ready yet? I'm hungry.

It has been prepared, but... There is one thing that I must inform you of first.

My, what would that be?

I received a report just now that the mansion's gate has been broken through. According to Lady Elly, it appears to be the humans we spoke of.

Oh, that was faster than I thought. Those two prided themselves on their toughness so much too.

They had no means to defend against attacks stronger than their toughness.

Lady Patchouli.

I've heard from Koakuma. They seem to have reinforced their ranks since the time they fought you, Sakuya.

...Yes, they have added around three or four people to their group.

That makes the reason they lost even clearer. Their halberd was simply stronger than our shield.

It's not surprising, indeed. Did you forsee it happening like this?

Yes. Their duty was to buy as much time as they could.

...If you're speaking like that, I take it that you have a good plan in mind?

Of course. According to what I have heard... The enemy is made up of 3.5 humans, 3 youkai. 2 fairies and a half-ghost.

I doubt any of them have taken leadership.

Which means?

A squadron with no leader is merely a ragtag band. Shake them up slightly, and they'll fall to pieces without resistance.

The entirety of SDM at this point is just a huge group of just waiting to get punched in the face. They're the perfect SRW antagonists.

It's about time I made use of my defense system.

I see, it seems you're fully prepared. Very well, please be their opponent next, Sakuya, send them to the library.

As you wish.

I'll be going ahead. I need to call that demon. She will be needed for the next operation.

I thought about offering to stop them... But it seems that will not be necessary.

I wonder. Patchy has times where she's rather useless too.

No, they totally can. Dear lord, flashbacks of Lunatic.

Just how will it turn out, I wonder?... hehe.

You seem to be enjoying yourself, Milady.

Of course, it's a fun game. Since it's come this far, call her over too.

And I will think she will come back herself soon anyway. Lady Elly has already went to pick her up. It is a disgrace to the gatekeeper that Lady Patchouli has to dirty her hands.

No, they have carried out the greatest possible accomplishment.

...What do you mean?

Entering a vampire's domain without permission... That is humiliation to the highest degree for my species. As a result, all comers, and all possible fun, have been turned away at the gate.

That is a deed far greater than I would expect of gatekeepers.

...So they have set the stage brilliantly for your game.

Yes. I have lost a rook and a pawn as a result, but that is fine. The knights are still lined up and ready to attack. Now, let the fun commence.

I'd have thought Patchouli would be a bishop.


From this point onwards the game will be dumping a lot more Points on you. But considering how much upgrades can cost, it's not nearly as much as it seems. Especially since there's nine units to distribute it among.

Marisa gets a big boost to her MP, while Keine gets an Armor upgrade.

I was considering saving the remainder of my Points so I could afford an Armor upgrade for Nitori next chapter, but I decided to blow it on Youmu instead. With this I can probably do two Meditation Slashes a chapter.

I could have Reimu save up for Predict, but I think I've spent enough on support skills. I'll focus on making her hit harder and move farther now.

Alice is right on schedule whereas Keine is a chapter late.

I changed my mind on getting Belief for Youmu. And Rumia had enough Graze for it, so why not?

Ahahahaha yeah right.

Finally, Marisa grabs the Beer and Nitori the Oni's Nail.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Trap in the Great Library

As Reimu's group invades the Scarlet Devil Mansion, they lose their way in an enormous library. The party searches the library, but falls into the trap of the magician, Patchouli Knowledge. Is there a way to escape the gems that fire danmaku?

"EASIS System... Safety released!"