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Part 30: Scarlet Boundary - Part 3

So on Marisa's route, Reimu does not have the Firefly Gem. Is she still a one woman squad?

Pretty much, yeah. As long as Reimu is Focused, the slight debuff she gets from the Night terrain basically means nothing.

This does mean that she slows down though; this time she didn't get in range of Meiling until after the reinforcements appeared.

And immediately after that she got trapped by Elly's tiles. But thanks to the Focus spirit she doesn't have a chance of actually getting hit, which makes her the perfect sacrifice for the floortiles actually.

So of course Elly switched to Team Marisa.

Keine and Alice swapped roles this chapter regarding who needed more Graze, but they both hit 160 easily enough.

Elly goes down just as simply.


I never woulda thought you'd switch jobs to here. What happened to your last one? Was there restructuring?

It's got nothing to do with you. Various things happened, that's all.

But in the end, you're now one of those gatekeepers without much work to do.

Urgh, don't insult the job of a gatekeeper! Protecting a gate is the same as protecting a warm and friendly household. It's a job to be proud of!

This mansion leaks out scarlet mist instead of smoke from cooking. You're disturbed if that's warm and friendly to you.

Man, I should have had Marisa cast Gain.

She hits her next level anyways though. Speaking of levels, Reimu, Youmu, Keine, and Dai all also leveled up, I just didn't bother taking a screenshot.

Can Meiling hit Reimu on a 5% chance?

Of course not.

This time around I'm not going to bother using weak attacks to chip away Meiling's MP. I'm just going to blow her to pieces.

Then again, anything Cirno does counts as a weak attack.


Challenging me in a brawl with those slender arms is absurd.

No one said it was going to be a brawl. I'm not fond of close-range battles, so I'll be keeping my distance.

...I see, you seem to be very familiar with your own fighting style.

But I'm the exact same! I'll make sure to close the distance till I can reach you with my fists!

(...This is worrying. These kind of confident sturdy types... They're the worst possible matchup for me.)

If you're at all familiar with the Touhou fighters, that was probably hilarious. Keep on dreaming Meiling.

Also Alice leveled up.

I want Nitori to beat Meiling (because she's still at level 6), so I'll chip her health down just a bit more.

I don't really want to go all out against a fairy like you.

Um... yes, I'm not very good with pain...

Then you shouldn't pop up in front of me like that. You're more suited to staying at the backlines and lending support.

That's true... But my friend keeps advancing, so before I know it...

(...Ahh, I feel some affinity with a hardworking type like her...)

Well, at least I already used up all of her SP.

Oh now that's just bullshit.

Good thing I had Nitori cast Guard just in case.

She also got a level anyways since the six level difference between her and Meiling pumped up the tiny experience she got for landing a hit.

Nitori finishes off Meiling on the next turn and gets another level. She was so close to getting two levels at once.

Reimu, Cirno, and Alice force Meiling to blow almost all of her MP,

Marisa has Alert and Danmaku Power on.

And Marisa wastes the last of it in style. (She was too close for Master Spark.)

That was the plan anyways, but since she had to get in close to use Stardust Reverie, Meiling countered with the less expensive Sky Dragon Kick. I still got the bonus, but Meiling still has enough MP for a Wind Chime. Rumia will have to pick up the slack.

Oh wow, I was not expecting her to dodge.

Anyways, with that done it's finisher time.

Watch Meiling get nuked!

God damn it.

I guess I'll let Marisa get a Gain boosted kill.


Oh, that's what happens when she misses? Okay then.

If finishers won't work, let's go for the cherry tap kill.

Marisa succeeds at her hit and run,

and gets another level from it.

By the way, if someone who died has dialogue, the game moves to where your units spawned from.


On the intermission screen, the non-Reimu members of Team Reimu get some upgrades.

Even Rumia, because I'm feeling charitable.

Marisa's really close to this, so I'll save Unfocused Lvl 2 for later.

These two pick up these again,

and Youmu finishes it up with Unfocused Movement again. If she had this she probably would have beaten Meiling.

Reimu learned Youkai Buster again.

Finally, Keine equips the Oni's Nail while Nitori stocks up on Beer. Since she has Extending Arm on this save, they might come in handy.