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Part 31: Trap in the Great Library - Part 1a

All of these character-boss conversations really pump up the word count. I'll probably have to split these updates into two parts from now on.

This is... a library?

Seems like it. We just got in, but we've emerged into a very strange place. ...Actually, was this mansion this large from the outside?

That's true. Did we go to the basement somehow?

This place is amazing though. Books as far as the eye can see.

Yes, it's a veritable mountain. I wonder if anyone can finish reading it all?

Uhmm, my eyes keep spinning.

It can be hard to believe at times, but Marisa is quite the bookworm. Being an obsessive kleptomaniac also means that she's never lacking things to read either.

Me too! Let's start this adventure!

Now now, you two. Be quiet when you're in a library.

The sheer amount of books is a masterpiece... The living world has so many amazing places.

Not only is the quantity boggling, there's plenty of variety too. This area seems to have books from the outside world.

You're right, Gensokyo doesn't have many books binded as well as these. What's this? "Punch Cards for Dummies"... Ahh, so this is from that era.

Hey, this is boring, let's keep going.

Don't be silly. Who would go home so quickly after finding such a great place?

Boring, go home... Do you remember we're investigating the incident right now?

And we are right in the middle of the enemy's stronghold... ...Although to be honest, I am also interested in this place. With this many books around...

Making unblooming cherry blossoms bloom...? That's a weird topic to study.

It is an order from my master. I was investigating it when I met Reimu and the rest.

Ahh, so that's why you all ended up resolving this incident together. ...I suppose that means you came up empty-handed on your initial investigation?

Ooh... Well, yes. So if the master here is kind, I may be intruding upon the owner another time.

Another time... Would someone who created this mist listen to your request...?

What is this, the third time Keine's had to say that?

Who knows what will happen after that.

...Hmm, I can't read this at all.

Cirno, the owner will get mad if you go and read the books without permission.

It's fine, we came in here without permission anyway.

...I don't think that's the problem here...

Still, I don't get this at all...

I thought you were an idiot, but to think that you're illiterate too...

You try and read this then. It's like a whole other language!

Not a problem, just hand it over... ...Huh? I can't make anything out of these weird characters.

See, you can't read either!

Oh shush, it's not a language I'm familiar with, so that's normal!

...A magical grimoire?

Magical grimoires are books written by magicians only, about ways to use magic. That's why it ain't surprising that you're illiterate in that aspect.

...How rude, don't scold me just because I can't read it.

She's not making fun of you. To read a magical grimoire, you need to find a special "key" of sorts.

A key? You mean like something for a treasure chest...?

It's difficult to explain. At best, I can say that they can have different keys... You need to find the right one to understand it. And if you want to find it... You'll need someone whose skill with magic is equivalent to the book itself.

Huh... Sounds like something you'd find in an RPG.

Well, in short, no one except us magicians can read it. Too bad.

Hmph, all proud of yourself now, aren't you? Try and read this book, then.

Indeed, even I am wondering about its contents at this point.

If you guys want it so bad, then it can't be helped. Let's see here... ...Hm?

...Well? What's written there?

That's disappointing.

Seriously. That's shocking for a great magician.

Mmph... It's cuz the book is bad. Bring another one.

Well, it's a book about elemental magic. Not exactly your forte, after all. Furthermore, the writing in the book seems to be of an extremely high level. Perhaps the owner of this library is an expert in elemental magic...

With just a glance, Alice understood the book that totally confused Marisa. It's a nice, subtle way of showing that Alice is the greater magician of the two.
The other thing of note is that Alice is familiar with elemental magic, but that's Touhou 5 stuff and not really relevant.

Huh, then this owner sounds even more amazing than Marisa and you.

Hmph, youkai live really long, so they can research for ages too. It ain't surprising that they're really knowledgeable. To compensate for that, my magic has power. I'm never losing a battle of firepower!

Mm, I have my own magic as well.

Both of you are the studious type, hm?

We're like a party of scholars, always searching for more knowledge. ...Hmm, the books 'round here are comparatively easier to read.

M-Marisa! That is theft!

I'm just borrowing it till I die. You've got things you're looking for too, don't you? Go ahead and take 'em.

Amusingly, Patchouli's appearance does not make Border of Regular and Irregular Day stop playing. Speaking of which, that's the theme that's been playing for most of these pre-battle cutscenes. The party's treating this more like a field trip than an invasion.


That voice... An enemy attack!?

An enemy attack...? I would imagine you all are the ones who attacked here to begin with... And do you plan on causing such a fuss in my library?

About time. Are you the owner of the library?

Yes I am. My name is Patchouli Knowledge... Please leave this place right now.


Alright, let's call it for today!

Good work. Please hold down the reset button and switch off the power.

Ahh? What code are you speaking in now?

It's a historically famous quit message. By the way, do you know the reason? It's to protect the memory from electricity and...

Hey hey, that's enough. The player doesn't need to know that. All right, if you wanna quit the game, press the ESC key. The close window button at the top-right of the window works too.

That's how it normally is, though.

Just making sure. Anyways, remember that, alright?