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Part 33: Trap in the Great Library - Part 2

Honestly, I'm completely worn out...

Are you alright, Lady Patchouli? I am sorry that I was not more useful...

You did well. Those magic stones also worked better than I thought they would...

I like the idea of there being some kind of Demonic Artifacts catalog.

Yes. Lady Kurumi ran off midway, but I believe sufficient data has been collected.

Mm. please gather the information into a report soon. Place an order for more of those stones as well.


Wow... You do not seem to be particularly bothered by your defeat.

To be honest, I couldn't care less about the mist. I'd rather concentrate on improving my magic.

Ahh, she's really got nothing in her head except magic.

Actually, I'm very interested in that magic square you created just now. May I ask for details?

...It's more or less as you saw it. I refuse to divulge any information to people not involved in it, though.

More importantly, I'm wondering how we ended up in this library in the first place. Was that because of your magic too?

That wasn't me.

This line is straight out of EoSD. And yes, it's Sakuya. The rationality is that if she can control time, she can also control space. I don't think that's how it works, but hey why not?

The vastness of this library is also due to her power.

Tampering with space and time!? Someone can do something so amazing...?

Well, more or less.

Oh yes, I have a question. You mentioned there is a head of the mansion... Is that person related to the incident? If that's the case, could you tell us where that person can be found?

Sure, that's fine.

...The heck? Why're you so cooperative?

As I said earlier, I couldn't care less about the mist. I'm only doing this because Remi said so...


Ah, she's the head of the mansion.

A vampire!? Those blood-sucking devils!?

The Vampire Incident is probably still fresh in everyone's minds, so Keine's reaction isn't unjustified.

This is evidently the mansion of a devil...

Indeed. She's the one who's been releasing the scarlet mist.

A vampire? Doesn't that mean she's weak to sunlight, stinky vegetables and silver?

That's a lot of weak points. Really strange ones too.

...You do not seem to comprehend the terror of the opponent we will be facing. Vampires are evil and tyrannical rulers of the night. They combine fearsome physical strength with absurd mystical power.

Keine's doing her exaggerating thing again...

Yeah, if it weren't for all of her spellcards I bet Reimu could easily solo Remilia. And FMW2 Reimu could do it even with all those spells.
I legitimately think FMW2 Reimu could solo this entire game.

She is speaking the truth. I have heard of vampires myself. With their wings, they soar faster than the wind. And their herculean strength can uproot mountains.


It'll be okay, Dai. I'm with you!

That's big talk for someone who was half-melted a bit ago.

So, where should we go if we wish to meet this Remilia person?

Yes, yes. Go out the door and turn left as soon as possible.

It would be faster if you could talk to the other enemies too... Well, whatever. Let's get going.


What's up, Youmu?

I just remembered something very important. Um, excuse me?

What is it now?

Yes, um.. If it is not a bother to you, would it be possible for me to visit again? There are things I want to research, and with this library...

No. This is my library. Those not involved in it are not allowed.

...Ooh, I have not even finished my sentence...

Hey, don't worry 'bout it. Once we enter again, we'll be involved in this place.

Marisa will become a regular in Patchouli's library, and not in a good way.


...They were quite the noisy bunch.

Yes. It has been so long since this mansion was so active.

Was it really okay to tell those humans about Milady and where to go...?

It won't be a problem. They'd be even more trouble if we let them wander about the mansion randomly. While they know about Remi now, they can't produce wooden stakes out of nowhere.

That is true, but... ...Lady Patchouli, you are not plotting something bad, are you ?

...Hehe, perhaps. Knowing Remi, once she meets those invaders...

If at that time, her opponents already know her name... It's more fun to attempt to spoil the occasion, indeed.

Patchouli will never miss a chance to be a dick to someone.

...So it really was something like that.

I will consider it as my reward for playing along with her games. Now then, I'll have some black tea before my next appearance. Since Sakuya won't be around, you'll have to do.

Ah, yes. I will return with it in a moment...!

Sakuya will be up next, I'm sure. ...How much longer should I play along with Remi's game, I wonder.


Aaaaaagh, my playtime is over a day now. Why isn't there a way to pause the game clock?

Marisa and Alice get a boost to their Mobility,

and Nitori gets an upgrade for her Armor. This should officially bring all of Team Marisa up to speed.

Marisa's the only character with enough Graze to buy anything, so she picks up P-Hit again.

I've shown off everyone's WP skills now, so I'll just pump everything into Reimu from now on. She should be able to reach 110 WP in four more chapters.

Marisa equips this. While the Grimoire isn't quite as amazing as it is in the sequel (where it's +70 MP), it's still really handy and it'll do a lot to alleviate Marisa's MP issues. And with all of the MP upgrades I've given her, unless I start spamming Narrow Spark or Stardust Reverie I daresay her MP issues are over.

Amusing how Marisa's kleptomania was the solution to her MP problem.

Finally, Youmu puts this on. She actually came really close to death last chapter (if Patchouli had gotten a critical on that 33% Agni Shine), so I'd like to give her some more insurance.

Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Humans and Youkai

The party's continued advance comes to a halt as the assassin Sakuya comes out to face them. The girl is a human, yet has a power that transcends humanity. Can her conceit and arrogance be demolished? And yet another great youkai dormant within the Scarlet Devil Mansion appears...

"You fail to understand the meaning of being born in a different world."