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Part 34: Trap in the Great Library - Part 3

So I forgot to address something on the main update.

Here's how far Reimu can move in the air. It is identical to how far she can move on the ground. Since the party's indoors, the terrain has no Move penalties whatsoever. So if you don't feel like burning MP on flight, feel free to land! It ultimately doesn't matter, since even if you stay in the air you'll have more than enough MP to get the job done.

But just for the sake of variety, I'm having everyone land.

Aside from a few sub 20% odds hitting, this runthrough wasn't very different from the last one.

Reimu not having Shotgunning could have been a problem, but she landed a critical with the initial Evil Sealing Circle so she still beat Kurumi in three attacks. She hit level 11 too.

Rumia reached level 9, which I think she hasn't done on the Reimu route yet. Strike is a handy thing to have, though Rumia doesn't have that much of an accuracy problem.

Marisa and Alice make a great team even outside of Master Spark + Shanghai Doll; Magic Missile + Artful Sacrifice is a cheap and effective way to do a lot of damage, especially if Alice gets a critical.

This time around I approached Patchouli more cautiously: I've got Cirno and Rumia sitting around as bait, and all of my main attackers near Support Defenders.

Not that it matters since Patchouli still went straight for Rumia. vv

Youmu hit level 10 after this.

Patchouli's first life bar goes down quickly enough,

Watch an improvised Dual Spark!

and her second life bar goes down even faster.

I had Marisa cast Gain too, so she hit level 13. She might just hit level 17 yet.


Using magic through dolls is rather strange. And I suppose there isn't much more to it.

Your thinking is old-fashioned. Puppets controlled with spiritual strings are just as deep as elemental magic.

You are entirely out-of-shape from reading books all the time. Do you think you can get away from my dolls like that!?

Missed the actual damage number (3562) by a split second.

Something else I didn't mention on the Reimu route is that Patchouli gains 10 Power both times she declares a spellcard. This won't change much as long as you keep on avoiding the full force of her blows though.

...Unless you're on Lunatic, in which case hahaha fuck you Patchouli casts Strike every damn turn.

Patchouli's final life bar takes another chunk of damage from Monster Cucumber,

and then Youmu finishes her off.


Keine and Alice get the lion's share of the points as a reward for being the only two people on the team resembling rational adults.

Marisa learns Predict. Combined with her Support with Alice, this kind of makes up for not having the Focus spirit.

Reimu's just a bit off from Shotgunning. I could get her Predict instead, but it's not like she really needs the boost.

Keine learns Teacher because I don't really want the higher levels of Danmaku Power. It gets way too inefficient regarding MP cost to actual damage increase.

Nitori equips the Oni's Nail,

and Alice equips the Grimoire so she can dual wield Grimoires.

I'm just kidding, that would be silly.

Lastly, Reimu grabs two kegs of beer because why not.



The next mission has a ridiculously bullshit optional challenge that is practically impossible to complete if you don't grind like crazy or perfectly spec out your characters. I'm ignoring it on the Reimu save, but I'm going to go for it on the Marisa save. The thing is, I have no intention whatsoever of Game Overing on Chapter 9 the number of times it would take to get the necessary experience and points to get Marisa and Alice/Reimu and Keine to level 20 and fully upgrade their attacks, so I'm probably going to just hack the game.

The question, then, is what I should do after that. I have the option of just reloading a backup save after I show off the reward and completing chapter 10 normally... or I could load up a Lunatic save file I have for chapter 11 with everyone maxed out and continue the Marisa route from there.

tl;dr Should I continue legitimately or should I cheat like crazy to show off the game's bullshit?

EDIT: When I replayed this chapter on Lunatic, it was surprisingly different! The grimoires all shoot out massive rectangles of danmaku now (shaped after their lasers in EoSD), and everyone was sufficiently slowed down enough that I couldn't take down Kurumi till the enemy phase of turn 6. I think the order the crystals shot out danmaku changed too, or maybe just which color the chapter starts with.