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Part 37: Humans and Youkai - Part 1c

So on the second attempt, I was much more lucky. Shield Defense straight up never triggered while I was unloading finishers,

and Keine didn't get killed this time.

I hoped to finish Yuuka off with a bomb, but it turns out I was remembering wrong when I said she flees at 9500 HP. She flees at 7500.

Thus began a struggle to inflict that last thousand damage. Reimu managed to survive Flower Shooting but triggered Shield Defense,

and Marisa thought about using Master Spark but decided against it since triggering the event would be the exact opposite of helpful. She needs to save it for Sakuya, anyways.

So instead Marisa tried Magic Missile, only to get punked by Copy Images.

In the end, Alice saved the day.

She had to cast Focus to not get murdered by Graze damage though.

Why do you think we would believe what you say?

Yeah, who knows if you'd fire at us from the side or something.

You all need to learn more self control. You were the ones who were violent from the start after all.

Still, your efforts deserve praise. I see your skills have not deteriorated.


...? What are you talking about?

Well, I shall retreat now in deference to your hard work. Good day to you.

And so she leaves, giving no reward whatsoever.

Oh well, time to finish off Sakuya.

Unfortunately, Nitori can only cover Alice and Youmu right now. Someone is going to die enemy phase.

...Or not.

You're a lot more desperate this time. Is your master that scary a youkai?

That is not the problem. As the chief maid, I must carry out my duty and clean up the trash before me.

Your threats aren't going to work. All the ones who've tried up to now ended up defeated.

Do you think this will turn out the same way? Your time is mine... An eccentric magician like you has no chance.

It feels really weird having good luck.

Next turn Nitori casts her last Guard, then finishes off Sakuya with Alice's help.

You've already seen Killing Doll's pre-activation spiel so I'll skip it.

Killing Doll has two fields, the main... cross thing, and an outline of a square around Sakuya. Try and stay close to Sakuya so you're not in the range of the attack, which is pretty painful.

The Danmaku effect is pretty plain, and honestly shouldn't affect battles that much unless you're totally out of SP.

I'd like to have team crippled not attack until Dai can heal them,

So Youmu does the honors. She is going to be spamming the Focus spirit like crazy to make up for not being next to Nitori.

Meditation Slash's damage is a bit low since Youmu's Power isn't that high thanks to sitting out the fight with Yuuka.

Now that I think about it, I suppose it'd be on-topic to post the video Mudspike made of a 3D Sakuya vs Youmu fight. Warning, j-pop.

Welp. Bye-bye Reimu.

Reimu did more damage than any other character to Yuuka, so I'm happy with her performance this chapter.

...Maybe I should give her a third Mobility upgrade.

First thing I do next turn is set up Master Spark + Shanghai Doll.

Then Cirno and Rumia attack,

with Rumia coming out pretty worse for wear.

Youmu's second slash goes just as well as the first.

Is the game taking mercy on me? Seriously, Sakuya is making some astoundingly dumb decisions.

Remember how Sakuya was saying Youmu would never be able to hit her?

How's that!?

...! Impossible...!

You said something about the difference in power between us just now. I suppose this should make it clear. So, what trick have you got up next? There isn't much that can surprise us anymore.

...I acknowledge your strength. Yes, this is the first time I have been pushed this far by humans.

Poor Youmu. Both of the people she's dueled so far have only referred to half of who she is.

But what does that matter? The difference between you and I remains the same. There is a wall between us that cannot be overcome.

Ehh, so defiant? I thought you lost already.

That's all messed up anyway. Why's there such a difference between us?

Yeah, she was born on the moon.

...I'm only half-joking, that's legitimately one of the possibilities for Sakuya's (very vague) backstory.

Well, it's true that you have a really weird ability. But it's nothing to be so proud of.

Yes, there is no way that your remarks can be true. You seem to undervalue humans greatly. Do you truly think that you're correct?



If you give me a mere moment, light will twist and bend like a serpent... And glass will shatter into pieces and fall like rain. ...It is a world where I am alone. Yes, a world of solitude.

And this world of mine needs no other humans!

I was going to try and capture this spell in one turn,

but Marisa was too close to use Master Spark so I had to move her and Alice back.

So instead I arrange everyone liable to get hit by Sakuya's World around Nitori, then have Rumia hit Sakuya with her WP skill. After casting Vigor twice and blowing all her SP, anyways.

Turns out Rumia does have a smell for Sakuya after all! Steel bars. Also wow, how the hell did Rumia avoid an 83%?

Also I was wrong about 10 being the lowest displayable damage. Though now I have no idea why Cirno took 0 damage earlier.

Now that I think about it, I really should have had Cirno attack before Rumia. Than Youmu would have even better dodge rates.

Support Defend and Sakuya's World do not get along.

Was legitimately expecting Sakuya to get a critical and murder Nitori, what with her having 23 more Skill and Sakuya's World giving a +20% to crit rate.

Also this might be low enough for Marisa to nuke Sakuya.

Before I blast Sakuya, however, I'd like to take the time to look at her final attack. Amusingly, even though it stops time it is not more accurate than Fantasy Seal. Also she can't use it if she's being Support Defended, which seems like an oddly specific property...

Oh well who cares. I have Keine next to Marisa so she can get some extra experience.

Darn, not enough.

I'll just let Youmu do it then.

Oh are you kidding m-

You know what? I'm fine with this.

Nitori gets the kill. I'd say she deserves it.

Ahh... ooh...!?

Is she down for the count!?

Yes, this is the end!

No... It is not the end. I can... not... lose...

Sakuya drops a second Firefly Gem, so now both Reimu and Marisa can deal with the Night.

Ah, she collapsed! Is she okay?

She seems to have exhausted herself. That vigor she exhibited was truly terrifying after all.

What should we do with the maid? Leaving her here is kinda...

Yes, she would surely know where the boss is. She no longer has the energy to fight, perhaps we should ask her some questions?


...Let's just leave her here. We've come this far, there aren't many places left.

Yeah. Besides, she's so strong-willed, I doubt she'd answer our questions.

...All right. Let's hurry onwards then!


Yeah, just a little more to the mastermind!

Everyone leaves.

...I lost... How can I face Milady after this...

... But...

At the very least, I cannot let them lay a finger on...!

The stage ends before Sakuya can finish her thought.


Big thanks to Mikkey, whose replay of EoSD Stage 5 I used to make the Sakuya video. Really should have done it myself, but I suck too much at Killing Doll and really do not feel like replaying the entire stage over and over again until I get it. Especially not after snoozing through all of Touhou 4 for the Yuuka video.

Sakuya Izayoi
Yuuka Kazami


...Oh, you're done for now?

Hmm, words to say when the player ends the game...


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars, SWITCH ON!


Something feels off somehow...