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Part 38: Humans and Youkai - Part 2

...That maid was a really tough opponent.

With people like Reimu and her around, humans are getting really brutal.

I would think they are the exceptions to common sense...

Even among former representatives of the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu is a freak of nature. She was born with a frankly ludicrous amount of power, and even that's dwarfed by her potential.

As for Marisa... I think I've already gone over what makes her unique, but it's worth noting that Marisa got her ass kicked by Reimu back in Touhou 2, realized that she was so below Reimu it wasn't even funny... and swore to surpass her. She's a bit crazy, yeah, but that's what makes her a Super.

I have no idea what's normal about either of you. But that maid... She was extremely fixated on other humans.

She was indeed. Does she feel a sense of rivalry with her fellow humans?

Like me and Reimu, huh? She should know where she stands among humans now.

...I would just call that bad luck for her. She was really strong.

She said that she had nowhere to go, so she stays in the mansion of a youkai... For a human to serve youkai, there has to be some circumstances involved. I would like to ask her about them next time.

Keine? You're worried about someone like that?

Of course. Whatever she says, she is still a human. I know of many humans who were in difficult circumstances.

Yes. If the chance ever occurs, we should speak to her about it.

That's why we need to resolve this incident first.

Yeah, they've got Yuuka after all. If we let ourselves get distracted by other things, we're gonna be in trouble.

...Man, I was totally shocked to see her involved in this whole thing.

Seriously. One has to wonder what she's doing here. She said she was a guest, so she would be a friend of the mansion's master... But she doesn't seem like the type to have many friends.

Those words are going to come back to haunt Reimu.

...Let's not bother trying to figure her out. No one ever knows what a youkai like her is thinking anyway.

The boss here must be a youkai like her too, right? Sounds really horrible~.

Hm? What do you mean?

...That's true. If that flower youkai is a guest here... then the boss of this mansion must be of the same rank, or greater.

Nope. Remilia's pretty tough, but not nearly as bullshit as Yuuka.

Yes. Yuuka's appearance just now threw me off a little... But I can still feel an overwhelming aura somwhere here. She's basically giving away where she is hiding. Or maybe she's inviting us...

It's a strong aura that makes herself conspicuous, announcing her existence. She certainly has a lot of self-confidence.

Above... The rooftop!

The moon will be out at this time. Would it be to set the stage... Or is the magical power of the moon her ally... It has been a long journey, but we are almost there.

So it's time to confront the culprit behind the mist incident... I came here because I couldn't return to the mountain... But I'm going to see this through to the end!

I'm getting really nervous, what should I do...?

I'm getting really hungry, what should I do?

We're having a showdown with the in-car-neh-shon of evil, huh? I'm always fired up from start to end!

The final battle is next, whether we like it or not!


Just 12 kills to go before Reimu becomes my Ace. Units with 50 kills get a lit up icon next to their kill count on their status screen and... nothing else. There are no special Ace bonuses yet like there are in normal SRW games, but I expect to see them appear eventually. Probably with Full Upgrade Bonuses too.

EDIT: Herp derp, Ace units in this game start with 105 Power.

I'm pretty satisifed with everyone's levels being near each other. This is totally different from my first ever playthrough, where Reimu and Marisa were five levels above anyone else.

I invest a chunk of points into both of my tanks first thing. Sturdy Support Defenders are very much high in demand right now.

Then I go and max Marisa's MP so I can Master Spark twice per chapter. I thought about getting Reimu a third Mobility upgrade instead, but I'd like to prove that Reimu can legitimately trounce the game with only 12,000 points spent on her.

No forced caps on Graze though. Reimu upgrades Unfocused Movement,

and Keine and Nitori get/upgrade Berserk.

Reimu also levels up Youkai Buster.

Marisa gives her Rat's Tail to Alice and replaces it with the second Firefly Gem.

Finally, I distribute some Beers despite the fact I am very likely to never use them.


No game mechanic segment this time since that's what the Marisa update is going to be anyways.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon

Remilia Scarlet. The master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the ringleader of the Scarlet Mist Incident, and the cause of the long and hard battle. The red moon glows mysteriously, watching over her as she fights. Will Reimu and Marisa be able to put an end to the mist shrouding all of Gensokyo?

"Gensokyo! You will be transformed into a vivid and dark world of scarlet!"