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Part 42: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon - Part 2

Music: Secret Mission!

Normally I don't say a track starts playing if I've already mentioned it before, but it's kind of important I note this reuse since it really sets the tone for the scene.

Hmm, so we've lost.

Yes, that's too bad.

Ah-ah, I was so close to a Gensokyo brimming with scarlet too... What shall we do for the next incident, then?

Hm? What do you want?

We've just beaten the crap outta you. Stop talking about your next move already.

Ahh, you're that shrine maiden and magician from before. You all did very well.

...We had to. Will you stop the mist entirely now?

Isn't it plain to see? It will be a clear and beautiful morning tomorrow. For everyone except Remi, that is.

That's good. We've managed to keep the damage to the village to a minimum.

Something about a world of night, was it...?

My, you want to know? This was a mere piece of the grand puzzle that was my plan.


No way... So you were using the scarlet mist to decimate the human species...?


Um... So in short, you wanted to go outside and have fun, no matter the time?

Hmph, I suppose such an infantile line of thinking is expected from a fairy. I had been anticipating it for a long time...

...You've got to be kidding me. Maybe I should exterminate you again...

Yeah. Let's reduce her to coal then throw her remains into a river.

Come on now, you two. Just leave it be.

My, I will not hold back next time. When I get serious...

You too, Remi. I won't be continuing with this.

What? How boring.

oh god no

! You're...

Eek! It's the flower youkai!

My, who might you be, shortie? I would suggest not to get in my way.

D-Don't bully Dai!!

So it's you, Yuuka. What do you want this time?

You don't have to be so suspicious. I'm a guest here, after all.

You said that earlier... What exactly do you mean by "guest"? Don't you live outside of Gensokyo?

Specifically, Yuuka used to live in the realm of dreams. No, I don't know how that works either.

I came to Gensokyo just a little while ago. I was residing in the Garden of the Sun. Elly and Kurumi ended up chasing after me.

Ahh, that sounds like them. I bet they were all "Yuuuuka~, don't leave us behiiiind~!", right?

That sounds about right. I then had to find a place for all of us to stay. I prefer living alone, but I could not just leave them crying, you see.

Reimu's known Remilia for all of a single battle and she's already got her personality figured out.

Yes, I am very thankful for Remilia's kindness... Hehe.

My, was it as amicable as that... Hehe.

It must be good to be given residence here. I kinda prefer the food though.

You've been all about food the whole time. Unfortunately, without Sakuya around, there will be no tea.

Aww... Isn't there anything that vampire left behind? She's a light eater after all...

She was brought to the infirmary by Meiling and Koakuma.

Huh, so you have a room like that here?

With a mansion as big as this, that isn't entirely surprising.

Though we have no need for a doctor, so it is merely a place to store medicines. As you can see, I've already recovered after you left me alone for a short while.

HP Regen (S)!

...That seems to be the case.

Milady, I have returned.

My, good work. How is Sakuya's condition?

Koakuma's with her, so if she wakes up, Koakuma will let us know.

...I see. Good to hear that she'll be okay.

That's because she is my servant. Attacks from your crew are nothing to her.

Your mouth sure doesn't stop running even after you've lost.

...You're going off already? Why not relax a bit here?

I will have to pass on that offer. We left Akyu at the shrine after all. I want to see how the village is doing too.

Yes, we have no time to relax, unfortunately.

Now that the mist is gone, I can finally hang my laundry out to dry. Oh yeah, I've not been able to do my laundry at all thanks to your mist. Stop doing troublesome things like that, okay?

You're awfully brave for a human. You do realize I'm a vampire, right?

So what? A shrine maiden's duty is to exterminate youkai. It won't do for me to be scared of any youkai around.

And so Reimu began her collection of powerful youkai visitors. Naturally, humans were scared of a shrine like that, so Reimu lost even more patronage.


Now now, no need to be so restrained. I'll bring Sakuya along and we can drink tea together. Well then, see you again.

This should close the case...

Yes. We've all worked together to resolve the incident.

The mist is considerably thinner now. It looks like tomorrow morning will be clear.

Huh, you're going home already? We're gonna have a celebration party at the shrine, you should stay for that.

Wait a second, don't treat my shrine as your party place.

But that's what it's always been.

Ahaha... I appreciate the invitation, but I will not be able to accept. I have already stayed out far longer than I should have without permission. To return inebriated as well would be unacceptable.

I see, that's unfortunate. I would've liked to have a nice, relaxed chat with you...

You're going back to the Netherworld, huh? Can't say I'd ever want to go to a place like that.

Yes... But I believe I will be returning to the world of the living again soon. So I would be pleased to see everyone again then.

You too, Youmu.

Youmu flies away.

...Cirno, we should be heading back too.

Yeah. We have to go back and tell everyone about our heroic exploits! Hehehe... Everyone will be so shocked! They're not gonna believe that we defeated the evil beings in that red mansion!

They really won't.

Whew~, I should be free to go now too~.

Ohh, you lot are going home too? Guess it's way past your bedtime.

Yes... I want to sleep for a long time. I'm exhausted.

What are you saying, Dai! We're playing hide-and-seek the minute we get back! The sky's getting clearer now, it's the best weather for hide-and-seek!

Guh, you're going to be playing hide-and-seek all night?

Huh, me...? And the world? Wha?

Yep yep, your darkness abilities will be amazing for hide-and-seek. Let's do some special training, now!

Is that so~.

...It's good to be full of vitality. But you all must remember to rest and recuperate as well.

Yes, please have a good rest, everyone.

See ya. Come and play again whenever you want!

Now Cirno, Dai, and Rumia leave.

...Yeesh, what a noisy bunch.

Well, they are fairies after all... with a youkai as well.

Yeah, we'll be partying at your shrine, right? At this rate, it's gonna be a party till the morning.

...We've been having danmaku battles all day, and you're still so full of energy.

There's always a feeling of exhilaration as a long journey comes to a close. A party should be fine for tonight at least.

...Geez, fine. I'm not going to prepare the futons for you all, though.

Don't worry, we'll do that ourselves. Let's get going, Nitori.


...I want to stay with everyone, but I already decided... That I would return to the mountain once this incident was dealt with.

I'm sure there's something really crazy happening at the mountain right now. That's why I need to go back and see what's going on.

...I see. If you are that resolute, then I won't stop you, but...

You said there would be punishment waiting for you, right? Are you okay with that?

Y-Yeah. It's not gonna be pleasant... But I can't just keep running away forever. I'm still one of the members of Youkai Mountain after all.

I got it. If that's what you want...

...Adventuring with everyone for the last few days was really fun. I'll be going back to the mountain, so I don't know when we'll meet again...

Nitori's friendship with Marisa is a pretty big subplot in the first half of FMW2, actually.

...Yes. When the affairs in the mountain settle down, feel free to visit us again.

I will. Take care, everyone!

Nitori heads off.


It suddenly feels quiet around here, huh? That's the way I like it though.

Nah, it's fine. It's a small Gensokyo, I'm sure I'll see her again someday. All right, let's get back on track and head to the shrine!

Mm. I feel thirsty all of a sudden.

I'll show you all my cooking skills tonight. Akyu's waiting for us, after all.

I'll help out too. Hopefully the shrine has some suitable ingredients.

That's settled then, Reimu.

...Ooh, uhh...

Ahh, Sakuya! Are you awake?

...Koakuma? Where am I...

The infirmary. We brought you after the battle with the humans...

The infirmary...? Oh yes, those humans... they...

...Wait, where is Milady!?

Ah, no! You mustn't move yet...


You are in no state to move around with all the injuries you sustained. You will re-open your wounds if you push yourself.

This is why you need to have people who know Trust handy.

...I do not care about myself. What happened? Were the humans dealt with...?



The humans then left after the mist was stopped.

...I see. So the plan was a failure...

...Yes, unfortunately. But Milady and Lady Patchouli were not bothered by that at all. They were more worried about your condition...

...How long do I have to rest?

It will take one week for you to make a full recovery.

...One week...

Please relax and recover.

...I will let everyone know that you have awakened. Please excuse me.

Koakuma leaves.


I lost... in front of Milady...

If it makes you feel better, everyone did.


Are you okay, Sakuya!?

! Lady Elly and Lady Kurumi...?

We just bumped into Koakuma, and she told us that you woke up...

Yeah, we came with apples as well. I'll peel it for you, so wait for a little bit, okay!?


Man, everyone is just so .

No, no! You're the sick one, so you just rest there! ...You really need to learn to relax more at times like these.

Yeah. You don't have to be so formal when you address us either.

...That is unthinkable. Lady Elly and Lady Kurumi are honored guests...

Then call me something else. Like "The Beautiful Elly" or something!

I... do not think I should.

Why not!?

Because then Remilia would force her to come up with an even better title for her, ad infinitum.

...You two should quiet down. I heard you from the corridor.


...Lady Yuuka.

How are you feeling, Sakuya? You look rather down.

...My deepest apologies. I stubbornly refused your assistance, and in the end...

It's fine.


...There is nothing to regret over losing to humans like them. They are specialists in incident resolution. Sooner or later, all incidents will be resolved in this fashion.

...I am sorry, but I do not...

Ah, Meiling!

Elly, you came to visit too... Oh, were you visiting as well, Lady Yuuka? I'm sorry for barging in.

It's fine, I've said what I wanted. We'll be going now, you can handle the rest.

Ehhh!? I haven't finished peeling the apple for Sakuya yet...

Come already. If you don't listen to what I say, you will be the one peeled.

Eeep, don't drag me! Ow, owww! Yuuka's peeling meeee!

Is she dragging her by the cheek or something?

...Sakuya, you were beautiful to watch.

Yuuka leaves.


I was interfering, huh? I'm sorry.

No, it is fine. I am glad to see that you are okay as well.

W-What are you saying!? It was only one defeat... Besides, you weren't the problem. The problem was our opponents. They even won against Milady, you know.

...Yes, I would never have imagined that such strong humans existed. ...That is not the norm for Gensokyo, is it?

No way! That's the first time I've seen humans that strong!

"Equal" my ass, she fought Reimu and Marisa after they exhausted themselves taking down Yuuka first.

...Indeed. I was shocked as well.

...That's right, Lady Patchouli told me to hand these over to you. It's for you to pass the time while you're resting. Let's see, several books from the outside world, some fruits, and...

...? What is this... A puzzle?

Yes. It's a silhouette puzzle called a "Tangram". The objective is to use the many different pieces to form a specific shape... It's commonly found in Japanese hotels in the outside world.

Ahh... Is forming a specific shape actually fun?

It may look simple on the outside, but it's deeper than it looks.

...I see. It looks like a good way to pass the time. Please thank Lady Patchouli for me.

I will. I'll come to visit you again soon!

I am sure you have your own work to do.

Ahh, ahh... A-Anyway, don't worry about meals either! I'll be in charge of the kitchen while you rest! I'll be heading off, take care.

Meiling leaves too.

...Thank you, Meiling.

It must be as Meiling said. Those humans cannot be considered normal. I wonder if Milady is okay... The others said she was fine, but...

! Milady...!

Don't shout so loudly. Your body can't take it right now. You seem to be doing better than I expected, though. I have no need to worry now.

...Milady, I am delighted that you are unharmed...

Obviously. I'm a devil after all. Those kind of attacks are nothing to me.

Wouldn't being a devil make Fantasy Seal hurt more?

...Yes. But for me, they were...

That's because you're human.

...They were human too. There are no justifications that can excuse my performance.

How about "You're not the protagonist"?

I was supposed to be in charge of cleaning up the mansion... Yet I was disgraced to such a horrific degree before Milady's eyes...

Bah, you think too much, Sakuya. Just take it easy.

Would you like to come with me once your wounds heal?

That shrine... The shrine maiden's shrine, you mean?

Yes. Gensokyo is even more fun than I though, with people like them around. It will be a good change of pace for you as well, wouldn't it?


I'll be going to bed. Hurry up and get better so we can get back to normal, all right? See you later~.

Remilia leaves. That's the final time I have to type that out too.

...Milady looked very pleased. She seems quite interested in those humans. I had never needed to acknowledge the humans around me until now, but...


Alright, that's the end of the game! Remilia was the Stage 6 boss, so there's nothing left of EoSD to play through... right?


Man, just one kill away now.

Now that everyone's gone, they're not available for upgrades anymore. They don't return any items they had equipped either, because they're jerks like that.

Marisa and Keine each get an expensive bump.

And while I really should save the remaining funds for when the team inevitably reunites I'll just spend it all on Alice instead.

Reimu gets another level of Unfocused Movement,

and Alice gets her first level of Focused Movement. Just in time too, as you'll see next chapter.

More WP is dumped into Reimu, and I get the right command equipped too.

Finally, Reimu equips the Tengu's Clogs and Marisa the N-Shooter.


The FMW2 segment will be a separate post since this update is long enough.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: The Summer Villa

One week after the mist incident, peace has finally returned to Gensokyo. A trio of mischevious fairies sneak into the Scarlet Devil Mansion on the day of a special party to be held there. The good-for-nothing fairies and their good-for-nothing pranks marks the beginning of another day of trouble.

"...W-Where are you looking... That's enough about me, concentrate on your food!"