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Part 43: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon - Part 3a

Now there's only one thing left to do for Chapter 11.

The Lunatic playthrough.

First off, I'd like to establish that what you're about to read in no way reflects an actual Lunatic playthrough. All of my characters are completely maxed out, and are actually capable of going through the chapter like it was Normal mode instead of surgically taking down bosses then stalling until everyone's MP regenerates to a reasonable level.

Additionally, everyone has a full set of skills. This is flat out impossible without cheating, since though you might be able to Game Over grind for infinite points there is no way to get more Graze.

Reimu here is packing her usual skills along with Instinct Dodge Lvl 9 to make her RNG proof.

Marisa has both flavors of Movement as well as two levels of Support Attack. She also has her Support with Alice and Predict, so Master Spark should actually be able to hit Remilia now!

Keine and Nitori have practically identical skill sets, only Nitori had space for Belief.

Something you've probably noticed by now is that everyone has nine levels of Unfocused Movement. That's just to make them go farther. Anyways, I wasn't sure what to do with Alice's last two skill slots so I just dumped both 130+ Power skills.

Youmu was given similar treatment, though it actually fits in her case since she has Spirit.

Rumia was specced to be both a tank and an attacker.

Dai just has a bunch of crap she's not actually going to use. Notice she has three levels of Support Defend; she's the only unit who can do that. Sanbondo has a nasty sense of humor.

Finally, Cirno. She just has all the good skills stapled on to her in a desperate attempt to make her something besides bait.

Thanks to all the Movement skills and full Attack upgrades, everyone's got some pretty crazy attack power. This will prove to be a hassle.

Also Marisa's packing this.

The last thing to note is that everyone's at WP level 3. They're not all using their level 3 skills though.

Okay, here we go. I don't bother rearranging my units to put Keine in the middle since

everyone's Move range is pretty crazy.

By HGH's request, I'll be showing off the easier way to cheese Eternal Meek. Sakuya spawns on the door of the clocktower, so if you fully surround it there's no opening for Meiling to eventually cover her.

Reimu will still just be running around wrecking things. As you can see, this Bat is Defending; this is because otherwise Reimu would kill it.

And even though it's Defending, Reimu does equal damage to her level 13 self from the normal playthrough.

The enemy phase feature a whole ton of danmaku going up.

So Reimu's just going to Focus. Any Graze damage she takes is just going to activate Instinct Dodge, so she's totally safe.

There's Sakuya.

One of the more annoying things about Lunatic is that enemies will no longer suicide rush into you. These bats can't kill me, so they're just throwing up their danmaku fields instead in hopes of getting Reimu killed by something that can actually hurt her. Since there's nothing in range that can do that, it just makes this drag out longer.

And of course, the most annoying thing is bosses casting Spirits. Sakuya casts Strike and Focus then goes after Alice.

All she really does is run into Keine though.

Thanks to Strike, only Alice, Marisa, Dai, and Cirno can safely start attacks. And thanks to Focus, I don't have the guaranteed hit rates I should have. Alice can overcome it with her own Focus, but honestly that's a waste of SP.

Alice hit, but Marisa missed.

Marisa follows up with a Strike'd Support Attack from Keine. Both hits land, and Sakuya is knocked below half health.

Too bad Youmu's in Meiling's spot.

Thankfully, Sakuya does not have her Private Square skill here so she won't just perfect dodge everything now that she's at low health. Cirno and Youmu knock off another chunk of health,

and Keine finishes the job.

Now there's just Meiling left. Cirno and Dai are in an uncomfortable position, so I thought about having Nitori cover them. Unfortunately, I'd rather lose Cirno than Youmu so I decided to leave them alone.

...Of course I decided this after I wasted 20 SP on Guard for Nitori.

In other news aghhh so much danmaku.

Meiling went after Keine, so it looks like I didn't waste Nitori's SP after all!

Nitori takes barely any damage while Keine criticals for a big chunk. I'm honestly not sure why Meiling didn't cast Guard; sure she used Spirit, Guts, and Guard in the Sakuya event, but those don't actually drain her SP.

Up north, Reimu can't attack Patchouli because Koakuma has two levels of Support Defend now. She also has her "MP is lost every turn, -5 Move" danmaku field again too, but Reimu doesn't care.

More happily, Reimu's far away enough that she can't OHKO this maid. Check out that damage!

I'll say you did. Why didn't you cast Guard, you're at 69/69 SP.

Roonerspism posted:

I'm pretty sure that bosses only use defensive spirits when they have less than half health or so (as opposed to strike which they will literally use every turn if they can) and guard doesn't have a "this works better the turn BEFORE you take massive damage" flag to reverse that.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain about an easy wi-


Well shit, there goes Keine. A tank for a tank I guess.

I call it the Twin Fairy Strike.

Now that Meiling's down, Patchouli and Koakuma are next. Let's skip to where I actually fight them.

AKA enemy phase, since Reimu's in range. Patchouli's also casting Strike and Focus every turn. Also notice that she has enough Power to use her strongest move from the beginning!

Not that it matters since I had Reimu Defend. Now Instinct Dodge has activated.

So even with Focus, Koakuma doesn't have very good rates on Reimu.

I bet you all saw this coming.

Reimu and Keine may be down, but I still have Marisa and Alice. This is totally winnable.

Let's skip ahead to Turn 7, where I finished cleaning up all the generic enemies.

As always, everyone gathers into a formation before approaching the boss.

Narrow Spark is actually usable now that Marisa has the Sun Flower giving her 18 MP every turn.

And while its damage still isn't worth the MP cost, if the MP cost doesn't matter why not use it?

Cirno trips the first Support Defend, and Marisa the second.

Then Nitori and Rumia slam Patchouli.

Rumia had Darkness Lvl 2 on too, so now Patchouli's next attack has 0% accuracy. Hopefully Strike won't override it.

I'll never know though, since Patchouli only used Focus. I guess she ran out of SP.

Meanwhile Koakuma drops her already low HP even lower.

Cirno's all set to finish Koakuma off,

but thanks to her Focus she dodges. Should've stuck Dai next to Cirno first I suppose.

Not like it matters in the end. Rumia and Marisa smack Koakuma down.

Now for some more positioning.

This isn't perfect (Marisa isn't in range for Master Spark, and I really don't like having Dai be the center of my defenses), but it'll do for the first healthbar.

Hopefully Nitori can tank this.

Welp. Probably should have just had Nitori Defend.

I do some attacking during my repositioning,

and Marisa still can't hit Remilia. Rumia had Strike cast so Night Bird hit though.

Alice's attempt goes much better.

Youmu's solo attack is also successful.

Remilia wastes her turn doing some minor damage Dai is just going to fix up in one Heal.

Seriously, Purity Lvl 3 is as strong as Trust.

Alice and Rumia blast through the first healthbar, though I stupidly have Rumia use Night Bird (and the rest of her MP) just to do 142 damage.

Since this is Lunatic, Scarlet Shoot's danmaku field has changed to something more complex.

Nitori and Rumia draw first blood.

And Youmu hits but fails to dodge. She has three turns of Focus left, so I've got to speed through this quickly if I want to Meditation Slash Remilia.

Scarlet Shoot is wasted on Nitori.

Cirno uses her last Grit to Tackle Remilia with Rumia,

and Nitori blows her last bit of SP on Focus in hopes of hitting Remilia.


I can capture Scarlet Shoot this turn, but then I might not have enough people to take down Star of David.

So instead I have Youmu smack Remilia with Half-Ghost again so I can finish her on the enemy phase.

Oh that's right, she can do that.

Rumia lucks out and doesn't get criticaled to death.

I have Cirno suicide herself to dispel Remilia's Alert,

then play the odds and hope these two attacks hit. (They don't.)

Fuck it, let's just slash her.

It ends with a Bomb. And then something weird happens.

See, pressing Start skips conversations. I tried to skip the dialogue prior to Star of David, and ended up going straight to the chat after you beat Scarlet Gensokyo.

But I didn't actually get to skip the fight.

Alright Marisa, two strikes, bases loaded. Can you do this?



Since another finisher would cause Remilia to Defend, I have Alice create a Doll, then make it Bomb.

Here we go. If this hits, I move on to Scarlet Gensokyo. If this misses, everyone but Youmu and maybe Nitori dies next turn.



Uh, okay then.

Dai blows the rest of her SP healing,

and Rumia and Nitori try again.

Rumia hits, but Nitori doesn't. But just one of them hitting is enough.


Here we go.

Watch uh... a thing.

Okay, that was weird. Anyways, all I can do now is throw attacks at Remilia and hope they all hit.

Unfortunately for me, though, Remilia had one last spellcard.

Now excuse me while I go reinstall my copy of FMW E.