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Part 44: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon - Part 3b

Here's a final supplementary update to round Chapter 11 out.

First off, remember when I said Marisa has her own version of this conversation? Here it is:


Yes, I'm absolutely delighted! If you wanted to deliver a scolding, you've chosen the wrong target!

I am a vampire... The foe of every living being, and the ruler of the night!

...There's no way you can be left unchecked. Hope you're prepared!

You all should be the ones resigned to your fate. I will enact my punishment for rampaging around my castle right now.

My fate's like that of a star... That was the name of a flower, you know. "Aster".

You're quite interesting. Because the moon is so red, perhaps?

Personally I don't like it as much as the Reimu-Remilia one. If you're wondering what the heck it even means, Remilia's saying she's ready to move around a lot (thus warming up), while Marisa scoffing that she won't have to move at all. In other words, .

Secondly, Keine has dialogue with Patchouli that I totally forgot to show:


So it's you now... Let us pass!

I'm afraid not. You seem to like advancing... So perhaps you might be thinking that you could force your way through, mm?

However... Let's see if you can do that through my danmaku.

Ugh, such powerful long range attacks. If only I had a way to match that...!

This will be relevant next chapter.

Finally, an annoying glitch: if Koakuma dies while she's Support Defending, her danmaku field never goes away. You can either just Bomb it, since Koakuma's not around to restore it anymore,

or just assemble on the other side of Remilia.

Alright, with that we're officially done with chapter 11, and the main EoSD segment of the game! Now on to Extra Mode, which to those of you unfamiliar with Touhou is a special seventh stage you can unlock after clearing the main game without continuing on Normal difficulty or higher. Touhou 6 in particular has one of the most famous Extra stages in the series, as the boss has a particularly catchy theme.