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Part 47: The Summer Villa - Part 2

The conflict appears to have been resolved.

It was settled quickly, thankfully. The food you took such great pains to prepare had been getting cold.

I apologize for the humans and fairies causing trouble.

It's fine. A little incident is quite entertaining in itself.

They're quite an interesting bunch.

...Is that so?

Yes they are. It might be a good idea to properly invite them to the next party.

...Yes, that will do. I've decided on what I shall give a toast for.

What might that be?

It will be a toast to celebrate today...

And it only took a cataclysmic incident followed by a raid on the SDM.


The scene shifts to everyone else.

Seriously. Who could've made so much?

...My, you all are still eating?

Oh, you've finally returned, Alice. Where did you go with Kurumi?

I brought her back to her room. She's sleeping soundly after stuffing herself.

I kind of wonder where Elly's been in all of this.

Has this party on the surface been enjoyable?

Ohh, here's the organizer. We've been having a lot of fun.

Party on the surface...?

I'm not sure about the moon, but there are totally parties going on underground. And in heaven. And in the netherworld. And in the demonic realm. And maybe the other netherworld too.

Allow me to display my gratitude again. The music is good and the food is wonderful. The cooks must be very skillful.

What? All of this...

...This massive amount of food was made by one person?

...That is correct.

It's nothing special. Sakuya can prepare this amount of food in three minutes.

Shouldn't some of the dishes take more than three minutes to fully cook, though? I don't think accelerating time is one of Sakuya's abilities.

That's enough of the jokes. I know that works for instant ramen, but this is far more to do.

I can't see how that can be done even with teleportation.

My, you never noticed what Sakuya's power was?

Chapter 10 posted:

Youmu kind of noticed. I'm not sure how she could possibly do that, but "mysterious prison" can't refer to anything besides stopped time.

We never heard the details. What kind of power is it?

Teleportation is merely an application of that.

The ability to... manipulate time?

That's yet another absurd power.

Ohoho, don't you think? There's no human like Sakuya around.

It sounds pretty fun actually. There's so many things you can get away with if you can stop time.

That's true. It must make the person herself really busy, though.


...Do not mind me. I just thought you would be a little more surprised.

Well, we're definitely surprised. I've never heard of a human possessing a power like that.

Being able to clean up in an instant is really suitable for a maid. Come clean up my house sometime.

Don't invite people to the Forest of Magic so freely. They'll end up lost and unable to find their way out.

Somewhere, Nitori sneezes.

...You live in the Forest of Magic?

Well, yeah. Is that relevant?

Hm, Sakuya. Where did my glass go off to?

You broke it before you battled Reimu.

...I think she actually does that in Touhouvania 1. Yes, that is exactly what you think it is.

...Ah, yes. I believe you left it somewhere... Shall I search for it?

Never mind. It's good to search for things myself every now and then.

...What was it you wanted to say earlier?

Ah yes, it was about living outside the village. That means you are not comfortable in the human village just like me.

...Huh? That ain't the case here. I didn't start living in the forest cuz I hated the village.

Oh? I thought you found it awkward. You've been absent from your real home all the while after all.

Hey, shut it.

I hadn't heard about that. You left your real home without permission from your parents?

...Geez, how'd it get to this? Oh well, it's not something I'm hiding I guess...

My real home is an items shop. I had a bit of a dispute with my parents, and I left the house after that.

The Kirisame item shop has never shown up in any of the actual works, so barely anything is known about Marisa's childhood.


...So that's how it is. I was wondering why you never talked about your familiy.

You left the house... Would that be because you use magic?

Ehh, sort of, but not exactly.

...Yet you ended up living in a remote place like the Forest of Magic. That would be because humans could not understand you, correct?

Someone's projecting.

Hmm, I think you're thinking about things the wrong way. In the end, it was my decision to leave my real home. It was basically cuz of magic, but I'm not unhappy about anything.

And besides, Rinnosuke lives nearby as well, right?

He didn't have anything to do with my decision. We just happened to end up living kinda close together.

Most of what Marisa's saying here isn't from any official works, it's just Sanbondo telling their own story to fill in the empty space between "Marisa ran away from home for an unknown reason" to "Marisa lives in the Forest of Magic near Rinnosuke". It's a pretty reasonable story though, so I like it.


When I first saw you at the Scarlet Devil Mansion... I thought you wanted to be with them.

...? With who?

Though from what I heard, it seems I had the wrong impression.

...That would be correct. As I said before, I am working here for food and shelter. I am not here because I like to be here.

It must be tough centering your work around the lifestyle of a youkai... Yes, I could introduce you to other jobs if you like.


Keine just called Sakuya's bluff.

I'm not going to force you to take it, of course. But if you truly do not wish to be here, then I do not think that it's a bad idea.

Ohh, that may be good. Someone who can cook this well won't have any problems finding work.

It is not like there will be openings for me to begin with. And I cannot get along with humans anyway.

I doubt that'd be a problem. Youkai and humans drink sake together here. Someone like you wouldn't stand out at all.

Well, I'm sure you have some personal connections with the demons here too. Give it some thought, and let me know if you ever change your mind.


...It always ends up that way. I'll let you know that there's nothing at the shrine now, though.

Anyway, thank you for having us. Give our regards to Remilia as well.

...I will. See you again.


Oh, Sakuya. Did they leave already?

...Milady. Yes, they just went home.

What were you talking about with them?

Nothing particularly important.

Apparently, they do not discriminate against anyone who is not human.

Now they don't, at least.

That seems to be the case. They're awfully confident for humans... But looking at them, it's hard to say that it's undeserved.


Anyway, let's return to the mansion. You're a human after all, you still need rest during your convalescence period.

Understood. I will return to the mansion after I clean up here.

I said to rest... Well, whatever. I'm counting on you.

Remilia leaves.

(A): This, and this... Whew, there's still so much remaining... This isn't ever going to end.

(B): Hey, let's leave the rest for tomorrow and go to sleep. I'm really tired.

(C): Yeah. Let's go before the chief maid finds...

The screen shakes a bit.

(A): It was? You must be so tired that you're imagining things.

(B): Let's stop for the day.

(A): Yeah, I guess so. All right, we'll clean the rest of this up... sometime.

The game suddenly transitions to the Mysterious Basement.

You can actually see where the fairies removed crystals. Nice job Sanbondo!

...Are you ready yet?


Yay, 100 turns.

Reimu is the only available unit now, so I don't spend anything on upgrades. She doesn't have enough Graze to buy Unfocused Lvl 3 either, so no skills either.

I wanted to at least change her equipment, but the only things I have available are consumable items.

So in the end I just dump some more WP into her and call it a day.


Since there's no game mechanics left to talk about in either FMW1 or 2, I'll just post all of the dialogue I missed in chapter 12.

Keine VS Rumia

Hey, Rumia!


Don't you think this is embarrassing for a youkai like you?

So what, isn't that my business?

So you've forgotten my lectures? Just because you were wild before doesn't mean playing pranks is better.

Since you've forgotten, I'll have to beat it into you one more time!

Keine VS Cirno

You're playing around near the lake as always, I see.

Hm? Have we met before?


I'm kidding, you're that teacher, Keine! There's no way I could forget you.

...You worried me fore a second. You need to learn to respect teachers...

Keine VS Sunny

Hm. Based on appearances, you seem to be guiding the rest of the fairies...

Ooh... I've been caught by someone who looks annoying. I need to choose my words carefully...

...No, not at all. Whenever I say I'm going to play some pranks, those two just follow me themselves.

Is that so? From my standpoint, you looked like a leader amongst fairies who love pranks...

Hm, a leader...? ...Haha, yeah. Calling me a leader wouldn't be exaggerating. I'm the type everyone goes to for help.

...I see, so I was correct. I can now strike evil down at its source.

Keine VS Luna

The area around you appears to be eerily silent.

Yes, I am removing the sound around me. I can allow people to talk at night without the guardian ever noticing.

...I see, you're another formidable enemy. So no one can tell that you would be staying up past your bedtime...

...But we won't be noisy, so the others who are sleeping won't be woken up... Is there something bad about that?

Yes there is. Discipline is extremely important!

Keine VS Star

You're good at putting distance between yourself and your opponent. Do you have some secret skill?

Yes, I possess the ability to sense movement of animated objects. I am always the first one to notice patrolling teachers.

I see, that makes you quite the formidable opponent... No matter how vigilant I am, I'll always be one step behind...

Ah, wait. I could just put you in the same room as me. That would save me a lot of trouble.

...I don't think a teacher should be saying that.

Alice VS Rumia


...Why are you staring at me?

You don't have any good smells coming out from you. You didn't eat much?

...You would be correct. I don't pig out like Reimu and the others do. One must be mindful of their manners during dinners. Even if I was hungry, gobbling my food would not portray me in a flattering light.

Hmm, you're weird. If there's food, you should just eat it.

Alice VS Sunny

Ah, Alice. Long time no see.

This is not the time for pleasantries. The party's in a mess because of you... And I had specially prepared this dress for the party too.

Ooh, uhh... How about you start your own party then?

...And I would be the host?

Yep yep. Then you can have parties whenever you want.

...I see, I hadn't thought of that. My house might be a little small for that though. I wonder if I would have enough food... Ah, I did receive some good sake recently. That would be a good treat.

Ooh, that sounds great. Please invite us to your party when the time comes.

You're not aware of your position, are you... Your attempts to divert attention won't work on me.

Alice VS Luna

Ah, Alice. Hello.

This is hardly the time for pleasantries. Were you purposely preparing to crash the party?

Ehh? There's a party? We didn't know anything about that... Oh yeah, you were wearing pretty clothes earlier. What happened to them?

I changed, I'm in a danmaku battle right now after all!

It's been such a long time since I attended a party... What a waste.

Alice VS Star

Ah, Alice. How have you been?

This is hardly the time for pleasantries. Marisa's been saying such weird things because of that attack of yours.

Huh... You mean the combination attack we just did?

Yes. She wants me to go along with her whims... I wish she'd put herself in my shoes sometimes.

My, I think the two of you go quite well together though. You might be able to work together more smoothly than you think.

I wonder. Could I really pair up with an overbearing character like her...?


We've hit the game's last route split, and this time I'm doing something special. Both chapter 13s happen almost simultaneously, so next week will be a double episode special!

Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: The Echoing Bell of the Wind God

On that day, the Hakurei Shrine was filled with humans and youkai of all types, mingling, eating sweets, and playing cards... But the party is interrupted by a sudden visitor, Sanae Kochiya. The announcement she makes shocks everyone present.

"...Such as suspending the operation of the Hakurei Shrine with immediate effect."

And: Sister of Scarlet

The great library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It is a place suitable for researching all types of subjects, which is reason enough for Marisa and Youmu to visit. As Marisa leaves the library to make tea, she saves a girl who is locked in the basement. The mysterious girl smiles innocently as she invites Marisa to play with her. Her name is...

"Yeah, I'm Flandre Scarlet. A vampire."