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Part 48: The Summer Villa - Part 3

At first glance, Chapter 12 on Lunatic doesn't look too different. Sure enemies have more HP and can Defend now, but that's not too bad.

Then you end the first player phase.

Remember how Sunny could make things around her invisible way back in Chapter 2M? Lunatic has her make an encore.

Also, on the NPC phase the Doofy Ghosts will actually charge at you now. This will be important.

Usually Lunatic reduces the amount of bombs you can get per chapter, but since it's literally impossible to do the Bonus with only one bomb a Doofy Ghost is now holding an extra one. Just weaken it, hope Kurumi doesn't kill it (she goes for the closest, weakest enemy so just cripple something),

and watch it suicide itself.

After you get the first bomb, I highly recommend leaving some Evil Eyes alive to stall Kurumi with. Even though she can't actually hurt Sunny, Kurumi will still fly right at her. And even with Lunatic mode increasing her HP, three S-Formations in a row will absolutely wreck her.

I got totally lucky this time around, incidentally, and had Kurumi miss this Evil Eye twice in a row at 76% odds.

Now that I've gotten the first bomb, the obvious next step is Cirno. I really should have Keine and Reimu over here since they can guarantee 100% odds (and since Marisa and Alice are vital for ensuring all three fairies die at once), but Roonerpism has alerted me that Marisa has a second conversation with Cirno so I might as well get it.

Marisa will be attacking with a maxed out Proto Malice, which even with its +25% accuracy and Marisa and Alice's Support still has shit odds thanks to Cirno's Evade. A base 70% is pretty amazing for Marisa though!

By the way, the answer to my riddle is a "soap cake". It's solid, slippery, and you won't eat it, right?

Hmph hmph, that's not fair. A soap cake isn't a cake!

Sure it is. People call it a "cake of soap" normally. There's also oil cakes, press cakes, ice cakes... There's many types of cakes out there.

...A-An ice cake sounds kinda tasty...

...Yep yep, Cirno's just too fun to talk to.

While I'm at it, have some Proto Malice dialogue.

Alright Alice, work with me.

Work with you? How exactly?

I am astounded that hit.

With Cirno dead, Rumia's off to the three fairies. She won't be able to do anything even if she gets there,

but that's no reason not to eliminate her. Marisa and Reimu catch her in a pincer. And Marisa gets hit by a 27%. Karma I guess.

EDIT: Roonerspism clarifies this bit some more! Turns out both Cirno and Rumia will start flying to the three fairies after a certain amount of turns have passed. And once they get there, they'll also benefit from Sunny's reflection field, making getting the Bonus impossible.

I've never had any any problem with this though since I always kill Cirno first thing.

Now to get the Bonus. Alice's Mercy spirit finally comes in handy here.

I can't actually start the attack till the next turn though, so I do some positioning and end phase. And then I find out I left Marisa in range of the fairies.

Alert makes the first wave a joke,

but Star knows the Focus spirit so her shot actually had good odds. Good thing I had Keine heal Marisa!

Luna tried attacking too, but nobody cares about Luna. She missed.

Next turn, Marisa drops a bomb. As the unit with the highest Ranged stat, she's the best to start the attack with.

Next step is to use this. You don't actually need it to get the bonus, but having Shanghai Doll can save you a turn.

Alice whacks Luna to 10 HP,

and Shanghai suicides itself to bring Sunny under 2400 health.


Keine finishes with a Strike + Three Swords. Normally this would kill Star, but since she's Defending it'll just cripple her.

That should be good enough.

Since I had Shanghai Doll to weaken Sunny, Reimu didn't need to use up her turn with Homing Bullets/Ascension Kick and force me to survive another enemy phase. Instead she can just Bomb.

With Luck cast, of course.

And that's chapter 12 on Lunatic! The Bonus's difficulty got ramped up a bit, but it's still nothing too bad. Main problem is just keeping Kurumi alive, which is easy enough if you can restrain your "kill all enemies" instincts.

I'm astounded this update went so smoothly.


The Atai Fairy, the star of fools! Stronger and cooler than anyone else!

Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: "Fairy on the lake, Cirno! No one's stronger than me!"

A fairy's shrieks are nothing to me.

I don't think anybody's going to be satisfied with another late issue of the Bunbunmaru, so let's try another suspend conversation.

Patchouli, what are you doing?

...I'm writing a strategy guide for personal use.

Hmm, that sounds fun. What's its name?

It doesn't have one. I'm still in the middle of writing it.

Let's all think of a name, then. How about "How to Enjoy Fantasy Maiden Wars"?

That isn't very impactful. Perhaps "How to Enjoy Fantasy Maiden Wars Solo" would do better?

We shouldn't limit it to a one-person game only. Let's go with "A Book for Fantasy Maiden Wars Hardy Enough to Endure Tea Spills".

Don't spill stuff on it. "How to Enjoy Fantasy Maiden Wars 20 Times More". There, that's settled.

Shall we multiply that 20 by 10? We can get "How to enjoy Fantasy Maiden Wars 200 Yojana Wars". How about that?

A yojana is an archaic way to measure distance originating from India. The reason Youmu's bringing it up is because one of her spellcards (and one of her attacks in FMW2) is called "200 Yojana in one slash".

"It'll Be Fine... Not! The Strategy Guide for Lunatics!"

How about this? "Fantasy Maiden Wars Strategy Guide"...

..."Covering All Difficulties from the Beginning Stages to the Endgame With..."

Shall we keep it simple? Like "Fantasy Maiden Wars is Fun Guide"?

Might as well go with "Games are Fun Guide" then, huh?

In that case, it should be "Fun Atai Guide"!

Atai is one of the many ways in japanese to say "I". It's usually used by young girls (since it's just a contraction of "atashi", the generic informal female "I"), so it can imply the speaker is immature.

That's too long. We'll shorten it to "Atai".

...So there you go, Patchouli. Your book's name is now "Atai".


That was eerily remniscent of the IRC chat I had regarding what to name this LP.