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Part 49: Chapter 13M: Sister of Scarlet - Part 1a

...Now that the mist has cleared, the weather has been dry for the last few days. It never turns out exactly the way you want it.

Hmm, I believe it's supposed to be around here...

Good afternoon, Mr. shopkeeper... Oh?


Ooh, this machine is different from that one at Youkai Mountain. It doesn't have batteries though... I wonder how much power it has? Ah, this device looks interesting! Hey Mr. Kourindou, can I take this apart and...


Uweeh!? Why not!?

(Isn't that... Nitori? Didn't she say that she wouldn't be allowed to go out of the mountain? When did she come back here?)

It makes me nervous. Stop trying to disassemble every item in my shop. What will you do if something breaks down?

I'm just going to open it up. I can put it back together again, theoretically.

Says the man who spends all his free time thinking up theories.

I'm not sure how that item is supposed to be used to begin with. It'll be a pain if you destroy it now.

...If you don't know how to use it, it's pretty much the same as being destroyed.

Erm, sorry for interrupting, but...

...Ohh, a customer. Welcome. My apologies, I was in the middle of dealing with an odd customer.

I'm not an odd customer. Besides, that customer over there looks weirder than... Oh, it's Alice! Long time no see! How've you been?

You look like you're doing well, Nitori. Was everything okay with your punishment?

Ahh, kind of...

Alice, you say? You would be one of those who went along with Marisa during the incident, then.

Oh yes, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Alice Margatroid, a magician. I've heard about you from Marisa. I don't suppose your name is Kourin though...

It's Rinnosuke Morichika. Nice to meet you.

Ah, Rinnosuke. Nice to meet you too.


Incoming .

(...This is rather surprising. I couldn't tell from afar, but she gives off the vibe of a mature woman. When I heard she was Marisa's friend, I imagined someone like Reimu or Nitori...)

(...Mm. A face with well-defined features, emphasizing her blue eyes... Porcelain-like skin, beautiful and wavy blonde hair...)

I think this is actually a canon description of Alice, but I don't really feel like diving through Touhou lore to find the exact quote. Anyways, this is probably why Alice has such a different cut-in from everyone else.

(Yes, even the clothes she wears serve to emphasize that. The abundant amount of laces make her look very womanly.)


Um, don't mind him. He's not actually staring at you. He's the kind who carefully observes people he meets for the first time.

...It doesn't matter anyway.

Oh, my apologies. I lapsed into my bad habit again. So, how may I help you? If there is an item you are looking for, I'll be glad to let you see it.

...Why's your attitude entirely diffferent from when you were dealing with me?

Well, there are many things that I would like to shop for...

For Marisa?

Yes. Marisa hasn't returned a book I lent her awhile ago.

Somehow I doubt "lent" is the right word here.

I wanted to get it back as it has become necessary for my research. But I haven't been able to find her at her house.

Yeah. I was searching for her too, but she's wasn't at home.

Ahh, so that's the reason why you came here, Nitori?

That'll make things quicker then. Rinnosuke, do you know where Marisa could be?

...Well, I haven't seen her around here recently. Honestly, I'm not sure myself...

Here and the shrine are the two places she frequents the most anyway.

Ahh, yeah. It's kinda far from here, so I was saving that for last.

...Reimu's place, huh? That's plausible.

Yes. Though if she's not there, then I have no idea where she could be.

Thank you anyway. I'll be on my way after her.

Wait, I'm coming too!

Alice and Nitori leave.

When she's not around, I end up having superfluous customers... She's a pain even when she isn't here.

It's strange for her to be away from her house for so long, though... Well, it should be fine. The incident's resolved already.

There's nothing to worry about. She'll surely show up sometime soon.

...I see. In order for cherry blossoms to bloom for a prolonged amount of time... The tree itself needs to be maintained along with the soil...

...Tengu's nest sickness? That's a strange name.

Pro studying tactic: ask someone smarter to explain it to you.

...Didn't I tell you to be quiet earlier?

I-I'm sorry!

I allowed you in on a whim. If you make too much noise, you'll be sent out.

Patchouli actually does have days where her asthma doesn't prevent her from reciting her strongest spells. Conveniently, Touhou 6's Extra stage happened on one of those days.

I-I will be careful from here on. It's just that there were many terms I did not understand well...

Yeah Youmu, be quiet. Only the rudest of the rude talk in a library. Like those couples who don't care what's going on around them.

...Why are you here?

Ahh? I came in through the gate, and no one stopped me.

...I told her to keep out the rats... That gatekeeper really is useless...

Meiling is good at her job, really! It's just that nobody can keep Marisa out.

You're researching the same subject again, Youmu? You sure are dedicated about it.

Yes. I have wanted to come back here ever since the first time we intruded. There are many types of literature from the outside world stored here. It is of great interest to me.

Oh? Lessee here... Ahh, this is about using medicine to make near-dead cherry blossoms bloom again. That's gonna worry the cherry blossoms' medical world.

Well, I do not think it applies entirely anyway. The cherry blossoms of the Netherworld are dead to begin with.

Ah right, everything in the Netherworld is dead. It's kinda hard to imagine, honestly.

...I can't continue my research with all the noise you are making. My concentration is shot now... I suppose I will take a bre...


Yes, Sakuya hasn't shown up, and it's already past teatime.

Ah, Sakuya is currently out with Milady. I believe they were planning to visit the Hakurei Shrine...

...I see. Remi likes that red-white quite a bit.

"Red-white" is a very imaginative nickname Reimu has. Marisa has "black-white" too.

Guh, Remilia's at the shrine again? I'm glad I didn't go there now.

...That's no reason for you to be here. Anyway, please prepare the tea in Sakuya's place, Koakuma.

Understood! Um, you prefer your tea with 3 lumps of sugar and 2 slices of lemon, correct?

Yes please.

Marisa infiltrated the SDM solo, revealed herself just to make fun of Youmu, and now she's ordering some free tea.

Marisa is kind of awesome.

Okay. You do not want any lemon, then?

...She doesn't need anything. Be on your way.

I-I see... I will return shortly with the tea!

Koakuma runs off.

Hey, is that how you treat your guests? We're definitely opposed to that.

We...!? I do not believe we deserve such hospitality...

What guests? You entered here without permission.

Rinnosuke mentioned that Marisa's two most favorite spots were the Hakurei Shrine and Kourindou. Well the Great Library eclipses them both since Marisa can steal, learn and have fun there.

Every day? I see you are very dedicated as well, Marisa.

Yeah, research's a big part of my lifestyle. Just like eating and sleeping. But more importantly, I'm thirsty. How about I take half of yours, Patchouli?


...Geez, okay already. It's fine if I get some myself, right? Tell me where the kitchen is, then. I'll boil a whole pot of it.

...The kitchen...?

...? It shouldn't be a problem telling me where it is. I'll make it myself after all.

No, I haven't been to the kitchen for such a long time. I've forgotten where it is.


Anyways, I'll go get some tea.

Marisa leaves.

Ahaha, that was a good joke. Marisa took it completely seriously...

No, I really did forget. I always leave it to Sakuya and Koakuma. Sakuya's always tampering with the space around here anyway.

... U-Um... Wouldn't Marisa get lost, then?

Quite possibly. And if she happened to meet with an accident on the way... Then maybe it'll be less noisy around here.

The scene shifts to an unknown part of the SDM.

Whew... I did manage to find the kitchen, but I guess I made too much. The pot's practically overflowing.

I guess I can use the extra tea to give this little dude a bath.


You might smell pretty good after a nice black tea bath.

It's so gloomy and quiet, it's like the resting place of a corpse. ...Hm?

Marisa's stumbled into the basement.


The screen shakes.

Whoa, whoa! Why are you shaking so much!?


...Are you scared? Well, I don't like being here either. There's something weird and yucky in the air, but I can't put my finger on it. Let's go back and continue researching on...

...Did someone just say something...?

Are you ready yet?

...I'm not... hallucinating, am I? Is there really a voice coming from behind that door?

...Yeah, it must be those fairies from before. They must be playing hide-and-seek around here.

...Are you ready yet?

Not yet. And I ain't ever gonna be ready.

...I already know that. No matter how many times I ask "Are you ready yet"... The only reply I ever get is "Not yet"...

...I'm the only one left behind while everyone is playing outside. I want to play outside too...

...? H-Hey now. That kind of dejected reply wasn't the reaction I expected. You aren't one of those fairies from before?

...I can't get out of here. This door doesn't open from the inside.

It doesn't open from the inside? ...Ahh, I get it now. You thought you found a good hiding spot. But you didn't know it doesn't open from the inside.


Shiro spazzes out again.

Yeesh, you need to settle down too. I'll be heading on back once I get her out, so be quiet for a bit longer. Hm, I don't see a knob... Maybe if I give this a good pull around here...

The door opens!

...And there it goes. All right, I got you out, so go back to your frien...

I'm outside!!

The stranger tackles Marisa in joy.


I'm outside, outside! It's bright and huge and I can play lots and lots here!

T-That ain't a question you ask someone when you tackle them like that...

I'm Marisa. Marisa Kirisame. I'm one of the rare human guests of this mansion.

Human...? Why aren't you tea or a cake?

...? Whaddaya mean?

Wow, I'm really outside... What can I do? What should I do? ...Hmm, maybe the outside of the mansion will be even brighter and wilder...?

...I don't really get it, but do as you wish. I've got stuff to do, so I'll be heading ba...

...Hey, don't drag me along! I told you I'm busy!

C'mon, let's play together, Marisa! Let's play lots and lots!


Whew, that is the job done for today. Lady Patchouli, would you like to get in the bath together?

...Huh? The bath...? I'll go in alone. Please don't say such weird things.

I see, that is a pity. I even brought some special shampoo with me today...

That human has been coming to the library recently, right? Maintaining your hair is important, you know.

...How is it important? Go take your bath already.

...Okaaaay. I will get in the bath alone...


Now that she mentions it, I might be growing more split ends recently...