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Part 50: Chapter 13R: The Echoing Bell of the Wind God - Part 1a

I've been on the lookout the whole morning, but they haven't left the place once... If it's taking this long, maybe the negotiations aren't going too smoothly...

Aya... What are you doing here?

Oh, it's you, Momiji. What are YOU doing here?

I am on patrol. There is nothing else for me to do, after all.

More accurately, I'm waiting to do so. All the newspapers are running stories about the Scarlet Mist right now. So I thought I'll get the jump on them with a big scoop.

You are waiting to do so...?

...! It has been about two weeks since the day of the storm... That matter will be settled with them now, I suppose.

Yeah. We'll finally get to find out exactly what the shrine is going to do. It'll make for an amazing extra, so read it once it's distributed. "The Suspicious Shrine, Exposed!" Ooh, it's getting me all fired up~!

Let me know when it appears in the newspaper. I would like to understand their true intentions as well.

She appears to be very persistent in her desire to travel outside the mountain.

My, are you still shadowing that girl? I thought the observation order was dropped.

If that happened, the negotiations must be going pretty well.

I am not particularly keeping watch for her.

Is that so? I hadn't noticed at all.

...Besides, Momiji, are you hiding some feelings for that shrine maiden~? You seem to be watching out for her from morning till night~.

...Please do not imply such things. I would have no interest in her if it were not for the greater tengu's orders. I just do not think that one with previous records should be trusted too easily.

If anything suspicious happens, you could use your special eyes anyways. She may be allowed to leave the mountain, but I'm sure any tricks won't be accepted.

Yep yep. Look forward to today's extra~.

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine,

Okay. Rock, paper...


It's a tie! Rock, paper...


there's a party going on and everyone's invited!

Ohh, I won?

Ahh, I am on the losing side.

Okay, the winners do rock-paper-scissors for one more round.

...How boring. Can't they settle the turn order more quickly?

There there, it's better to make fights fair, isn't it? We would win the game instantly otherwise.


Being fair is nice and all, but it's still slow. Sakuya, are the cards shuffled?

Yes they are.

It's no big deal. Mixing with the commoners isn't a bad idea every so often.

You look like you want to win though.

Reimu is not very amused by this turn of events.

All these constant visits are giving me lots of extra work. I can barely stand it.

Haha, sorry about that. I originally came to thank you for resolving the incident. But I ended up engrossed in the game instead.

I did bring the taiyaki you were craving for so much as a gift, didn't I? So treat that as a reason to pardon me.

...Even so, I would prefer to have someone helping me out here. Well, whatever. I'll go warm up the taiyaki.


Heya everyone~, how've you been!?

Good afternoon. The shrine looks extremely crowded today.

You two came at a good time. Help me out.

...Huh? What do you mean?

Good afternoon, Alice... and Nitori!

You came to play too? You sure have a lot of free time!

Ohh, you two look like you're doing well!

Isn't that a good thing? Everyone seems to be here. Even the child of Miare is over there, and... oh.

Good of you to come, Alice. There's an empty spot right next to me.

Eh? The rest... Wait, Alice!?

What are you all up to? I would prefer it if you did not interrupt the game.

Gahhhhh, a vampire!? A-Ah ah, good day Miss Remilia, the weather looks good today...

If you're wondering how Remilia's avoiding the sunlight, Sakuya just holds a parasol for her. That's really all she had to do, the mist was totally unnecessary.

I sense a rather distinct difference in attitude.

Well, I don't get to meet such remarkable youkai often... You could sort of consider vampires a type of "oni" too.

The oni used to rule Youkai Mountain, and judging by Nitori's fear of them it wasn't exactly a pleasant state of affairs for everyone else.

By the way, what might you be here today for, Nitori?

Marisa...? I'm afraid I haven't seen her.

Ehh, seriously? Geez... Mr. Kourindou wasn't right either...

Weren't you not allowed to leave the mountain? How did you get out?

Now that you mention it... Has the strife at the mountain been settled?

Ah, yeah. There are still disputes of sorts, but martial law has been lifted. My punishment finally ended recently too, so I thought I'd come here for a visit.

She seems to be connected with the strife at the mountain somehow... Do you happen to have any new information regarding that?

...Unfortunately, I don't. It's pretty much all top secret. Although she's apparently been given freedom to enter and leave the mountain. So she's probably not sitting around.

But there is no information about that shrine maiden among the villagers... No one has any idea what exactly has happened.

No way... Then again, it is Reimu, huh.

Yay, I won!

Meanwhile, the impromptu rock-paper-scissors tournament finally ends.

Boo, I only lost because I had to pass more than three times~.

Ah, what are you all up to?

We're playing Sevens. The maid brought along a pack of cards. ...Oh, who was next? Were you holding the 8 of Spades, Cirno?

Nope. I only have the 9 and the Queen.

I can hear you laughing back there. Stop it.

Ahh, that's me. I had a lot of cards I could play too.

...Were you the one holding the 6 of Diamons as well?

Yes. I was thinking of getting rid of all my Clubs first.

Don't behave so cowardly. I ended up losing because of that.

Hm? Why? Sevens is meant to be played this way.

Keine plays to win.


...Keine, you can be surprisingly competitive at times.

The taiyaki is ready, everyone.

It's hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Whoa, I've been waiting for this! Thanks for the food! *munch munch*

Hey, we don't have any extras, so don't take more than your share!

Hmm, it's rather cute. You use this as bait to catch shrimp, I believe.

...I think it is the other way around.

Oh, Reimu, where's the fork?

Why do you need one? You're supposed to eat taiyaki with your hands.

So we are supposed to grasp a fish...? Oh well. Sakuya, get some cutlery for me.

My, don't you want to take a peek into the shrine's kitchen while you're here? Perhaps you could find some delicious sacred wine.

Hahahaha like there would actually be anything valuable in the Hakurei Shrine.

That's a good idea, perhaps I will.

Hey, my house isn't your playground.

Being the owner of the house is tough work~. I'll eat your share for you, then... *chomp*

You know, the reason it's tough is because of you all...

Hey, that's my taiyaki!

Eep... Is something wrong, Reimu?

Rumia... Rumia ate my taiyaki!

Sorry Reimu, you're never getting your reward.

Umm... can I get away with an "oops" here?

...Honestly, all this fuss over a single taiyaki? It's good to see them so full of energy, but still.

Hehe, I find it amusing myself.

...You look like you're enjoying yourself, Akyu.

...Yes. I consider myself blessed to be here with everyone today. I would like this kind of occasion to happen more often in the future.

...Everyone is always making a mess, I'm not sure if your body can take it.

Hehe, enjoyable things cannot be bad for the body, can they?

...For one reincarnated so many times like myself...

The feelings of wanting this to continue to the next generation... These thoughts constantly float in my mind.

...The spectacle we have here is astounding, indeed. It would surely have never happened before the great barrier was erected. In a way... You could say that this spectacle came about because of Reimu.

Mm. Somehow or other, youkai seem to flock to her.

Perhaps that is part of Reimu's charm. Even in the human village... I have never seen as many youkai present as I do in current times.

Yes. That is why I wish the Hakurei Shrine will remain the same until...

I guess it wouldn't be a very good party if someone didn't try to crash it.


Hm, that voice...

This is the grounds of a shrine. It should not be the venue of such a ruckus. I see you are still lacking in consciousness of your role as a shrine maiden.

...You're that person from...!

She really did mostly forget.

Sanae Kochiya. It has been a while, Reimu Hakurei.

That's the blue shrine maiden... She must have come here from the mountain too!

...! So she is the rumored...

You wouldn't come all the way here if you didn't have business with me, right?

Yes. I had heard of a certain rumor regarding the Hakurei Shrine, actually.

A rumor...?

...Indeed. According the the rumor... The Hakurei shrine miaden is befriending youkai, which keeps humans from the shrine. From what I have seen, there is no reason to doubt such claims.

This isn't the first time that the shrine was filled with youkai, though. Why are you making a fuss about it now?

That is correct. This place is no different from the human village. In terms of humans and youkai being friendly with each other, at least.

I am aware of that. However, the situation is different for a shrine.

A shrine is a holy location to worship the gods...

So you're saying that we can't visit the shrine...?

The blame for that would lie on the shrine maiden who allowed it. The act of distancing followers is blasphemy to its patron god.

What... What are you saying? It might be true that there are many youkai within the shrine... But Reimu's service as a shrine maiden has been nothing short of excellent!

Sanae doesn't seem to be aware that her definition of a shrine maiden is very different from Gensokyo's.

Uh huh, I do what I'm supposed to at my own shrine. It's none of your business.

It is natural for a shrine maiden to be worried about the state of Gensokyo's faith. If you do not change your mindset, then we will have to take suitable measures.

Measures, you say... Such as?


Suspending the operations... of the Hakurei Shrine!?

W-Wait a minute. What kind of authority do you have to give an order like that!?

I do not intend for this shrine to be demolished. After operations cease, we will turn it into a branch shrine of the Moriya Shrine.

Sanae makes this same offer right before Touhou 10. Reimu's reaction was... well, Touhou 10 ends with Reimu beating up Kanako, so take a guess.

You will do what...? So basically, you're just trying to take over the shrine!?

Was that your objective from the very beginning...?

This is absurd... The possiblity of the Hakurei Shrine ending operations is unfathomable to me.

...I was not expecting immediate understanding, indeed. Reimu and I shall discuss the matter further. Everyone else, please leave.

...You're the one who marched into here with your demands. Yet you expect everyone else to leave?

Sorry, but it'll turn out the exact opposite.


Meiling, Meiling!!

Elly? What's the matter?

Have you seen some taiyaki anywhere around here!? I bought some just a short while ago, but I can't find it anywhere now!

Huh, taiyaki? You mean that taiyaki, right? I haven't seen taiayaki of that kind around though.

No way... I queued up since the morning just to buy it...

Hey, Elly, I'm hungry~. Do you have any snacks with you?

...So it was you, Kurumi!? If you're talking about being hungry... You must've been the one who snatched it away!

Ehh? What's going on?

Don't play dumb! Just admit to it and apologize, you greedy pig!

What? You're more greedt than I am! You should be the one apologizing!

H-Hey, the two of you shouldn't fight!

...So loud. What's all this fuss about?

Yuuka, listen! Elly called me a greedy pig!

Don't listen to her, Yuuka! Tell her that she can't eat my precious taiyaki anytime she wants!

That's basically how it's been...

...I can just buy more taiyaki, you know. Good grief, you really are such children.

And that's where the taiyaki on the ground in chapter 12 came from.