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Part 52: Chapter 13R: The Echoing Bell of the Wind God - Part 2

Whew, it's finally over.

It's certainly a lot quicker with more hands to help. Even Yuuka lent a hand.

Remilia went straight inside, though.

She was the one who made the biggest mess too... Though her maid made up for it.

Ah, here she is.

Hey, don't you think it's bad manners to slack off while everyone else cleans up?

Don't besmirch my reputation. Vampires are bad with rain, remember?

That's right, you can't cross flowing water. And once rain hits the ground... Oh?

Considering that weakness, it's really, really strange that the SDM is right next to the Misty Lake.

What is the matter?

Those rainclouds seem to have stopped before they got here. Take a look, it's only gloomy around the area ahead.

It looks like they stopped around the vicinity of the lake... It's probably raining at Remilia's place.

Ahh? That's ridiculous. Why would rain only fall around the Scarlet Devil Ma...

Eek! ...The heck? Why'd you spread your wings all of a sudden?

Milady, is something the matter?

...I remember seeing those rainclouds before. They're very similar to the ones Patchy summoned.

Yes, I do recall her learning that... She mastered manipulating the weather around the Scarlet Devil Mansion so that...

...Do you mean...!?

Have you been cursed or something? Or maybe you've been chased out of your own home.

...No. It's the opposite. The rainclouds are there to keep something inside.

You probably should have made it so that you couldn't break it just by pulling things out of it! This is Gensokyo for crying out lou-

Oh wait, Remilia's a recent immigrant. I guess that makes sense then.

What is Patchy thinking too? It's good that the rain keeps her inside, but that means I can't get in either!

U-Uh... What's happening? Is something unpleasant occurring?

Unpleasant is a mild way to put it. It's dangerous for her to get outside!

"Her"...? And she is something that will cause major trouble if let outside...? Something so serious deserves a thorough explanation. What exactly is going on?

...I don't believe I've told any of you about this.

Now, it seems that seal has been broken. The rain is undoubtedly magic used to keep her inside.

If the rain would keep her inside, that means that she's...

Yes, she... Flandre is a vampire.

To clarify, Flandre's power is the ability to destroy anything. She does so by grasping an object's "eye" (don't ask what that is because I don't know either ) in her hand and smashing it.

She absolutely must not be allowed outside.

A vampire...!? There's another vampire besides you in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia!?

As I said earlier, she's been sealed there for a very long time. It's natural that you don't know about her.

...What isn't natural is how the seal chose now to come apart. Is there any possibility of a misunderstanding?

It is rather abrupt. And even if it were true, why would it be now...?

That's impossible to answer unless we see it for our own eyes. But I can't go through the rain...

Wha? Why me?

Aren't you a specialist in youkai extermination? Then this would be just another job for you. Furthermore, you have proven yourself able to defeat me. It would take someone of that caliber to have a prayer of matching up to her.

Hmm, even then...

Reimu, think. If that Flandre gets outside, you'll have to fight her anyway. And she must not get near the human village at all costs.

If she can't escape from the Scarlet Devil Mansion right now... Then the mouse is already in the trap.

...Geez, fine. I'll do it. So all I need is to capture this Flandre person, right?

No. If you mess around trying to capture her, you will be killed instead.

Remilia: kind of a dick.


...All right. It sounds like I'll need all the help I can get. Okay, who's coming with me?

I do not believe I will be of any assistance, so I think I shall wait here...

I will, obviously. I cannot leave such a dangerous being alone to her own devices.

...I'm coming too. It's better to go now than to get dragged into it later.

I guess I was invited too, huh?

If everyone's going, then I'm going too!

Looks like the power of the strongest is required again...

I will lend my support if it will be of help.

...That's decided, then. You better return the favor after this matter is settled!

She won't.

Of course. Take care of "her" in my place.

Hey, we're all basically together again! It's be perfect if Marisa and Youmu were here.

I doubt Youmu would be around, but Marisa popping up is a distinct possibility. Who knows where she is, after all.

Let's not expect too much. Akyu, take care of the shrine!

Understood. Be careful, everyone!

The player character squad leaves.

...Hm, me?

That's a good point. If you went along with everyone, then there would be nothing left to chance...

...I'm afraid I'm not in the mood right now. And those girls aren't ready enough to fight alongside me yet.

You take things rather leisurely. I'm heading to the Scarlet Devil Mansion as soon as the rain stops.

Pretty amusing reversal from the beginning of chapter 10.

There's no point in rushing. You can't do anything now anyway, so why not leave it to them?

...Those who don't know anything should keep their mouths shut. She must be imprisoned down there.


...It is true that there is nothing I can do until the rain stops, though. Fine, I'll pass the time here meanwhile. Sakuya, prepare some tea please.

Understood. That would be tea for Milady, Lady Yuuka, and...

Yes, please prepare some for me as well, and...


Huh, there is no one else besides me...?

Now then, shall we have an enjoyable chat?

...I'm not in the mood for that, personally.

E-Eeeeeeerm, ahh... I just remembered that I have matters to attend to, so I shall be heading back...

...No, wait... I will not be able to travel back to the village by myself...

What are you mumbling to yourself about, little one? Mm?

Since you're here, sit down and talk about something interesting. You had better distract me, or else...

Talking is something Akyu can do pretty well, actually.

Ah, ah, ahhh!? Everyone, I pray for your success! And if at all possible, please hurry back as soon as you caaaan!


This far into the game, there's really not that much to do in the intermission menu.

Everyone already has all the upgrades they really need after all. Well except Rumia, but who cares about her?

I dump all of my points into Alice's MP so I can spam Proto Malice more.

Reimu and Keine are both close to getting their next levels of Unfocused Movement and Berserk, so I'll refrain from zeroing out their Graze on random stuff.

Rumia, on the other hand, is just going to dump her Graze. With this, Moonlight Ray can do slightly more damage!

Finally, Reimu reaches WP LEVEL 3. This might turn out to be a useful ace-in-the-hole, but more likely it'll just make her finishing Fantasy Seal be even more overkill.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Into the Depths of Maddening Darkness

Reimu and Marisa's groups join together as they search for Flan, but Patchouli stands at the door which the girl is locked behind. Patchouli wishes to seal Flan once again. The party will not accept it. The two sides hold their confrontation in front of the door with no handle.

"We have been doing this for a very long time. I will not let you all disturb it on a whim!"

I'm honestly surprised that nobody has commented on the weird comic book style bolding I've been doing for all of these.