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Part 53: Chapter 13M: Sister of Scarlet - Part 1b

This stage takes place in the same area I fought Sakuya in. The big staircase on the right side of the screen? That led to the basement.

I kind of want to play even further outside. But I don't know it too well, so here will do.

Hey, wait! Flan! Shouldn't you be going back to whoever you were playing hide-and-seek with? I don't know who they arem but they're probably worried about you by now.

...It's fine. I know we're not playing hide-and-seek anymore.


There's better things to think about anyway! Let's play together! What do you want to play?

You know, I'm pretty sure I said already... But I've got stuff to do.

What do you like to play? Tag? House? batbusters? Or maybe hopskotch?

Ahh, she ain't listening at all... Wait, what? batbusters...?

It's really fun busting a lot of them at once! I wonder why?

You're asking me...? But basically, you just shoot down bats or something?

Yeah. I've been playing it for a long time so I'm kinda sick of it. But if you're playing too, then it might be fun again!

I've got no clue how that's fun at all. Besides, there aren't even any bats to shoot down. So let's just play it next ti...

Oh, don't worry. I've already got all the things we need to destroy right here. Come on out!

A bunch of bats spawn.

...!? Huh...? These fodder come out at exactly the right time...

(...It can't be a coincidence. Did she really summon these...?)

Okay so, this is a competition to see who can beat up a lot of bats first!


...Hey, Marisa?

But I'm telling you up-front, I'm strong. I'll clean up something as light as this in a flash!

Yeah, it'll be fun! Let's start playing, Marisa!

Despite what the victory conditions say, you don't Game Over if you don't kill enough enemies. Still no reason not to try your best though!

Marisa starts off with a bit of a handicap, since she's in the back. She has to waste an Accel and a turn to even get to where Flandre starts.

Also, since this is still Lunatic every single bat is going to be able to Defend. Makes things a hassle, but at least Flandre will be slowed down too.

Music: Unbalanced Unknown

This is probably one of my favorite songs in the game, actually. The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls is the theme of EoSD's Extra stage, and it's almost always ignored in favor of the boss theme. The FMW arrange is the first one I've heard in quite a while.

On Easy/Normal she straight up one shots bats though.

Here's Flandre. Notice her Skill; it's one less than the bats', so you don't have to worry too much about her getting a critical.

While I'd like to be an ass and spend the fight killstealing, Marisa doesn't have enough Power to take down these bats even after Flan cripples them. She'd have to use Danmaku Power Lvl 3 or Valor, and that's totally not worth it.

Instead, Marisa will be taking the southern path. She'll have to play it a little risky by staying Unfocused, but I think she'll be fine.

Marisa has 18 more Skill than the bats, so she can somewhat rely on criticals.

Well, that's one for me.

Wow, you beat one up too, Marisa! That's great! ...Hehe.

? What's up, Flan?

Well, I'm just having lots of fun right now.

So I'm really glad that you're playing with me now, Marisa. Let's play some more!

...It'll be like I'm abandoning you if I didn't, I guess. I'm gonna see this game through to the end with you at least.

Flandre will be casting Strike, even though she already has a 100% hit rate on the bats.

NPC phase has Flandre off that bat from earlier.

That's one for me! Hehe, what a weakling.


The game assumes that Flandre will kill a bat first, which she really should've but... you know, hacked character. vv

...Y-Yeah, I saw. It's my turn next, so just watch.


(It's basically the same level as my Master Spark... And she swings it around without a care in the world... Who the heck is she...?)

What's wrong, Marisa? Let's play some more. There's still lots of bats to go.

Ahh whatever. This is a competition, and I'm gonna win!

If I hadn't pumped up Marisa so much, Laevateinn would be stronger than Master Spark. But I did so... yeah.

Marisa will be casting Accel a lot this chapter.

Now I'm at 2, and you're at 1, Flan.

Yeah, I'm not gonna lose!

Marisa and Flandre will chat each time one of them kills a bat. I'll show Flandre's version, but for the most part I'm going to ignore these.

Since she doesn't have Accel, Flandre can't close in and attack on the same turn.

Marisa does not have that problem!

A couple of the bats drop Bombs. The only purpose I can think of for these is to finish off bats Flandre has weakened, but losing 10 Power for that isn't worth it.

What's it like dealing with enemies who won't die AI? Pretty annoying, huh?

Flandre will probably head for the northernmost bat next, so Marisa has free reign in the south.

I need to kill two more bats to win, and these two on the left look nice. There's a corridor free of danmaku between them, so Marisa won't have to worry too much about her dwindling SP.

Speaking of which, this is her last cast of Accel.

Stardust Reverie has a higher critical rate, but it'll make these bats to Defend. With a critical, Marisa might be able to get a kill even despite that, but I don't want to risk it. Marisa has 25 more Range than Melee anyways, so Magic Missile's damage isn't that far behind Stardust Reverie's.

Marisa's luck finally runs out. The bat had a 20% hit chance, incidentally.

This is a really horrible time for that to happen too, since from Turn 5 onwards the bats will be aggressive. Thankfully Laevateinn's range is pretty short, so Flandre can't win just through counter attacks.

The bats don't have a chance of killing her either.

This bat starts heading for Marisa. I probably won't be able to finish with a Master Spark.

Marisa will be Defending this turn. I'm probably just being paranoid, but if Marisa gets hit again it's Game Over.

I'm not sure if I should cheer or sigh here.

Flandre takes out her second bat.

This puts me at 2, and you're at 3, Marisa.

Hmph... It ain't over yet!

Marisa, you're ahead. Don't sound so tense.

Marisa Focuses for safety, than finishes off her bat. Only one to go.

oh god what are you doing

i thought you were smarter than this

you're committing suicide whyyyy

Well at least I can guarantee a win.

And that's game.

How's that! That's half for me, so I win!

Ehh~, I lost... You're pretty strong, Marisa.

Of course. I'm the great magician Marisa Kirisame after all.

If you're curious, here's what happens if Flandre wins:


Yay, that makes half of them for me! I win!

Ugh... I was always gonna lose against that sword of yours. But it's still irritating.

Hey, what do you want to play next!? Kagome-kagome? Here Marisa, come over here!

Flandre's just so excited to have someone to play with.

Hey wait, Flan...

Flandre jets ahead.

...Yeesh, she's still full of energy... Kids sure have lots of stamina. I'm calling it quits for today, I'm tired. You should go back to whoever you were playing hide-and-seek with.

...I don't wanna. I hate them.


...Especially her. I really hate her.

So since I'm not outside now, I'm gonna play lots and lots to make up for it. I won't let her stop me!

...It kind of sounds like a normal quarrel, but... I don't really get it... Is this girl you're talking about really that bad?

...She's the worst person in the whole world. And she really hates me too.

Ehehe, I'll shut her in there until there's nothing left.


But you got me out of that room, so I like you, Marisa! So let's play some more, okay? There's so many things I still wanna do.

...Umm... I know there's lots of games you wanna play, but...

Ahh, are you scared of the devil that lives here? You don't have to worry.

dun dun dun

Your... big sister? Wait a sec, you mean...

Yeah, I'm Flandre Scarlet. A vampire.


That's enough!

The screen flashes white and the music cuts off.


I don't know how I'd have managed if I wasn't in such good condition.

Marisa. Do you understand what you've done by releasing the seal on the young mistress!?

W-What are you doing, Patchouli!? What's this seal talk all about!?

...It doesn't matter anyway. This isn't the time for questions. Sealing the young mistress again must take precedence.

Sealing...? You're going to seal Flan away...?



You haven't forgotten about me, right? Should I destroy you to make you remember!?

...You haven't changed at all, Flan. Thus, what I must do remains unchanged as well.

Hehehehe... If you don't know, then I'll just do it! Your "eye" is already in the palm of my hand...

The screen flashes again.


...It took centuries of research to create this sealing technique. It is customized especially for you.

It only requires a short time to render you immobile. Especially your fingers. With the movement of those fingers completely sealed...

...What a joke. You've been thinking forever and ever to find a way to lock me up!? I know, it must be because of her. She must've told you to catch me!

I'm sorry, but I will be returning you to that room.


The screen gets a little brighter.

Who knows when the next bit of trouble you cause will occur. I will prepare the next seal quickly for peace of mind.

What's going on? That magic circle's glowing...?

Now off you go, Flan.

...No... Noooo! Let me out! I've finally managed to get outside, I still want to play a lot more!


The screen goes white again.



Er... whoops. I wasn't supposed to cut out the rest of the screen from this image, but I did. Flandre's vanished, so that's why Marisa's so shocked.

...Honestly, that took a lot of effort. I will ignore your breaking the seal for now. I have much more important things to do.

...Patchouli, wait. Where did Flan go?

That has nothing to do with you. Would you kindly go home?

If I leave her to her own devices any longer, she'll find a way to break out. I must deal with that before it happens.

...How will you deal with it? And anyway, why can't Flan go outsi...

The screen rumbles.

Whoa, an earthquake!?

...! I should've known an instant barrier would not be able to hold her for long... I must return and apply a new seal at once.

Wait, I'm not done with you yet!

Oh look at Patchouli, thinking she can actually command Marisa.

Anyways, she teleports away in another flash of light.

Transportation magic...! Patchouli even knows how to use that...

Now what? She said she was going to seal Flan... If that's the case...

! Youmu!?

I heard the sounds of a danmaku battle occuring around here. What happened? Patchouli went off in a hurry as well, so I decided to take a look, but...

...I'll explain later, Youmu. For now, come with me.


So here's something to talk about. The main story of FMW E, chapters 1-11, is pretty much Reimu's tale. Marisa does play a large role in it, but literally the only reason she's even there is because she wants to beat Reimu. This even meshes with the gameplay; Reimu is by far the best character to take on Remilia with, while Marisa struggles to hit her even with the power of friendship. There's a reason why Remilia recognized Reimu as her peer at the end of the incident, not Marisa.

But that was the main story. Chapters 12-15 comprise EoSD Extra, and this time Marisa's the star of the show. If Reimu's accomplishment was resolving the Scarlet Mist Incident, Marisa's will be resolving the Scarlet Devil Mansion's nightmare. As for which is more significant... I'll leave that decision up to you!


If only Cirno never took a bite of that Special A from the co-op store...

It was then that she met the snow woman, and all this happened.

But Cirno went straight for the deep fried stuff. She's the type who always starts be eating her favorite food first.

Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars: "The Day I Met The Snow Woman".

...Please watch it!

...A reference?