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Part 54: Chapter 13M: Sister of Scarlet - Part 2

Marisa, what is going on? I do not have any idea...

...Lots of things happened in a row, I barely even know where to start...

...When I went to make some tea, I happened to come across a girl named Flan. She's weird and a little childish. She's also a vampire. She's Remilia's little sister.


She seems to have been confined to the basement the whole time.

So that means... You broke that seal?

...Well yeah. I was the one who opened the door in the basement.



...W-Well, what's done is done, I suppose. That means all this fuss was due to...

Yeah, Patchouli came out cuz she was going to seal Flan again. Remilia and her cronies are doing their best to ensure Flan doesn't get outside... Aren't you wondering why?

I see, It does sound quite unreasonable... ...But what would you plan to do with the aformentioned little sister, Marisa? If Remilia and the rest have sealed her for all this time... Then that surely means that the situation is more complicated than it seems.

You'd have better luck getting Reimu to actually put effort into something than getting Marisa to give up.

I'm gonna go find Patchouli and get an explanation outta her. I'll decide what I'm gonna do after that.

...I understand. I shall accompany you, then. I do not know the circumstances behind the little sister. But from what I have heard from you, I suspect it is very unusual. With the situation as it is, I do not believe it can be settled calmly.


(...Flandre Scarlet, Remilia's little sister. This mansion is still filled with secrets that I never knew of...)


Since this is the Lunatic file, there's nothing I can put here. So I'll just drop a hint: somewhere in this LP, I put a small spoiler of what's to come outside of spoiler tags. Can you find it? Answer in spoiler tags if you do.





In that case, I've got one warning. Don't forget to check the special effects of spellcards. It can hurt like hell.

...Thanks? Let's try another one.

Hey Meiling, your theme song's really cool.

Hee, you think so?

Yeah, it has that whole "I Am Invincible!" feel to it.

"I Am Invincible" is actually what "None Can Oppose Me" was translated to in the few SRW games that came out of Japan.

The character suits you well too. (Mainly the chest size.)

You're making me all embarassed. Hey, since you're blonde, want to be my partner?

Really!? We'll pilot it together, then!

...No, wait.


That won't do! Being the blonde one will make it feel like I'm being dragged along for the ride...

I have no idea what Sanbondo is talking about here, because Bullet's (the blond person) robot is a heck of a lot better than Kusuha's (the person Meiling's being compared to.)

In terms of skills and weapons, the blonde haired one suits you more. I'll be the blue one instead!