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Part 77: Shiro, Evil Eye, Doofy Ghost

Characters Chapter 4M



it a "pet", but for some reason, it has never even tried to run away
Shiro's pretty much just here to keep Marisa's eyes on the prize.

Evil Eye


started to call them Evil Eyes after that.
In FMW, they recklessly sputter about untouchable subjects as they attack.
They also resemble a famous american youkai...thus, because of that (simple) reason, they constantly spout comments like "you lolicons!!" and turn the crowd against them with a single line.
Their armour is comparatively light, so if you are irritated by their exclamations, feel free to take your anger out on them.
"Fucking americans taking away my rapelay and my god given right to wank to cartoon children"

Doofy Ghost


There aren't that many fodder enemies who are given official names, but this enemy is called Ghostie Doofy Ghost throughout the entire PC-98 series, making it a rare example.
It was changed from kanji to hiragana in-game for space purposes.
It's main weapon is the "Tongue"
It's an attack that stokes the player's jealousy, making them want to give the Touhou characters a good licking instead of the ghostiesDoofy Ghosts getting the honour

The creators of this game are fucking creepy and I'm glad I'll never meet them.