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Part 78: Aya, Daiyousei

Now let's have the new characters from chapter 5. Sticking this as one update seeing as there's not really that many.

Reimu Route



Her character and attitude is split into two "parts"; when she acts as a newspaper reporter (popularly known as "Reporter Mode"), and when she acts as a member of Youkai Mountain (popularly known as "Youkai Mountain Mode").
In reporter mode, she always remains polite and calm even when delivering a critical assesment, regardless of whether she's talking to a human or a fairy (though there are exceptions). In Youkai Mountain mode she has a more haughty attitude towards her addressee, and uses a more informal type of speech.
As a member of Youkai Mountain, she carries out the orders of those above her. In MoF, when the greater tengu ordered her to speak with the trespassers, she obediently fulfilled it even though it was not her duty by nature.
However, she did hold back in the battle after she realised the trespasser was Reimu (and Marisa), and guided them towards the Moriya Shrine that they were already warned about. It seems she is shrewd enough to look at the situation and make the best of it.
The way she switched between her modes and her approach towards the social hierarchy gives the impression of her being insincere, but her true character is fairly serious. She listens attentively to whatever is told to her, and always thinks carefully and deliberates over all sorts of things.
In PoFV she takes Eiki's lecture the most seriously after Cirno, and thinks about changing her direction in writing articles. When she meets Eiki again and tells her about her view on newspapers, Eiki tells her that she was "close".
Although looking at some of the vitriol she writes in BAiJR, it feels wrong to declare her entirely serious too...
Her age is over 1000 years old, which would likely make her among the oldest of the youkai living in Gensokyo. PMiSS states that "as youkai live longer, they become less active", but Aya is one of the most active youkai around.
Her activeness is not down to being a tengu, but rather a characteristic of Aya herself. As one of her titles is "Tengu Closest to the Village", perhaps she gossips about the secrets of youth there.
For more information on Aya and her work as a reporter, please view the entry for Bunbunmaru Newspaper" in the glossary.
By the way, although she's famed for being "the fastest in Gensokyo", this title is actually self-proclaimed.
In FMW, she makes a cheeky appearance in Marisa's first stage. She then puts herself on Reimu's side for during Reimu's route then quickly becomes an enemy after.
Perhaps she's trying to keep her reputation up as Gensokyo's number one trickster.
She also helps out when using "Scan". Good job on your part-time work, Shameimaru.
"This is your friendly neighbourhood reporter Shameimaru. Today, we're going to study the behaviour of the shrine maiden."
Aya is a shitty mary-sue who thinks she's cooler and better than she is (she's shit). Held back when Reimu was going for Youkai Mountain? Yeah, sure, whatever helps her sleep at night.

Marisa Route



Thus, she has become a character that has been subjected to many different personalities and character traits as imagined by different parts of the fan community.
It would be odd to imagine that such a "greater" fairy would be prevalent among fairies, but it is unknown what exactly she would hold sway over.
Her character is generally the same as other fairies; she's cheerful and likes to play pranks. However, since she is usually paired with the audacious and daring Cirno in derivative works, there are lots of works who portray Daiyousei as obedient and levelheaded in contrast instead.
Although it is seemingly inaccurate to equate Cirno and Daiyousei being from the same stage to means that [they] know each other, the manga "Strange and Bright Nature Deity" actually confirmed it later by showing them playing hide and seek. It confirmed them to be friends at the least.
However, it is possible that other fairies could look like her, so maybe it's a different person...
FMW gives a nod to other derivative works by making Daiyousei both cheerful and level-headed.
She is best friends with Cirno, protecting her when she rushes into danger, and drawing strength from her innocence and simplicity.
There were some story related problems with her having no name, and we had planned to give her an original name (Trill?). In the end, we decided to make it sound like she has a real name, but it wouldn't be revealed.
Or as one staff member exclaimed and everyone else adopted: "Daiyousei's Daiyousei, she doesn't need to be called anything else."
In terms of support, no character is even close to Daiyousei. Spend a few WP and you get free healing forever. Just keep her near the back so she never gets attacked and you're set forever (barring bosses one-shotting you).