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Part 79: Cirno, Momiji, Crow

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New Characters for Chapter 6 AND 7 Double Update!



She loves to play pranks, and her thoughts and actions are just like a child. She is very passionate in contrast to her power, and gives her all in everything she does. She is possibly the most energetic character in all of Touhou Project.
She possesses extraordinary power amongst fairies. Even Akyu, as scathing about fairies as she is, reccommends to run away from her.
Her uniqueness has been recognised by Eiki, and Aya commented on a block of ice she made as "being record-breakingly cold" in the game "Shoot the Bullet".
She's always earnestly looking for new and fun ways to play, and since her specialty is freezing objects, she ends up doing things like making a block of ice while leaving water inside it, freezing frogs to investigate if they wake up from hibernation, and so on.
Regarding her being the "strongest", she likes the title so much that she even appealed to Aya to make her "cooler" in her own newspaper.
She is especially foolish even amongst fairies, and her (9) nickname is extremely well known. From the legendary safespot of Ice Sign "Icicle Fall -Easy-" to the line in PMiSS claiming that however simple the question, she will not be able to answer it, the episodes of her stupidity are nearly countless.
However, her level of intelligence seems to vary even within the source media. In the book BAiJR she is shown to be capable of reading and understanding a newspaper, but in the manga EaLND she does not know how to write the whole hiragana alphabet.
At the very least, she is myopic about her own actions and she does not deny having a bad memory.
In FMW, with her partner Daiyousei around, her energy and recklessness seems even further emphasised.
As mentioned earlier, her level of stupidity is variable among different media. FMW portrays her as able to write hiragana, but not having much knowledge of kanji.
The cirno who writes hiragana incorrectly is cute, but we didn't know how to portray such a "special" skill in the game itself.
Yes, we could not reproduce the words Cirno the genius writes...
"I'm the strongest"
Cirno is a bland character made annoying by constnat memes. However she's useful in this game because you can just park her next to a boss and use grit. Her size makes her hard to hit, grit means that she only loses 10HP when she gets hit, and grit lasts until she is actually hit.
Just don't expect her to kill anything ever.



authorisation. She appears to await orders behind the waterfall normally.
Her first appearance in MoF gave her no lines, portraits or spellcards; only her name and her species was revealed. On her second appearance in DS she uses spellcards and her relationship with Aya is expanded upon a little.
Her ability to "see great distances", if the Japanese ability name is taken at face value, is eyes that can see up to 1,000 "ri", or 2,440 miles. In practical terms, to make it easy to understand, wherever Gensokyo is in Japan, she can see all of Japan from it.
Exactly how literal her ability is has not been made clear. There have been settings where she also has the sense of smell over long distances to go with sight.
As she had no lines in her first appearance in MoF, her character has been freely played with and thought about in derivative works comparatively.
Speaking of derivative works, she also seems to have a high appearance rate in derivative games of Touhou Project.
Her cuteness of course helps, but her easily understood and recognisable choice of weapons in sword and shield, and her willingness to follow orders makes her quite suited to games in general.
It is also stated that dai shogi is her hobby, and that she plays dai shogi with the nearby kappa while awaiting orders.
Since the only kappa who has appeared is Nitori, she usually ends up being Momiji's dai shogi partner in most derivative works involving them.
Dai shogi has similarities to normal shogi, but it uses an extremely big playing field made up of 15x15 squares and 29 different types of pieces. It was eventually made obsolete due to a single game taking up far too much time, but youkai apparantly have time to spare.
There are even bigger types of shogi that have been devised; the TV program "Fountain of Trivia ~ Wonderful and Useless Knowledge~" introduces some of them.
In FMW, Momiji is a level headed and reliable character who is loyal to her duty. As the trial version of the game was developed before DS was released, her weapons still mostly consisted of her famously shaped danmaku.
It could be said that her power is that she is able to cause the Gestaltzerfall of that shape.
Although she does not usually come into contact with the crow tengu Aya in her daily activities, they are often paired together when trouble occurs and special duties are assigned.
The actual secret reason is that there are few white wolf tengu who can form a partnership of any sort with the strange (among crow tengu) Aya.
Momiji does call Aya her senior, but this is only because Aya is older than her. There is no deeper meaning to it.
More words than Cirno's thing all to say "She's an essentially blank slate character who is usually used as a foil to Aya.". 4 paragraphs on fucking Shoji what the fuck who thought that was interesting?



One might think that being able to fire danmaku makes them stronger than normal crows, but they are still no more than fodder employed by higher-ranked youkai.
In FMW, they use their large movement range well to attack like a pack of hyenas.
Their main weapon is to "Charge". A charging bird-like unit only brings to mind a certain group where it combines to form the head, but there is no way a minor character like a youkai crow can transform into a human shape.
It is a crow that shoots.