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Part 80: Fairy Maid, Elly, Floor Tile

Fucking chapter 8 characters.

Fairy Maid


everyone only saw their school lunch lady in their initial design, so it was changed into their current design.
They use a pot to protect themselves when defending, which might just be the remnants of their original design.
Their main weapon is "Blue Bullets", with the original being the danmaku from stage 5 of EoSD
It's a fairy but it's also a maid how original.



large scythe that prevents danmaku from getting through.
In LLS during Reimu's route she reveals that she had fought Marisa just before their own battle. This is a rare depiction of both the main characters taking action at the same time.
It has been pointed out that her outward appearance and motif bears a resemblance to Ankou, the personification of death (in other terms, a shinigami) in Breton mythology.
7 fucking paragraphs about Ankou follow. It's this dude They are similar because they both wear a hat and have a scythe.
In FMW, she leaves Dream Mansion to go to Gensokyo in order to chase after Yuuka.
Her personality has a fair amount of Sanbondo staff's imagination in it. Sometimes she appears powerful and authoritative, sometimes she gets the really bad end of the stick, and above all, she really loves her master, Yuuka.
She's also strangely sociable and friendly, thus addressing people informally after knowing them for just a little while...
She tends to be used for comedic purposes, usually ending up as the butt-monkey that everyone feels sorry for. However, we thought it would be good to shock the player by giving and eternal loser some really broken danmaku... Were you suprised?
Counting both routes, she makes four total appearances as an enemy, the highest amongst all enemy characters. There may be more unexpected things about her than you think.
"I couldn't help it! I couldn't help it! It's been a while since I last fought!
tl;dr a blank slate of a character becomes the comic relief that does whatever the story wants her too.

Floor Tile


Seeing floor tiles suddenly soaring at you leaves quite an impression.
In FMW, it also appears as Elly's danmaku.
They are originally simple objects, but they gained a sense of self for one stage.
In essence, the floor tiles were supposed to be made by Elly, but she was in a hurry, so she entrusted them to Patchouli... who had some fun with them on a whim and made them able to talk.
Third best character in the game, right after Reimu and Doofy Ghost.