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Part 82: Kurumi, Yuuka

Chapter 10 Characters
Trigger Warning: Subjective opinions


In FMW, she follows Elly to Gensokyo to chase after Yuuka.

Although they are both vampires, she is classed extremely below the Scarlet sisters.

Although the is a guest of the SDM she has become Patchy's errand girl. When seeing a vampire and a demon getting on well while performing odd jobs...It's enough to make one cry. Sort of.

A large part of her personality comes from the staff's imagination, in which she is basically a child. Elly doesn't exactly perform the big sister role for her though; It's more accurate to say that Yuuka is the big sister to both of them.

Yuuka treats them better than one would expect. She cooks food for them and even reads picture books to them.

Kurumi also has a mysterious dislike of sharp objects.

Many of Kurumi's original characteristics were thought up by the staff saying "I think she'll be cuter that way".

"My name is Kurumi. I'm this lake's gatekeeper"
So basically an asspull about how Kurumi's a vampire but pretty damn weak. Also it's kinda that the staff's attempts to make her cute have made her "basically a child". Fucking Japan.



Her smile never falters and she retains an air of aloofness, making others believe she is gentle at first glance.

However, if she is attacked or rubbed the wrong way, she will attack mercilessly. She has been called and extremely dangerous and terrifying youkai for such reasons.

People imagine her being surrounded by the sunflowers of the sunflower field all year long, but her profile in PoFV states that "throughout the year she moves to the respective places where flowers grow".

Her entry in PMiSS emphasises her danger, and her human friendship level is the only one stated as "very poor".

Even then, the most terrifying thing is that she shops in the human village like an ordinary person. She is not interested in ordinary humans, and youkai are not supposed to attack humans in the human village anyway, but any bad moves may well see a human become unrecognisable from when they were alive.

Her parasol is, according to her, "the only flower in Gensokyo which will not wither away". Whether it was said to be mysterious or whether it is actually a transformed flower is unknown. The parasol defends against danmaku and UV rays. Most of this info comes from Rinnosuke's idle chatter, implying he has a connection to Yuuka.

She is often depicted as being sadistic, bullying anyone as part of her normal routine, but it seems that she does not particularly enjoy inflicting pain upon others. Instead, what she enjoys is seeing strong emotions uch as fear or anger. Perhaps that is to be expected of a long-lived youkai who isn't as active as she used to be.

In PoFV, her conversation with Aya has Aya stating that she "feels it'll be a good story", but Aya is rejected with the line "You'll need about 2-3 more years before you can stick to me".

A no-show in StB, BAiJR, and DS then followed (despite DS being four years after PoFV).

Yuuka first appeared in the PC-98 series as the master of Dream Mansion.

FMW continues from where LLS left her. She becomes involved in the Scarlet Mist Incident as she is freeloading at the SDM.

She makes few direct appearances, but pulls many strings from the shadows.

As naturally follows from her actions in the main game, her scouting of Sakuya to be her servant is the trigger for the chain of events that make up Sakuya's route.

"The flowers that bloom above ground are very bright, so they symbolise life. And at the same time, flowers are as transient as death, so they symbolise death, Mysterious, isn't it"
Basically, in the same way that fans have orgasms about how Yukari is god of gensokyo and controls everything from behind the scenes and nothing happens in gensokyo without yukari knowing blah blah blah. The same fans then go onto say that Yuuka is so scary and is the absolute strongest ever and she's so sadistic blah blah blah. Basically she was the boss of a PC-98 game, appeared once more in a shitty multiplayer touhou, and then everyone forgot about her except the die hard fans who think of her as like swole youkai satan.

Fuck Yuuka.