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Part 83: Sunny, Star, Sanae, Flandre

Everyone else in the main routes

Sunny Milk


Her prank proposals always come during teatime. Her cheerfulness makes her the most talkative of the three, meaning she often ends up being the representative speaker for the group.

Her power to control the refraction of light allows her to bewilder the target's sense of sight. In the manga EaLND she mostly bends light the opposite way to hide herself and others from view.

Not even Reimu could see them as they ran riot in front of her, which would make her power seem extremely precise. However there are people who are unaffected by the ability, such as Reisen or Komachi.

By the way, the refraction of light includes light bullets, to the point where Yukari's light bullets can be reflected.

As her name is Sunny and her connection to the sun and its light is strong, she is often depicted happily sunbathing.

It is also written in PMiSS that bathing under the sun's light allows her to recover from injuries faster, and that prolongs periods out of the sun cause her to lose vitality.

Even though she's the sunlight fairy she seems to be the biggest sleeper of the trio. By the time she wakes up, Star has already made a hot drink (coffee, probably) and Luna is already reading the newspaper... Which just about sums up the daily lives of the three.

PMiSS emphasises that encountering her leads to her running away quickly, but EaLND does not depict her as being particularly wary. She even faces up to Yukari.

Perhaps she is strong willed against everyone except ordinary humans.

In FMW, she's also portrayed as the one who is dragging the others into hijinks.

By the way, in EaLND they have not been shown in a serious danmaku fight, but they have shown the ability to fire danmaku.

"We'll cause an incident that rocks all of Gensokyo and become the most important people here!"

Star Sapphire


Sunny's improbable pranks, changing it's direction for better or worse.

Though she pitches in during pranks, she gives the impression of slacking off when it involves physical labour.

Her ability to sense animate objects within a certain radius is essentially the power of radar. It's range and precision is fairly good, as she is able to detect a flock of birds flying far above them.

However, people like Reisen and Komachi aren't affected by her power at all, though this restriction is not just limited to Star.

Exactly why it has no effect on them isn't clear, although perhaps it is evidence that having the ability to do something will not mean it always has an effect.

By the way, she's the best cook among the three fairies. She is always on food duty for any parties.

In FMW, there are parts of her character that couldn't be displayed entirely, and she ends up having as bad a time of it as the other two. However, one map has her being the only one of the three on good terrain, which is a display of her usual conduct.

"That jar is too big for two people. It would be just right for a trio, though"
Nobody except volt cares about the three fairies.



shrine to Gensokyo.

Her first appearance is the backstory of MoF, where she visits the Hakurei shrine before the events of the game begin, and announces that Reimu is to cease operating the shrine. In Touhou, it is rare for the protagonists to have met the antagonist's leader before the events of the game.

In FMW, the outbreak of scarlet mist occurs at roughly the same time as the Moriya shrine crossed over. The opening scene of the game hints towards the occurrence of the event.

She tests the power of Reimu, the shrine maiden of Gensokyo, twice. Sanae overwhelmed Reimu the first time, but in the second battle Sanae suffered a crushing defeat as she did not have enough faith to tap into her power of miracles. She then returned to her shrine, vowing revenge once enough faith had been accrued.

The order for Reimu to cease operations occured in the second battle, but since Reimu emerged the complete victor there was no need for her to head to the Moriya shrine.

The rematch will occur sometime in the autumn...
Sanae's characterisation is essentially someone who is very innocent and naive. Perhaps her temperament is more suited to a shrine maiden, but there's only one person in Gensokyo good enough for the role (Reimu).



5 years.

At the time of EoSD she was confined to the basement, isolated from the outside world with no idea what living humans were.

The extra text that comes with EoSD states that she is "a little nuts". In the game, this shows itself through her childlike speech patterns and her difficulty grasping certain concepts.

However after the events of EoSD her confinement was removed, and she was fairly calm in the book BAiJR that came some time later. The book went on to change her mental health to "emotionally unstable".

There is no concrete eveidence detailing why or when Flan was confined to the basement. Flan herself said she'd been "resting at the basement" for 495 years, but it seems illogical to imprison a child that had just been born, and the Flandre from EoSD is hard to take seriously.

Flan had not particularly wanted to go outside during her confinement, but during the events of EoSD she became interested in humans after hearing the voices of the visiting Reimu and co. From there, she started wanting to go out...And thus began the events of the EX stage.

Her ability to "destroy anything and everything" is further elaborated on in PMiSS.

All types of material has an "eye" where its tension is the highest. She pours her power into that eye, destroying it. This is done by moving that eye into her hand, then pouring power into the eye in her hand. From the outside it looks like Flan clenching her hand into a fist.

The ability to destroy an object through piercing a certain point of it is a motif that is seen here and there. A few examples follow. It doesn't matter at all.

Required distance and other factors are not defined, but as Flan was able to destroy a meteor on a collision course with the SDM the effective range seems to be quite long, and use on objects moving at high speed appears to cause no problems.

It is often forgotten that she has been labelled a "magical girl". Perhaps this difference from her sister comes in their focus on danmaku. Remilia's has a strong connection to blood like a vampire, whereas Flan's is less vampiric and more mysterious.

As mentioned earlier, in EoSD Flan is not that interested in going outside, whereas in FMW she is more assetive in wanting to be outdoors.

Flan's reason for being confined is also an original concept. As why Flandre was confined, and why she was let outside again is part of the story's charm, giving it an explanation was felt as the least we could do.

Additionally the spellcard QED "Ripples of 495 years" was presented as her conclusion (QED) after being confined for 495 years, with the ripples representing the sound of the heartbeats coming from her own body.

"No, it means that you can't continue"
Please refrain from posting pics of flan as a magical girl (pics of her as pro bling vampire 100% acceptable).