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Part 87: New Music in Chapter 2R

Let's music. Reimu 2


[quote]15. What's The Strategy
Original - Forest of Dolls
Source - Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

A standard conversation theme. It doesn't quite resemble the title of the original song anymore.
I like the atmosphere of solitude in the original song. Listening to it while I'm alone helps me relax
Not only does it not resemble the title of the original anymore, but the feel has been completely altered as well. However the new feeling isn't bad, perhaps a bit too quick to be a "having a conversation to" though.


20. Descent - A Crisis Draws Near
Original - Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion
Source - Subterranean Animism
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

A BGM for times of crisis or emergencies. I threw out a joke that in Touhou terms, emergencies have to use this theme, but somehow, everyone instantly agreed. What's the meaning of this...
For all of you who were all "Yeaaaaahhh! Okuu's here!!" when this song played... I'm terribly sorry. ;;
Actually though, it surprisingly (?) fulfills a lot of purposes. Whenever a youkai attacks, worship the sun. When someone steps on a touchy subject during a conversation, worship the sun! Yes, FMW is a game all about nukes!! (not)

Blitzblast posted:

[You should probably explain that Utsuho is basically a living sun]
You'll be seeing utsuho in FMW2 when it's translated in 10 years time and blitz LPs it. Until then all you need to know is that she's a hell raven who is now essentially a living sun. Notable for being really dumb and also really powerful. In terms of the song, I think I only ever heard it this once, I may be wrong. I don't like it much though, while it fits what it's intended to be, I just keep waiting for the main part of the song. There's the build up at the end, then it goes straight back into the opening, kinda needs something to finish it off.


30. Lightsword Flash
Original - Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple
Source - Perfect Cherry Blossom
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

Youmu's theme song. The theme was made with the image of Youmu's constant honesty and directness.
The "light" and "sword" of the title refers to a certain "Leeeeeeet's do this!", while the "flash" part refers to a certain "There is nothing I cannot cut!".
A movie at a certain place featuing Youmu strumming a shamisen and making "myon myon" sounds with it struck me with the idea for this arrange, though it seems it was pretty famous.
Now this is cool. Has a quick pace to it with an oriental feel. It's very befitting of the FMW Youmu.


31. Stalking the Night with a Cross
Original - Apparitions Stalk the Night
Source - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The theme of the beloved childish blonde youkai, Rumia. By the way, I blame the pathetic song title on my right arm throbbing when it heard something about darkness. Damn, it's starting up again...
This was actually the first self-retake (as in, I didn't like how it sounded despite making it, so I redid it) in my musical history. It was originally a much lounder and intense rock tune. But then I said to myself "Anyone listening to this has gotta think her ribbon's off" and "This isn't the Rumia I know!", requested permission to redo it, and ended up with this, the final form.
Once I finished, it became a simpler 4-beat dance track. The ever present accordion plays a gentle rhythm, yet the song still feels somewhat feral. It's one of the musical compositions I like best. The sitar at the introduction also makes things a little exciting.
If you feel let down by it, daddy here won't scold you, so come right out and say so.

The ribbon off is a reference to the fan theory of EX-rumia. The idea is that her power is so useless to her that she's actually a really powerful youkai who either sealed herself or was sealed with the ribbon. the idea is that when the ribbon comes off her power over darkness will be powerful, perhaps too powerful. Now, onto the song. It's an alright song yet doesn't really feel like battle music. I honestly feel like this might be more fitting for incidental music. I'd have liked to hear the "more intense rock tune".