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Part 88: New Music in Chapter 2M

Music M2


28. Dancing Doll
Original - Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played With People's Shapes
SRW Original - Ace Attacker (SRW Alpha), Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night Ver. H (SWR Alpha 2)
Source - Perfect Cherry Blossom
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

Alice's theme. It was created in the image of a certain OG's shooting star and such. The song title is taken from Sherlock Holmes. The original piece and its several intertwining melodies motivated me to take the same challenges for this arrange, but with so many sounds going on...
If you're reading this and haven't seen Alice's Wife Bonus, go give it a try. Changing other characters a little makes things more fun.
While if you're familiar with SRW you can kinda hear the SRW influence in the song's background, on the whole this just feels like a pretty simple arrange of the original. Kinda like something you'd get from dBu music. It's not really bad, but at the same time it doesn't feel as original as some of the other songs in this.


42. Trickster Girl
Original - In Regards to Fairy Refulgence
Source - Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The smart, cunning and composed type 3, acting as the role of the radar. It's Star Sapphire's theme. I said already, it's not the princess.
To be honest, she's not really that cunning, (she's a fairy after all, hehe) but I employed a shuffle beat in order to evoke an atmosphere of twists and turns. I got too into it an dmade the sax part a little too heavy... Eh, I guess that's normal for me.
Off-topic, but I didn't know how to read the word "refulgence" in the song title just a little while ago. It bugged me so much, I ended up checking a dictionary and...
"re ful gent [ri-fuhl-juhnt] Shining brightly. Radiant; gleaming"
Mm, I see. It would've been better if the whole song was sparkling even more. Looks like I need more research!
...This isn't something I should be writing in the liner note, huh? Heh.
To be honest, I don't know much about the three fairies, so for these next three songs I can't really comment on whether they fit the "feel" I have for the characters or not, so let's focus on the music. This is one of those where the new song feels completely different to the old song, but I guess you can easily tell that. It's a lot faster and upbeat. To be honest I really like this new version a lot more than the original, this is what I'm talking about when I go on about songs being arranged into battle music.


41. Careless Though It's Spring
Original - Sleepless Due to the Night
SRW Original - Spring Breeze Presia (SRW The Lord of Elemental)
Source - Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The theme of the rolled-hair clumsy girl, Lunachild. Well, excuse me!
I could feel wordless pressure from Sanbon, so I curried favor with an arrange just the way it was wanted! It's a tune that belongs in spring, and it was of course made with the image of the daughter of a certain swordmaster.
Speaking of Luna, she has to be the kind to wear drawe... er, never mind. Anyways, it's a cute and refreshing theme.
The arrange is a complete 180 degree shift from the atmosphere of the original, but if you listen to the melody reaaaally carefully, you'll notice that the rhythm of the arrange conforms with that of the original. If you're interested, please go ahead and listen to both of them so that you can compare yourself!
Fuck you ibiza.
Kind of sedate, and like I keep saying "sedate" is not a word that I should be using to describe battle music. That said, it's not a bad arrange, even if it does get rid of the cool creepy atmosphere of the original.


40. Unrefracting Curiosity
Original - Sunny Rutile Flection
Source - Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The theme of the leader of the Three Fairies of Light, the hot-blooded Sunny.
I was given the duty of handling all the three fairies' themes, so there was a lot to think about; particularly how to stress their individual personalities, hehe.
Eventually, this BGM became rather upbeat for a mere fairy, but since it's Sunny's theme and she's always full of energy... I'm thinking it should be okay in that case. ^^; Favorable treatment...? Never!
Now this I like, by taking the original and jazzing it up a bit, Ibiza has made a really good piece of battle music. Also, from what little I know about Sunny this really fits her personality well. As the thing says, it's very upbeat and energetic and it works perfectly.

This game can be very hit and miss on how it handles music sometimes.