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Part 89: New Music in

Rumia is one of the best touhous because of how happy she is, just look at that happy face. Runia owns

Music RM3


05. Greenwich in the Battlefield
Original - Greenwich in the Sky
Source - Magical Astronomy
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

A map theme designed to give off a slight feeling of tension.
I unfortunately had to kill the source material's pace by changing the tempo to 120, but I believe it was more fitting for a map theme that way.
The Greenwich Royal Observatory seems like it will be ending its observatory services soon, so give it a visit if you can.
Don't know what he's on about here, the observatory is still open and has free entry to certain areas until Feb 2013. The song's good too.


52. Distortion Dial
Original - Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial
SRW Original - Variable Formation (SRW Alpha, but I couldn't find an upload of the original so here's an arrange from Super Robot Wars Original Generations)
Source - Emboidment of Scarlet Devil
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

This is Sakuya's theme. A certain combine BGM involving "Variable Maids" was used as inspiration.
During the events of EoSD, Sakuya still maintains a cold and aloof image, so I arranged the theme to be dark and sharp.
By the way, "Distortion Dial" refers to a certain Dali's pictures, as well as a certain cat robot and his watch that seems like a time machine. The distortion part came from the rock theme and the guitar involved that played distorted sounds.
Seems like a fairly generic arrange really. The background music has become a little bit more complex, but on the whole it's exactly the same song as appears in EoSD.