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Part 90: New Music in Chapter 4R + 4M

Chapter 4 Music

Reimu Route


21. Dark Clouds
Original - Ancient Temple in The Netherworlds
Source - Ghostly Field Club
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

A tense conversation theme. For this, I wanted to make an arrange that mirrored the solemn atmosphere of the original piece.
I arranged a lot of music for the game, but coming up with song titles was always hard. I wanted to add an "ancient" somewhere in this title, but I couldn't think of any good idea for it.
How does Ibiza come up with song titles so easily? No, before that, why does the head priest come up with... etc etc...
I quite like this.If I had to pick a flaw with it I'd say that it doesn't feel as tense as they intended.


34. The Brush Holding Girl Weaves History
Original - Japanese Saga
Source - Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

What!? The girl of Are joins the fray!?
That PMiSS sure is thick... (in a number of pages way, I mean)
Anyway, I wanted to do this because it's "this song", and after much bugging, I finally got the chance to! If it's about Akyu, it has to be about Yougakudan
And if it's about Yougakudan... You know what's coming next, right!?
No matter how much time passes, those beeps and bops will never fade away
I don't understand a word Ibiza is saying there.
More to the point, I don't like this song at all. Feels quite out of place with it's midi style. Luckily there's only one place in the game to hear it.



23. Sealing Charm, Blessed Light
Original - Witching Dream, Others
Source - Lotus Land Story
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The theme for Reimu Hakurei's super technique, the well known Fantasy Seal.
Reimu has a lot of themes, and I thought it would be really hot-blooded if she had a custom theme for her special technique, so I prepared this as a suprise.
The inspiration would be Maiden's Capriccio...or that's what I thought at first, but I ended up choosing my personal favourite, Witching Dream from Lotus Land Story.
Yeah~, it's a really great song! It's my favourite song from Lotus Land Story.
An attack that uses blessed light to somehow seal the opponent.
Be thankful that's all it does!
So yeah, this song is amazing. It takes Reimu's most powerful move, combines it with the grace and awesomeness as Reimu as a character, then combines it into a song that really embodies the idea of a finishing move.

Marisa Route


44. The Girl Guarding the Door of Dreams
Original - Spirit Battle ~ Perdition Crisis
SRW Original - White Reflection (SRW Alpha)
Source - Lotus Land Story
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

Elly's theme when she's disappointed! (Ah...) She's quite an emotional character, so I had to emphasize her down-on-her-luck character in the tune first of all.
I then thought, hey, she uses a scythe, so I made the intro in a certain familiar atmosphere for that simple reason. The certain melody that sounds like it could be heard in a supermarket was just what happens if you let me do as I like. ^^;
I couldn't help it! *sweat* I couldn't help it! *sweat* It's been a while since I last arranged this song!
This is quite a neat song. But again my usual complaint of it being a little too slow and melodic for battle music stands.


45. Creeping Dreams
Original - Spirit Battle ~ Perdition Crisis
Source - Lotus Land Story
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

Elly's theme when she pulls herself together! (Good for her!)
As this is an unexpected different arrange of her theme to go with her new weapon, I made a serious, boss like atmosphere emphasised in the new theme.
There must be a lot of players who had trouble with the simply broken floor tile danmaku, right!?
Unpreparedness is one's greatest enemy. Elly was being smart and keeping her floor tile danmaku under wraps.
Pretty much the same song but fast enough to negate my complaint about the last song. Loses a little of the atmosphere of the last version in exchange, though.


06. Girls, surpass the carnage
Original - Border of Dreams and Reality
Source - Changeability of Strange Dream
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

A player phase BGM that plays when a predicament occurs.
The song was given its title by none other than our leader, Sanbon.
I arranged it in the concept of a "desperate situation", with the melody line in the second half containing a tiny bit of hope.
I remember someone in school told me before that a crisis can be thought of as a chance. As a result, the difference between the first half and second half may be what makes it an interesting arrange.
The original song is Border of Dreams and Reality from Changeability of Strange Dream. Did you recognise the source before the hook of the song?
If so, I think we'll get along well. ^^
Fairly good. A little too fast and peppy for "desperateness" though.

Second Best Track In The Game


25. The Moment Dreams Reach The Stars
Original - Dimensional Dream
Source - Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The theme for the spell always associated with Marisa, the ever-familiar Master Spark.
Actually, several of the PC-98 theme songs have bits and pieces of more recent theme songs mixed in them, and Reimu and Marisa's special attacks are no different.
In other words, if you can hear strains of a certain love-coloured song, your ears aren't playing tricks on you!
The events leading up to the unveiling of this song is more or less expected, but I still tried to arrange it into a much-too-conspicuously hot blooded song that evokes feelings of a climax occuring.
Remember to shout the attack name as loud as you can as you score a kill with it!
Unlike Marisa's regular battle music, this is actually a good song. Listening to this, I get a feeling of power being released, which is perfect for mastersparkin'