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Part 91: New Music in Chapter 5R + 5M

Stage 5 Music

Reimu Route


16. Secret Mission
Original - Argue For and Against
Source - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Author - ZUN, U2 Akiyama
Arranger - Ibiza

Sanbon, our leader, told me that "this song should change the mood entirely when it plays", and it's become the conversation theme used mostly for gag scenes.
The concept was to make it cute and make the listener uncertain where it's going!
The music that played during conversations in SWR were all jazz types, and I wanted to keep the premise while making it a theme to hum along to, but before I knew it, I was adding the theme songs of a certain quartet one by one...
What will the future of the not-so-smart youkai and fairies be?
Aim high, you sillies.
This doesn't really feel like "funny" music, but on the other hand it's easy to listen to and much better than the original, so there's that.


38. Shameimaru, God of Wind
Original - Wind God Girl
SRW Original - Endless Battle (SRW The Lord of Elemental)
Source - Shoot the Bullet (Blitzblast sez: actually it was first in Bohemian Archive in Red )
Author - ZUN
Arranger - cobu

Aya's theme song, with a very familiar-looking title. I indeed referenced a certain wind and a certain flame for it.
The forceful trumpets at the start, and the drumbeats loud enough that it feels like humans can't match it makes it sound very much like Aya. It's one of my favorites.
You can quickly get bored of this in shoot the bullet, so I'm really glad they spiced it up. Plus the spice makes it quite catchy. This is a good song for a terrible character.

Marisa Route


32. Best Friends Atop the Silent Lake
Original - Lunate Elf
Source - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Author - ZUN
Arranger -Ibiza

The theme of FMW's main heroine(!?), Daiyousei.
As a character who cannot avoid influences from the fanbase, I ended up making an arrange in my own image of Dai.
Like how she seems to carry an air of innocence based on her outwardly appearance, but when Cirno's around, she feels like a big sister type!
With the need to make the whole atmosphere of the song cute and bubbly, while mixing in a musical phrase that showed a hint of maturity, the delicate mix made it one of the themes I worked hardest on.
Those who can catch the same reference in the song title and the second half of the melody can be very happy with themselves!
Songs like this are the reason that Ibiza, while being a tad creepy, is genuinely the right pick for the job. A tad too lighthearted for a battle theme, but who the fuck ever battles with Dai anyway.


29. Beloved Handmade Dolls
Original - The Dollmaker of Bucuresti
Source - Perfect Cherry Blossom
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

The theme of Alice's dolls (when they're on your side), just barely completed on time and slid in with the implementation of the wife system.
We originally never planned to have a special theme for Alice's dolls, but since her dolls are the focus of a suprising amount of works, I ended up making this one in haste!
Also known as the Made for Lolicons Theme 2! But it's pretty apparant that they're not really suited for battle. ^^;
I tried to have the song evoking the image of several painstakingly hand-crafted dolls lined up in a row, just as the song name alludes to.
Here's your reward for making Alice your waifu!