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Part 92: New Music in Chapter 6 + 7

Chapters 6 and 7 Music


33. Flap & Frappe & Flapper
Original - Tomboyish Girl in Love
Source - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

Using the keywords "Idiot Hero", "Cute" and "Cool(ing)", I did my best to express what Cirno's about in FMW! It took me a long time to come up with the song title, and I ended up with this.
Flap: Hinged surface on an aircraft's wings that enhances flight. Frappe: A sweet desert of crushed ice with liquor. Flapper: A synonym for tomboy. Flap, Frappe, Flapper. Or in short, the three Fs!
Hm? Can you feel anything nearby? (If so, it's probably because of the nickname.)
Well I guess a Flapper would have been a tomboy back in the 1920s.As for the song it's really, really faithful to the original, just with a bit more of a rock sounding background.


39. Motherly Sea, One with the Wind
Original - Faith is for the Transient People
Source - Mountain of Faith
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

As was mostly expected, the theme that recieved a lot of retakes as directed from our supreme commander Sanbon, the theme of the blue shrine maiden, Sanae. *sweatdrop* It's okay, I understand... You can't make any compromses with the theme of one of your favorite characters! None at all!
Anyway, it turned out to be a very un-Ibizalike strong and serious piece of music. Some might think "You gotta be kidding! Where's the crazy part at the end!?", but I think it's good to encourage some seriousness sometimes.
Even a cold atmosphere is great occasionally!
Another song that's really faithful to the original, and one of the better tracks in the game. I don't really like the faux-wind sound effects though.

Chapter 7 Summary

Chapter 7: "Lake Turmoil 2" posted:

The "other shrine maiden", Sanae Kochiya, points out Reimu's weaknesses and overwhelms her in a danmaku battle. The tengu chasing after Sanae, Momiji Inubashiri, then appears and adds to the confusion. As they continue to act concurrently with the mist incident, their true intentions remains a mystery...

"I have finally found you, Hakurei shrine maiden... Reimu Hakurei"