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Part 117: Stagnation

BGM: Silence

07/18 (WED), Morning
Lethe didn't appear in my dreams last night, though that much was expected. I can't tell if this tendency to rely on others is a trait of mine or of people in general. Either way, we've made arrangements to go to the hospital with Mao today. Miharu has to work the morning shift, so it'll happen this evening. We're gonna talk things out back here regarding Parca's regret once we're done, too.

I waste no time in getting ready to leave.



07/18 (WED), Evening
They said they don't know when they'll be able to discharge her...

Mao makes no effort to conceal her shock over the current situation. Both of us sigh, prompting Mao to relay the rest of what she heard from Naomi's mom.

They have no idea what's going on, even after all the scans. It's all just so sudden... They even said it's possible that she might not wake up again... What in the world happened to her...?

Not knowing what's going on must have her far more distressed than me. That almost makes me want to reveal everything about Divine Selection to her. Miharu pulls on my sleeve upon noticing my expression, though. We haven't told her about any of this for a reason. She doesn't deserve to be burdened with that knowledge, plus we want her to remain as our beacon for a regular life. I clench my first and do all I can to hold back the temptation. Telling her won't help Naomi recover.

We just have to believe in her.

It hurts, but that's really all we can do for now.


BGM: Lion House Cafe

07/18 (WED), Night
...That's enough for today, I'd say.

Miharu and I return to Lion House to talk things out. Not much comes from our meeting, though. Miharu seems particularly disappointed based on her expression when she leaves. Our discussion involved Parca's regret. We came up with a number of ideas based on what I'd learned from Lethe, but none of them resulted in a card.

It's Wednesday, so I'm starting to panic. I'm starting to feel like I really am powerless. Was it just a coincidence that everything else went so well prior to this? I'm sure Miharu's going to offer up her own life if things continue like this. Parca said she had no involvement in the distribution of our numerals, but I can't help but suspect that she set things up for me to be the sole survivor should a situation like this arise. It allows her to carry out her ambition.

So unfair...

I clench my first in anger. It's all I can do...


BGM: A Dot on a Piece of Paper

07/19 (THU), Night
That's enough for today, I'd say.

I'm forced to hear Miharu repeat the same line from yesterday. Naomi still hasn't recovered and we still haven't made any progress with Parca's regret. So basically, we're still stuck at the same spot. Today is our last day off from school, too. We'll be back there tomorrow, forced to face our exam results. Summer holidays aren't too far off either, and yet we won't have the chance to enjoy them at this rate.

...Is it all over for us?

My panic leads me to lament. Our lack of progress after feeling such hope for the future has taken a huge toll on me.


BGM: Silence

I hang my head, only to hear a violent sound reverberate through the store. A wave of pain rushing through my cheek accompanies it.


BGM: Numb

I won't apologize for that one.

The source is simple. Miharu has just slapped me right across the face. The stinging pain doesn't seem like it'll fade anytime soon.

What's left for us if you give up now? Lethe wasn't lying when he said you're standing here by your own power. It's thanks to you that I haven't given up on living. You're the one who convinced me, aren't you? The rest of us are bound to fall apart if you, of all people, give up.

Miharu's lips quiver as she looks down at me. Now I know that she looks ready to cry when she gets angry. This may be the first time she's ever been truly upset with me.

So what should I do?

You said it yourself. We need to believe in Naomi. You remaining resolute is a requirement for us to do that.

I pry my hand from my cheek and stare Miharu down. The pain hasn't faded, but if anything, it has helped me to calm down.

I'll believe in her. Not just in her, but in myself as well. I'll make sure we gather all of Parca's cards.


I've given into despair once before. Back when Yu killed Naomi. Naomi's still alive this time around, though. There's no doubt she's fighting against her own conflicting memories. I don't have any right to give up.

Miharu comes to her senses upon seeing me stand up and stretch, which leads to her worrying about having hit me. It's kind of funny to hear her telling me to ice my cheek down to prevent it from swelling, as well as worry about whether or not I bit the inside of my mouth when she smacked me.

BGM: Rinka's Room

I find myself in thought once alone in my room. Lethe's claim has to mean that we already have the necessary information available to us. Which means we need to work to find what links it all. Lethe made it a point to liken our memories to a puzzle, too.

There has to be a connection.

In terms of both Naomi's hospitalization and Parca's secret that Lethe mentioned, I mean. It's hard to believe that they're not connected when the concept of memories plays such a big part in both. There might not even be an answer to find, but right now all I can do is think. I continue to think until I fall asleep. Oh, I should add that Miharu sent me over ten texts about how worried she is about me. None of them included an apology, though. She's definitely stubborn.


BGM: Powerless

07/20 (FRI), Morning
Nothing new comes to mind upon waking up. Today's Friday, which means we've only got three days till the final round. It's still too soon to give up, though. We managed to materialize Scale's final card with far less time to spare. Now that I think about it, there may be another diary or something lying around in my gran's room. I'll ask her if I can snoop around once school's over.

Something'll come to mind so long as I don't give up. For now, though, I should focus on getting ready for school.


BGM: Silence

Nothing could prepare me for what awaits me there. And I mean that in a good way.

BGM: Naomi



All three of us happen to arrive at the same time, only to see Naomi there. Part of me wonders when she woke up and if she should even be at school so soon, but my relief over her being okay takes precedence. It's only natural, really.

It doesn't take long for another shocking revelation to rear its head, though. One that I'm not sure how to react over.

BGM: Silence

Salutations, one and all.

That single line is enough to freeze me in my tracks. The same likely applies to Miharu.