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Original Thread: All Diary, No Future - Let's Play Fatal Twelve



Shishimai Rinka is your average high schooler. The only uncommon thing about her is that she's currently the manager of a small cafe, filling in for her grandmother (who is out of town). However, one day, an explosion on the train home brings her life to a close. However, before she knows it, she's back at her cafe, chatting with her friends as if nothing ever happened. Shaking her memory of her death off as a particularly vivid daydream, Rinka returns to her normal life... until a few days later, she finds herself in a strange realm, with eleven other people like her, being told they must fight each other to earn the right to continue living...

“Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate...”


Fatal Twelve is a visual novel originally released in May 2018, developed by a small studio by the name of aiueoKompany. It follows our protagonist as she finds herself in a death game where the participants are all people who died at the same exact moment collectively, with the winner being granted the ability to continue their life as if their death never happened. This VN is the second produced by the studio (the first being a horror VN named Sound of Drop), with the final product having a large soundtrack, gorgeous environments and character art, and even full voice acting! (Note: this LP will not include the voice acting, as it's a screenshot LP, but I'm still going to credit the VAs regardless as they come up :v:)

While the plot for this VN definitely reads like it's just rehashing the plot of the manga/anime Future Diary (and the thread title is even poking fun at that), I did legitimately enjoy this VN back when it first released, and it also reviewed incredibly well, particularly in regards to the quality of the writing, so I think people will enjoy it here, too. There's other things I like about this VN, but talking about them (or confirming anything) would be spoilers! :v:

This LP won't have any choices for the thread to make, as this VN is a lot closer to more standard visual novels with a single “main” route, with four bad endings, two neutral/”good” endings, and one “true” ending, all of which will be shown in this LP. As always, if you've played this VN before, please do not spoil anything in regards to plot details! Going, like, 'I really like X character!' is fine, but because of the nature of the death game itself in-story, please be careful to not give details that we haven't uncovered in the LP itself yet- this even includes character names, in some cases!

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