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Part 19: That Name

content warning: threat of infant harm/death

BGM: Impatience

Wait a minute, what're you doing?

I grab her by the hand and try to drag her along, which obviously takes her by surprise.

Your child's in danger!

She resists at first, but that stops the moment she hears me say that.

Numeral XII is right here inside this hospital.

He is...? Don't tell me he plans on taking my baby hostage...!

Finding out that she's given birth recently isn't a particularly difficult task. And it goes without saying that a three-week-old baby has no means to defend itself. They may not be letting strangers in to see the newborns, but he's the type of man who seems able to get around an issue like that with ease. I don't know him personally, but I do know the fear inspired by those eyes.

Please... Don't...

She keeps mumbling as I lead her to the nursery.


What I witness upon our arrival is far more disastrous than expected. The lights in the hallway leading to the nursery are off, and all the emergency lights have been shattered. A faint light coming from the room beyond tells us all we need to know about the situation.

What the hell happened here?!

Having shot ahead of me, she is the first to raise her voice. It doesn't take long for me to understand why. I see a number of nurses sprawled out on the floor.


I lay my ear close to their mouths and confirm that they're still breathing. I expected the worst, but it seems like they're all alive. However, an even worse scenario soon presents itself before me...


For some reason, Naomi is among the unconscious nurses.

...ka... I'm... sorry...

She is obviously struggling to speak, but she does so nonetheless. I notice her glasses lying not far from her body, the lenses cracked.

I figured he was... aiming for the baby... so I tried to stop him... That baby's done nothing to deserve this...

You idiot! Ugh...

She runs straight towards the room from which the light emanates, ignoring my calls for her to stop.

Rinka... Get away from here...

I'm sorry, Naomi... Rest here a little bit longer, okay?

I grit my teeth and give chase.

BGM: Impatience

Hey! What're you doing?!

A voice roars out as I reach the nursery. The babies all start to cry, likely because her shouting has woken them up. A number of nurses lie unconscious here, as well. The fact that the babies only now woke up means he'd somehow made it this far by being swift and silent. The mere fact that he is capable of such a thing is utterly insane.


He directs a quiet but threatening order towards the babies. As if that'd work on them, though.

How in the...?

I'm just as shocked as she is. His command somehow manages to silence every tiny voice at once. I feel my legs get glued to the ground in the presence of such a monster. My entire body starts to shudder. Why did I come here in the first place?

Why are you here with her?


She's here to sniff out info on me as well, so she probably figured she could use this situation to her advantage.


Figures. You heard me earlier. I have no business with you at the moment. I'm aware of how notable this country's security measures are, so I'd prefer to wrap this up quick.

His tone is low, but steady. The fact that he can maintain such poise in a situation like this is unsettling.

Why did you come here?

I know your name, so learning your location and why you're here was a minor task. Let's forget about the how. You're aware of what I mean when I say I want to do this quick, aren't you?

I'm not, but right now I need you to step away from the children.

That only proves that you know exactly what I plan on doing. But fine. Allow me to spell it out for you. Your name is Kamebuchi, if I recall. Therefore, this is the bed I'm looking for.

He locates her baby right away. The baby's name is written on the bed. I can't see its face from where I stand, but I can read its name- Haruki. I assume it's a boy, then.

Surrender your cause of death and your regret. Otherwise, I'll see to it that this baby dies tonight.


He states his intent to kill her newborn son without the slightest trace of hesitation. I feel the color fade from my face. Taking hostages isn't a pleasant situation in the first place, but how can he talk about killing a baby like that?


She probably expected this, too. Even so, there's no way she can remain calm having heard that. No one could when someone's family is threatened.

I... I...

Y-You're wasting your time...

I interrupt her before she can say anything. This is it. I need to muster up all my courage and knowledge so I can try to negotiate with him. Anything to get through this situation...

Security should be here any minute now... Even you won't be able to escape so easily then. And once you're caught, you won't be able to do anything for the remainder of Divine Selection.

Let them come. I'll simply escape with her child. Dealing with a few people on the way is easy enough. It may complicate things afterwards, but it doesn't change the fact that I will come to possess Keiko Kamebuchi's information.

He answers right away and continues his threat.

You have thirty seconds. I'll kill the child in the bed next to yours if you haven't answered by then, followed by another child thirty seconds after that. If you still haven't answered, then yours will be the next.

They have nothing to do with this!

Keep calm... If you don't, he'll add your own info into a part of the deal.

She whispers this just quietly enough so that he can't hear.

Keiko. You have Numeral I's information, don't you? That's why she doesn't want you to be eliminated.

That's not...!

I deny his claim on instinct, but she really does know my name. Realizing this only now proves how foolish I am.

B-But... even if you do kill them, th-that'll be undone if you're eliminated. So-

That's enough! Fine. I'll tell you my cause of death and regret.

Get on with it.

He remains completely devoid of emotion.


It's plain to see that you both have information on one another.


That statement prevents me from saying another word. I can't spill any more crucial information.

Thanks for going this far for my sake...


You're right that my child's death would be undone if anyone other than him makes it all the way to the end. Regardless, what kind of mother would willingly expose her child to such danger?

Get on with it already.

I have just one condition. Step away from the bed and swap positions with us.

...Very well.

He moves over to the entrance; we make our way to the bed. We can shield the babies like this, sure, but it also gives him an easier escape route.

BGM: Two Crossing Paths -S/I V/S-

I died from blood loss. A brain hemorrhage, to be specific. The chance of a woman dying during childbirth here in Japan is almost non-existent in modern times, so I must have been ridiculously unlucky.

Don't waste my time with such useless drivel.

He takes his book out and waits for her to continue.

I had a frail disposition from the get-go, so I guess it was just a case of my body not being able to take the strain.

Your regret.

He rushes her along after confirming that he's obtained a new card.

...The baby's name.

Her answer takes me by surprise. She's already named it, so how can that be her regret?

If I'm eliminated, then everything I've done during this time would be undone. I'm the one who named him Haruki. My mother-in-law didn't like the sound of the name, though. She was more concerned with that over the meaning behind it. That's why I sincerely felt that the name she proposed instead was lazy.

She cuts herself off for a brief moment. His expression doesn't change in the slightest. His gaze is clearlyt elling her to get on with it. Guess he doesn't have enough information to believe her just yet.

...My husband was in favor of the name she'd come up with. I talked things over with him, though... after Haruki was born. The fact that I was riding the line between life and death while giving birth probably prompted me to do so. Well, I guess all mothers would do the same thing either way.

In the end, he was willing to listen and eventually agreed with me after hearing why I wanted to name my child Haruki. Following that, I filled out the birth certificate with the name I'd decided on. Your name almost represents your life itself, doesn't it? That's why I hold the name of my first child in as high regard as my own future.

Her delivery is more than enough to convince me that she means it. The words weigh heavily on me, too. One's regret and one's future are inevitably intertwined. This is the moment I get to learn the future that Keiko wants to see.

BGM: Silence

I wanted more than one child, but it looks like Haruki will be my first and last. No... I suppose he won't be named Haruki once I am eliminated.

BGM: Alan

So you are telling the truth.

That's it?! That's all you've got to say to her?!

My only concern is obtaining the cards I need. All I feel after hearing her story is my joy from having obtained them...

My fear is replaced with sheer rage. He's trampling all over her life for his own sake.

Saying I feel nothing may not be the whole truth, but remember this... No matter what you say or think about me, each and every one of us caught up in this little game must stamp down the lives of others for our own survival. That said, I like the determination in your eyes. They tell a story that mere words cannot express.

A certain contradiction resides within you. You're likely aware of it, too.

What are you talking about...?

The sound of footsteps rings out from the hallway the moment I ask. While not quite as prominent, I can also hear voices.

...Time's up.



As he declines, he smashes a nearby switch.

Then the lights turn off, blanketing the area in pure darkness because the hall lights are also out of commission. I rush to get the lights back on as quick as possible. He is long gone by the time I manage to do so.

Rinka... Are you okay...?


Naomi limps her way into the room. I don't know how he did it, but he seems to have knocked everyone unconscious without injuring them. She holds her broken glasses in one hand.

I'm so sorry, Naomi... It's my fault you got caught up in something like this...

Please don't apologize. I'm the one who chased after him.


Keiko interrupts our conversation.

Security will be here once they've finished checking on all the nurses outside. Use this opportunity to get out of here. I'll think up a way to explain this to them.


Besides... I'd like to spend a little more time with Haruki.

Let's go, Naomi.

She answers with a quick nod.

Security makes their way into the nursery soon after, but we make sure to leave the hospital right away.


BGM: Silence

After getting out, we head back to Lion House. The only thing we speak about on our return journey is about what happened in the nursery. Otherwise, we walk along in silence. Unsurprisingly, I've obtained the same cards as Numeral XII, though I no longer have any desire to eliminate her. There's... something I want to say to Naomi.

I'll take you to the station. It's a bit dangerous for you to go it alone with broken glasses.

Right... Thank you...

I spend our journey to the station wondering if I have it in me to say what I want to her. The longer I hold it in, the harder it'll be to say. That's why I need to say it now. It may feel like I'm making up excuses, but I've reached my conclusion.

BGM: Two Crossing Paths -S/I V/S-

I told you not to do anything dangerous, didn't I?


Wait, that's not quite what I mean. I'm at fault for not realizing how dangerous things could get.

I never once considered that a situation like that could occur so easily. I figured things might get dangerous, but I failed to see the full picture until tonight.

You told me that you'd help me bear the burden, and for that I'm thankful. Just knowing you're willing to do that for me is enough... Everyone's putting their lives on the line here. There's no telling what sorts of things the other participants will try down the road, either. That's why...

I'll handle the rest on my own.

So... you... you mean..?

I nod to reaffirm her presumption. I really couldn't be happier over her decision to help me. It's done far more for me than she could ever imagine. But the more I rely on her, the more danger I'll be putting her in. That's why I force myself to stay silent, otherwise I might renege on my statement.

...I understand. I made those bold claims about saving you, about protecting you... but all I managed to do was get in your way...

That's not true at all. If you weren't there for me, then I don't know what I would've done! But still, I... I just don't want to put you in danger...

It's okay. I see where you're coming from. I'm the one who broke my word to keep myself from danger.

I'm sorry, and thank you. I'll be able to make it through this just knowing you're here for me. I can handle things on my own now.

I try to guide her to the station after our talk.

...Don't worry, I'll be fine. I can make it home by myself.

She makes her way to the station without me. And I can't bring myself to chase after her. I'm certain I'll start to rely on her again if I do. I really should've left our talk until we reached the station, but no, I'm too dumb to think that far ahead. If I had, then she wouldn't have to walk the streets at night all alone.


Cardbook has updated.

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
III – Name – Federico Carminati
IV – Cause of Death – Fire
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name
IX – Regret – Gold Medal

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name

VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name