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Part 118: Good Day

BGM: Silence

Ooh, well, salutations to you too, Naorin.

Mao's probably the only one to adapt well to Naomi's sudden change.

My sincerest apologioes for concerning you. As you can see, I am now fit as a fiddle once again.

Yep, awesome! We were worried about you for a while there.


BGM: A Dot on a Piece of Paper

Naomi places one hand over her mouth and belts out an elegant laugh. It's far too different from how Naomi usually behaves. If anything, it reminds me of a certain someone.


The realization causes me to stay alert. Wasn't it my body she was aiming for? What's more, we still have three days of Divine Selection left.

Come along, we mustn't tarry here.

We make our way into the school upon her insistence, all manner of questions on my mind.

Once inside, we split up and head to our respective classrooms. Mao doesn't seem too taken aback due to her relief that Naomi's better, but I don't have that same luxury. The same applies to Miharu. What if Mao's memories have been overwritten to make her think that this is now Naomi's always talked? A chill runs down my spine as I consider that. There's nothing I can do if Parca's taken over Naomi and altered the world to make that normal.

Naorin sure is speaking funny after being down for a few days. But hey, it's good to see her doing better.

Yeah, she looks as good as new.

I do feel like she should've taken some time off, though...

Mao makes it apparent that she's too preoccupied with being happy over Naomi's recovery to care about her speech. One concern's been eliminated, but the possibility of Parca having taken over Naomi's body remains. We agree to meet after school, so I'll take a chance and see how things play out.


BGM: Regular Ordinary Girlish Chat

07/20 (FRI), Noon
It's been a while since we were last at school, but there's nothing much for us to do other than check our exam results. I'm actually pretty invested in them this time, considering the effort I put into studying.

How'd ya do, Rinny?

Mao wastes no time in asking me about my grades. And for once in my life, I can show my report card with pride.

Not a single subject below sixty. Shows how much I studied, huh?

Phew... That's... Part of me was worried you'd beat me since you studied way more than me, but I guess it was for nothing.

She is happy to shove her own report card in my face. Over seventy in every subject. She has to be in the top half of our grade with results like that.

It's all about putting in the work every day.


Miharu makes her way over while I'm wincing over this harsh life lesson.

Those exams were pretty tough, in all honesty. I even let someone else take my top spot thanks to not being able to study as much as I'd have liked.

Her results are so incredible that I can barely stand to look at them. But just as she said, she dropped to second in our grade this time around. There are three scholarship positions from what I remember, so her marks shouldn't be an issue.

It's a pretty remarkable jump compared to your midterms, at least. Geez. Sucks that we gotta start worrying about entrance exams soon, though.

The format of our school means that most people have already started to study for the university's entrance exams the moment they enter high school. That reminds me, Naomi said she's gonna start going to cram school during the summer. I guess that makes me and Mao the odd ones out, considering Miharu's a beast that doesn't need to worry about such things.

Amecha's exams are pretty difficult compared to those of other schools by nature of its format. Entrance exams won't be bad so long as you keep on top of your normal studies. There's no point for people who do poorly on exams to try and make up for it with cram school. All they'll accomplish is fooling themselves into thinking they know how to study when they don't.

I realize she's trying to cheer me up- I do. But her point's so sharp that it may as well be a lethal weapon. I just pray she doesn't say anything like that around Naomi.

Excellent point, Miharu. And one that gives Queen Mao free reign to enjoy her summer holiday to its fullest!

Mao declares her plans loud and proud, but Miharu seems to have ignored them completely.

There's a fireworks display in August, right? Let's keep that day free.

Of course.

Miharu and I promised we'd go to it back when we were at the theme park. That's why I respond right away.

Aight! Let's prepare our attack plan at Rinny's place!

I give Mao an affirmative nod.


BGM: Town

We only have morning classes today, so we head back to my place after grabbing some food at the school cafeteria. As for Naomi, she's still speaking like royalty.

I do declare, that ramen was spectacular. A culinary delight that only a commoner can truly appreciate.

This sure is messing with my head. Hearing Naomi talk and act snobby like Parca is an... adjustment, to say the least. Life would be a lot easier if I could just not care like Mao, but that's not an option.

Oh, yeah. Mind if I ask when you woke up, Naorin?

Last evening. Again, my sincerest apologies for causing you all undue concern. Both the doctors and my mother were beside themselves with worry, but upon some measurements of my heart rate and blood pressure, I was given a clean bill of health.

Well, 'twas met with opposition when I voiced my desire to attend school and enjoy my final day of this semester, but forsooth, they eventually relented. I am perfectly sound, as you can see. Further concern is unwarranted.

...Well, if you say so.

Miharu makes no effort to hide her incredulity. The conversation continues as we make our way to Lion House.