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Part 119: Last stand Saber / Golden bath

On day 8, we were too distracted by loli-bait to enjoy the real focus of the game: gratuitous descriptions of food.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Shirou. This is really hot."
Saber eats the round deep-fried food, bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball.

"Are you sensitive to hot food, Saber? Or do you not like such roughly made food?"

"No, I have no problem with either. The hotness is interesting, and the taste is coarse, but I can also feel a great deal of care."

Saber continues to eat silently.
Perhaps because she worked out in the morning, it seems she's eating more than usual.

…Um, I don't know if this is appropriate for a guy, but I'm happy if someone eats my food. Even more so if they think it's good.
I'm unskilled as a Master, so if Saber gets happy from just this, I'll put more effort into making meals… huh?

"Saber…? I'll make some more if that wasn't enough."

"Eh…? N-No, I've enjoyed enough. I-I-It is not that I did not have enough."

"Oh yeah. Saber, how about having a different kind of tea…"
I pop my face out of the kitchen.

Music: Stop

…I am still too indulgent. I have experienced it several times, but starvation tactics are so dreadful."

Music: Today's Meal

I think this update needs more Saber. Let's see what happens if we visit Saber before dinner.

Music: Madder Red Town

"Hm? Where are you going with your apron still on, Shirou?"
"Um, just to the entrance. Tohsaka isn't home yet, so I'm thinking of going to take a look."

"Wow, you're thoughtful, Shirou. Yeah, Tohsaka-san's a girl, so she'll probably be happy to be greeted by you."
I don't know what she's happy about, but she sees me off cheerfully.

Now I really have to go outside.

Music: Stop

It's obvious who this person is, but it's really hard for me to say her name.

Music: Madder Red Town

"Shirou…? Why do you seem so astonished? I do not think so, but did something go wrong with the dinner preparations?"
"No, nothing like that, but…"
I manage to reply in a surprised voice.

She tilts her head.
Her hair at her shoulders sways.
Her golden hair is wet and different from usual.
No, her hair isn't the only thing that's different.
The girl in front of me looks like her age, and appears cute and weak to anybody's eyes.

"I see. You were taking a bath, Saber."
"…? You were the one who insisted I do so…?"
"Oh yeah. …Do you like baths?"
"Yes. I discovered that when I became a Servant. Previously, I could not take a bath because of the people surrounding me."

Saber says this with a girl-like face.
It must be because she does not have her hair braided.
There's no gallant masculine aspect to her at all.

"Please go ahead if you are washing yourself as well. It is cold tonight, so the hot water will feel good on your body."
Saber goes to the living room, saying goodbye.

…I'm at a loss for words.
I knew from the start that Saber was a girl.
But stillthe sword suited her, and I admit that as well.

Even so, this is cheating.
…I saw Saber's naked body yesterday.
I could not consider it as reality because I was so surprised, but today is different.

"…She's a girl."
I hit the back of my head against the wall.
Not knowing what I want to do, I blankly stare at the ceiling.

"This isn't good. I think this is really bad."
I lean onto the wall and murmur.
The coldness of the hallway clears my mind and my usual self returns slowly.