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Part 162: Bonus: Rin's Warning

Let's rewind a short bit and take a look at that scene I promised.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"Tohsaka, let's search through the building. We can't have any more victims…!"
I grab Tohsaka, who's still standing still, and run.

"H-Hold on, Emiya-kun. We probably won't make it…! If our enemy's a Servant, we have to have a Servant too, or we'll just get killed even if we find Shinji."

That makes twice that "don't walk around without your Servant" Rin is walking around without her servant.

"I-I see. But…"
She says we should call for Saber, but we won't make it if we wait for her to come here…!

"Use your Command Spell. I'll call Archer as well. Saber should be able to come here in an instant if you summon her using your Command Spell."
She says so while biting her lip.
It seems she's got herself together, but her usual cool isn't there yet.

"Hold on. I'll be the only one to use the Command Spell. If there's only one enemy, Saber is enough."

If this is the doing of Shinji's Servant, our enemy is that black Servant.
I fought her the day before yesterday. Saber should be able to beat that Servant by herself

"Is that fine, Emiya-kun…?"
"Yeah. You used your Command Spell yesterday. So it's my turn today. We can call for Archer if Saber can't handle the situation by herself.
So, how do I use the Command Spell!?"

"…Concentrate on your left hand. It's better if you close your eyes. Imagine the shape of your Command Spell and release it. Give an order while you release it, of course."

I close my eyes.
I can't take my time.
I eliminate any thoughts in my head as quickly as I can,

concentrate on my second Command Spell,
"Please. Come, Saber!!!!"
…And I release the Command Spell without any hesitation.


"I have come in response to your summons. What is the situation, Master…? It is grave enough for you to use your Command Spell, correct?"

"It's just as it looks. A Servant activated this boundary field.
I want to remove this boundary field as fast as possible."

"I understand. I certainly feel the presence of a Servant on this floor."

"I am sure of it. …What about it, Rin?"

"Huhno, I'm sure that's the case if you say so, but that's too strange. I can feel that the origin of the boundary field is on the first floor. I'm sure your skill to detect a Servant is superior to mine, but my skill to detect magic is pretty good too."

"…? So you're saying that the Servant is on this floor even though the boundary field was set up on the first floor?"

"Uh… I can't say for sure, but that's what I feel.
The source of the boundary field has to be on the first floor."

So there are two alternatives, huh?
If Shinji arranged for his Servant to come to this floor, one has to be a trap.
Everyone in this school will pay the price if we make the wrong choice

"Rin. Where is Archer? We can make a better analysis if he is here."

"He's not answering me! This boundary field has us totally cut off from the outside world. I have to use the Command Spell or we'll have to wait for him to detect this and come here."

Tohsaka and Saber glare at each other.
But now's not a time to be doing so.
Tohsaka doesn't have her composure.
The best thing we can do right now is