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Part 163: A story

Music: Ever-present Feeling

…and now back to your regularly scheduled food porn dreams of manlove.

I see a memory that I cannot reach through a small connected circuit.

…That's why he appeared suspicious to the people around him.
It's because nobody knows his intention.
He conveniently saves people in danger, but nobody knows why he is doing what he does.

See, it's inevitable that people would feel uneasy about him.
He should have had a reason.
Greed, pride, selfishness, lust, vengeance, or devotion.
Simple reasons like those which are easy to understand. If he'd had any one of them, such an end should not have awaited him.

His reward for success was always betrayal.
The things he picked up sifted through his fingers like grains of sand.
He got used to it.
He got used to it like an idiot.
From the very beginning, his reward was…

…Not what he received from the people he saved, but the pure action of saving someone.

The repetition of it makes me so mad that I want to punch him, and it also makes me want to cry.
The reason he was called a hero…
His intention was never revealed to anyone.
Nobody around him knew, and he, the only one who had to know, eventually forgot about it himself.

That is why I shed tears in spite of myself.
To the miracle, that in the long, long path between the start and the goal, where what is right or wrong is not definite…
…He never strayed from his original goal.

This place is the end of him.
The illusion that he saw on the verge of his death, the only pride he had within himself.
The hero that used this scenery as his weapon falls into his own darkness in the end.

The hill of swords that he reached…
His battle ends atop this hill, surrounded by rusted steel without a wielder.
He is still alone.
But he thinks there is nothing to regret if he was able to save everyone that appeared within his sight…
And he smiles in satisfaction, lets go of the sword, and crumples down.

Music: Stop