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Part 174: Fight back, projection magic

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

I put strength into my grip.
I glare at Kuzuki, so as not to miss even his blinking.
The instant he faces Tohsaka, I slide myself in between them.
Knowing Tohsaka, I bet she'll jump instantly to the side to shoot Kuzuki

There's no time to do so.
It happens in an instant.
The instant I think Kuzuki's body wavered, he is in front of Tohsaka.

She's astonished, but Tohsaka instantly points her hand at Kuzuki.
But the right hand that almost pierced Saber's neck…
…Strikes Tohsaka right in her chest.

She's hit right in the center of her body and has her breath stopped.

That's it.
As she cannot breathe, she cannot cast her spell and has most of her ability as a magus cut off.
She managed to instantly jump back, so the attack only stopped her breath.

Even though she jumped back, it's only about a meter or so.
Such a distance…
It's not even considered a retreat against Kuzuki!

He thrusts his fist.

I hear a heavy sound and the sound of my wooden sword breaking.

I see Kuzuki getting ready for his next attack.

Music: Stop

I feel it instinctively.
My strengthened wooden sword was like metal.
If he can destroy it in one blow, he can destroy any part of my body.

I can't stop him.
Tohsaka is coughing painfully behind me.
I can't see his attacks, and my only weapon was destroyed.

A weapon.
I can't match him.
I'll need a strong weapon to make up for the vast difference in our powers.

A weapon. I need a weapon.
A weapon that he can't destroy. Not a quickly-furnished weapon like a wooden sword, but a proven, strong weapon.
The finest quality at that, a weapon undeserved by me. Yes, the weapon he carries would probably be

That's right, there's no time to think. Fake it no matter what.
It does not matter if something gets destroyed in the process. I don't care even if it's just a fake. Hurry. Forget everything. Don't I know that I'm not the only one who'll be killed!? If I can't stop it, Tohsaka will……!!!!!!!"

Music: Clashing Souls

My arms are about to rip off.
Even though I have no feeling, I hear my nerves tearing off.

In my hands are his twin swords.
Yang-sword Kanshou and Yin-sword Bakuya.
The names of the swords.
Even though they're haphazardly reproduced, the swords still present their existences to the wielder.

We spring apart.
The twin swords that parried thirty attacks break as if saying they cannot take any more.
It's not because they lost against Kuzuki's fists.
The swords disappeared because I couldn't maintain their image.

The twin swords must have been unexpected, as Kuzuki shows hesitation for the first time.

A strong wind is created in the intersection.

I look toward the wall.
Saber must have healed as she is standing up.
Caster is backing away from her.

…Yes, that's why it was a mistake.
Even though she was defeated, Saber still had her powers. So there's no way Saber, who has powerful magic resistance, could be cornered by Caster.
It is Kuzuki's role to finish Saber off.
But Caster made a mistake.
She must have been planning something, but that extra thinking caused her to lose out on her perfect chance.

Music: Stop

Kuzuki retreats.
He stands as if to protect Caster and…
"This is it. We'll retreat, Caster."
He makes a precise decision.

"Master…!? No, Saber is hurt. You should be able to defeat her again!"
"She is not someone who would fall for it twice. It is I who underestimated her.
I should have attacked her one more time."

The main point of a tactic is not to have a concrete shape.
Even though they are strong, Kuzuki's attacks are too odd, so they are easily seen through.
Therefore, they must be fatal on the first strike.
That is the difference between a "technique" that is trained to an art,
and an "action" that is trained to the utmost limits.

Who was that directed at?
Caster's robe flutters as she finishes.