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Part 232: Last fight

Video: Battle Between Owners (mirror)

Music: Emiya

"Damn, do not"
A curved sword appears behind him.
"…Overestimate yourself, kid!"
But I pull out the curved sword by my feet faster than him.
And I swing it straight at him!


Gilgamesh retreats.
I close the distance at once, pull out a sword, and slash at him.

"Guh, why…!
Why am I losing to a lowlife's sword…!?"
I crash my swords against the appearing Noble Phantasms.

"HaaHaa, haa, haa, ha!"
I'm not thinking.
My body and mind will fail if I stop.
That's why I will keep moving forward.
The instant I see his Noble Phantasm, I reel in the exact same one and swing it with all my might!

"Impossibleam I being cornered by such a sham…!?"

"Fuh, hah!"
The sounds of swords crashing echo through the area.
He cannot handle my attacks and has to destroy my weapon with his.

But he is only an "owner".
He does not have one weapon, so he is not a "wielder" who can use his weapon to its maximum potential.

Even in this world, I am no match against any other Servants.
I cannot match the ultimate one even with infinite swords.
Gilgamesh must have the ability, but I do not.

As we have the same ability, as we are both "owners", I am always one step ahead of him since my swords are there, ready to be used…!

"DamnDamn, damndamndamndamn…!!! I did not think I would have to use my sword against a lowlife like you…!"
Gilgamesh raises his hand.
The sword appearing behind him is the demonic sword, the only sword that does not exist in this world!

The weapons stop.
His arm and sword fall to the ground, leaving him defenseless.

My body acts before I can think.
Confident in my victory, my limbs move to slash the king of heroes

He jumps back.
Barely avoiding the twin swords, Gilgamesh retreats still further.

"I won't let"
I won't let him escape.
I'll lose if he regains his composure. I have to settle the match right here!
"…You go, dammit!"

Music: Stop

The light coming from the lake eliminates the hill of swords.
A great magical energy has smashed away the already-disappearing Reality Marble.

That's fine.
The match is settled.
I can beat this Servant by slashing him with my twin swords.
But after the Reality Marble is blown away…

Video: Black Void (mirror)

Gilgamesh looks down at his body in astonishment.
…His body is being swallowed.
The golden Servant is swallowed by the void appearing on his body.


Did he want to say "wait"?
The void mercilessly swallows the Servant.
…There was no way for him to escape.
The void was open on his body.
There is no way one can escape something that is on their body.

"What was that…?"
I stand there, dumbfounded.
The void in front of me is shrinking.

…I don't know what this is.
But it seems Tohsaka and Saber were able to destroy the Holy Grail.
My only guess is that the aftereffect created the black void to eliminate Gilgamesh.

"……Phew. Anyway, now…"
Everything is over.
My twin swords disappear.
The magical energy in me fades away.
And at the same time, fatigue assails me.

I want to go see how Tohsaka's doing, but my body will not move.
…Well, I'm sure she'll be all right since Saber went to go save her.

"Right. I guess…"
I can rest a bit.
And after I take a deep breath…

A chain wraps around my arm.

Music: Breach

I gasp.
The chain drags my body towards the void.

"Ah, kuh…!"
I put power into my body, but I can't resist.
My feet slide across the ground towards the void…!

"Kufool. Does it not know Servants cannot become the core……!?"

He's appearing from the void.
Buthis body has melted here and there.
So that void must melt everything it swallows……!

"Guh, damn…!"
I try to get the chain off of me, but it doesn't even budge.
This chain even restrained Berserker. It's not something I can pry off…!

"Ah, guh"
I'm being pulled towards it…!
I'll be swallowed like him if I go near that void…!

"Damn, are you trying to take me with you…!"
"Hah, I have no intention of dying…!!
Stay right there until I pull myself out, you lowlife!"
He's arrogant even in this situation…!

But what can I do?
I can't get this chain off of me.
I'll be swallowed into that void along with him.
Even if I hold my ground, he'll pull himself out.