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Part 240: Killer / Tiger Dojo 19

So, while we're on the subject of Kuzuki not being a master, here's what happens if you try to protect Saber instead of Rin during the first fight with him.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

But Saber's different.
Her neck is half cut off, and she was smashed back first into a wall.
Saber is in a terrible situation right now.
Even if she may be invincible against magi, Caster could easily defeat her in that state…!

"I'm counting on you, Tohsaka!"
I ready my wooden sword and charge at Kuzuki.

…He rushes in at Tohsaka in an instant.

Time stops.
Tohsaka's astonished, but she instantly points her hand at Kuzuki.

But the right hand that almost pierced Saber's neck…
…Is thrust at her chest.

A hammer-like fist strikes her head mercilessly.

Music: Stop

So Kuzuki blows students' feet off every time they're unable to answer a question? "I guess none of you will make that mistake again, will you? Be sure to study hard. The exam is on Friday. Please return to clean up your blood after you have visited the nurse's office."

"This is the second human being I have killed…"
A footstep.
A killer called Kuzuki Souichirou slowly makes his way towards me.
"…But I still do not feel anything."

With a ridiculous sound, a hole is created in my chest.

Video: Tiger Dojo 19 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

Kill Shirou.

Um, I understand how you feel, but please restrain yourself.

Shirou's action of putting priority on Saber over Rin was professional negligence resulting in death.

But it can't be helped!
It just means Saber-chan had more charm as a woman than RIN-san. That's why you weren't protected when it counted!

Well, it just wasn't your day today. Try to act cute next time so it won't end up like this!

But Shirou should contemplate his actions as well!
In that situation, you should place priority on Tohsaka-san over Saber-chan.

I know it's hard to abandon Saber-chan, but you should protect Tohsaka-san instead even if it's JUST Tohsaka-san.

Music: Stop